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Voodoo Dred

Home: Queensland AS

Australian artist Voodoo Dred has developed a highly original style by blending Central American and Haitian Kompa rhythms with Orchestral, Hip Hop, Rock, Dancehall, Jungle, and Dubstep elements. This combination of West African traditional music with contemporary Urban grooves results in dynamic, highly percussive tracks that feel both Tribal and modern. Voodoo Dred's tracks will work perfectly for Film, TV, and Multimedia productions that need an intriguingly exotic soundtrack with strong rhythms.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Voodoo Dred
Action | African | Cartoon | Dangerous | Dramatic | Drums | Electronic | Hip Hop | New Age | Reggae | RnB | Science Fiction | World Fusion |

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AFROMAN   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
uplifting progressive hip hop beats laced with Afrobeat flavours, with the classic nigerian baritone horn section, and percussion. think Dj premier crossed with Fela kuti! Instrumental, African, African Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 506538 2:56 Med Slow

OLSKOOL   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
This piece is a mellow and moody beats track with rollin piano riffs giving it a deep yet dreamy feeling. Would be great for a dramatic scene, nature scenes or anything to do with outerspace! Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 506562 4:09 Med Slow

EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
A slow and solemn futuristic R&B instrumental that is contemplative, personal yet worldly, Instrumental, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track 506547 3:50 Med Fast

FIFTH DIMENSION   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
sounds of the dreamtime, futurisitic mystic beats that take you to cloud 9! Instrumental, New Age, Space Music
Preview Track Full Track 506536 2:46 Slow

DEEPSPACE 1   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
A dramatic deep and sombre future beats track, inspiring visual imagery of equal emotion.. would suit a future post apocalyptic style movie, Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music
Preview Track Full Track 506544 2:44 Med Fast

GETTIN SERIOUS   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
This track is has another-worldly feel to it. Half time beat, with jungle rythms layered on top, a good blend of organic sounds and electronic touches, with a deep edgy vibe. Instrumental, Electronic, Ethnic Electronica
Preview Track Full Track 506549 4:03 Medium

MORNING STAR   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
This is a futuristic beat, with angelic pads, atmospheric vocals, water percussion and guitar sound effects that sound like dolphins communicating. perfect for soundtrack themes related to anything tropical, by the water and especially relaxation. Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr
Preview Track Full Track 506558 5:34 Med Slow

REEF   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
This piece is a nice chilled out uptempo tune which invokes the feeling of swimming in the reef surrounded by all the sea life. Would be perfect for underwater scenes and travel documentaries. Instrumental, New Age, Nature
Preview Track Full Track 506563 3:23 Fast

AFROYALERIDDIM   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
This track is an interesting fusion of african 6/8 rythms with rennaissance era harpischord sounds. Perfect if ur looking for a unique afro fusion sound with past present and future references. A lively and bouncy track with a royal and feel to it, would be great for cinema, documentaries or dance. Instrumental, World Fusion, African World Fusion
Preview Track Full Track 508122 2:30 Med Slow

FIRE   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
a spacey, electro future step track, with elements of dub and jungle. Very foresty, tropical and atmospheric, would be great for advertisements, travel documentaries and theme music for a futuristic film, Instrumental, New Age, Space Music
Preview Track Full Track 506548 2:42 Med Fast

NUE DAE   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
This track is a drum and bass track with rolling strings and an atmospheric progression, very uplifting yet dramatic as well. Very intergalactic and perfect for anything to do with outerspace and otherworldly things, Instrumental, Science Fiction, First Contact
Preview Track Full Track 506560 7:10 Fast

DEEP WATER   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2010
Future style dancehall track with Dubstep bass, and synths giving it a futuristic ethereal feeling. would be ideal for a sci fi film such as fifth element, Instrumental, Reggae, Dancehall
Preview Track Full Track 506543 3:13 Med Slow

APOCALYPTO   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
A dancehall beat with a sinister twist, creeping pizzicato strings, definitely 'who dunnit' criminal minded gangsta music. perfect for a crime scene investigation in little haiti or little jamaica! Instrumental, Action, Theme Crime
Preview Track Full Track 506539 2:26 Medium

AUDI   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
A psychedelic, contemplative, uptempo track with deep rolling bass, perfect for a luxury car commercial, Instrumental, Electronic, Psychedelic
Preview Track Full Track 506541 3:17 Med Fast

ARAWAK   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
Spacey future dub influenced beats with laced with amazonian flutes, reggae piano skanks and african style guitar licks. Great for opening scene of any movies filmed in africa, travel documentaries. Instrumental, World Fusion, Reggae Fusion
Preview Track Full Track 506540 2:38 Med Fast

NYABHINGI   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
This track is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Jamiacan drumming rythm called Nyabhingi. It has a revolutionary edge to it and would work well with any afro-diaspora related content wether documentary or film. Instrumental, World Fusion, African World Fusion
Preview Track Full Track 506561 3:31 Med Slow

KORA   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
This track is a fusion of old traditional african kora sounds and contemporary beats that are as synchopated as alot of traditional african beats. Would be good for anything related to africa, such as documentaries on people, animals, cartoons and games. Instrumental, World Fusion, African World Fusion
Preview Track Full Track 506555 2:04 Medium

DESERTED   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
Dirty south 808 style beats with australian didgeridoo and clapsticks layered over them.. a mix of future beats and the most ancient music on earth mixing past present and future.. would suit any film or documentary concerning the indigenous people of australia. Instrumental, World Fusion, Australian World Fusion
Preview Track Full Track 506545 2:24 Medium

JAZZYAMATAZZ   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
This track is an uptempo futurisitic jungle/jazz/reggae fusion, perfect for asomething like car commercials or dance choreographies, Instrumental, World Fusion, Pan-World Fusion
Preview Track Full Track 506551 2:09 Med Fast

DUTTYSOUTH   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
A tropical flavoured beat a la timbaland stylee, fresh digital dub/ dirty south will be good for a movie about a love/relationships.. or travel documentaries on the pacific or carribean islands. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Caribbe Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 506546 5:24 Med Fast

AFRODIGITAL   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2010
Future dancehall, junglebass music, good for crazy kids animal catoon/game! Instrumental, Cartoon, Cartoon Fun Time
Preview Track Full Track 506537 2:43 Med Slow

AMAZONBREAK   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2010
Hard, driving offbeat percussive breaks, with berimbau and a steamy sound efx. perfect for a brazilian gangster movie. Instrumental, Drums, Drums Action Intense
Preview Track Full Track 506535 5:09 Med Slow

DANCEHALL-HAITIAN RIDDIM   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
This track is a straight up dancehall number with an organic sound, reminiscent of an old gangsta flick! Instrumental, Reggae, Dancehall
Preview Track Full Track 506554 2:24 Med Slow

MOTHERLAND (D+BMIX)   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
This piece is an interpretation of what african music would sound like in the future. It uses elements of traditional chants, jungle rythms using djembe, atmospheric sfx and drum and bass beats layered on top, Instrumental, African, African Contemporary
Preview Track Full Track 506559 4:29 Fast

MORENA   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
This piece is a fusion of afro latino rythms and elements of jungle beats, lively summery and perfect for contemporary latino films and any dance routines or choreography. Instrumental, World Fusion, Latin World Fusion
Preview Track Full Track 506557 2:33 Med Slow

DEEP SAMBA   (by Voodoo Dred )  Composed: 2011
This track is a mashup up jungle beats with afro brazilian drumming, layered with moody orchestral vibes to add depth and would be perfect in a brazilian crime thriller type movie, Instrumental, Action, Theme Jungle
Preview Track Full Track 506542 2:53 Slow
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