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Evren Edler

Home: Los Angeles, California US

Evren Edler is an LA-based TV and Film Composer/Songwriter. His credits include music for prime time shows on NBC, CBS, ABC, KCAL9, and MTV, and he also composed an original score for the feature film "Aasamah's Journey" (Mississippi Films) which will be released in 2012. Evren is also founder and producer of LA's Pop Jazz Group "Basstown," which released its first album "Hands Of Time" in fall of 2010. Writing music for commercials and TV shows in Europe, and his native Turkish TV, he brings us tracks in the Jazz, Latin, Electronic, and World genres, among others.

Evren Edler's additional composing credits include: "Ya Tutarsa" (Documentary Film by Califa Productions 2005), NBC shows Access Hollywood and Extra (2009-today), and ABC's Extreme Makeover. He has been bassist and music director for Emmy Award-winning Artist Jacob Young (General Hospital), and has also performed with Chinese superstar Wei Wei.

Additional touring, showcasing, and recording credits include: Grammy Award-winning Composer/Pianist Ruslan Sirota, Grammy Award-winning Engineer Francis Buckley, Adam Marcello (Katy Perry), Frank Gambale (Chick Corea), Jimmy Haslip (Yellow Jackets), Bryan Baker (Steps Ahead), Andy Suzuki (John Patitucci), Jimmy Mahlis, Brenda (Mexican Star), Veronica Romeo (Spanish Idol), Neco (Turkish Star), Omid (Persian Star), and Gilad Ronen (Brand New Havies, Herbie Hancock).

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Evren Edler
Action | Brazilian | Cartoon | Childrens | Christmas | Classical | Comedy | Corporate | Dramatic | Electronic | Folk | Jazz | Latin | Middle East | New Age | Pop | Reggae | Rock | Spiritual | Sports | Themes | Tropical | World Fusion |

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ORANGE COUNTY   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Charming soft track with precious acoustic guitar takes, fender rhodes and strings. Calm feel of strumming at California beach. Perfect take for romantic films, exactly 1 minutes, 30 seconds. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop
Preview Track Full Track 496205 1:30 Medium

LULLABY FOR A NEW BORN   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Calm Original Lullaby played by Piano & Strings. It's got a happy mood. Perfect for a child sleeping scene on a movie, TV episode, commercial or anything related to children. Delicate and soothing, heartwarming and tender. Instrumental, Childrens, Lullabies
Preview Track Full Track 501726 1:46 Med Slow

GUITAR ARPEGGIO   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Cheerful track performed by a Pop/Rock band. Happy feel, good vibes, Vintage Acoustic Guitars, Fretless Bass & simple drums. It will be perfect for a Family film, TV episode, commercial or a Romantic film. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop
Preview Track Full Track 501861 2:00 Medium

HOLIDAY   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Acoustic track with a calm wintery feel. Perfect for a Christmas or Holiday Film. Acoustic Guitars, Congas, Upright Bass and various pads. Heartwarming & simple melody played by Piano, makes it stuck in your mind. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Experimental
Preview Track Full Track 505010 1:53 Medium

HAPPY HOLIDAYS   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2014
Cheerful, lighthearted and sweet instrumental track featuring childlike Ukulele, warm Acoustic Guitars, Acoustic Upright Bass, Holiday Bells, and modern synthesizer pads. It is certainly a great background song for holidays. Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Acoustic
Preview Track (Pending) 702643 2:00 Medium

SKYLINE   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Medium Ballad featuring Piano, Strings and pads. It has a cheerful and happy feel in to it. It would be perfect for a romantic or children film. Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr
Preview Track Full Track 520234 1:53 Slow

TEMPERATURE   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Rock/Electronica Sounding track with catchy lead, driving bass, cool drum groove and U2 type guitar licks. Edgy, pushy, energetic and kinky. Instrumental, Rock, Electronic Rock
Preview Track Full Track 517113 1:37 Medium

MASSIVE LINES   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Groovy Suspense theme with orchestra strings, brings a questioning feel which makes you move in a circle. It is perfect for Halloween or horror party scene. Instrumental, Electronic, Dark Ambient
Preview Track Full Track 495710 2:06 Med Slow

FESTIVALE   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Up beat electronica trark. It has flowing string sections, high energy percussion breaks. Driving, pushy and bitter sweet. Instrumental, Electronic, Electropop
Preview Track Full Track 517111 1:40 Slow

AQUA   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Powerful calm theme as pure as water. Perfect for a movie scene or TV episode, on a romantic, family, heartwarming scene. Electric & Acoustic piano combination leaves a memorable musical lines in our minds. Instrumental, New Age, Meditation
Preview Track Full Track 495709 3:26 Medium

CRIME SCENE   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Cinematic Rock Tune with catchy Rhythmic lines. Distorted Heavy Guitars, Unison Bass attacks, steady Rock Drum beat, electronic sounds. Helicopter fx in the intro. Also other fx towards the end. Great for a crime scene in a movie or TV episode, also great for an action or montage or a bar scene. Instrumental, Rock, Electronic Rock
Preview Track Full Track 500780 2:04 Medium

DARK AGE   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Classical Track composed for Piano, Orchestral & Pizzicato Strings and Woodwinds. It has a sadness and sorrow which would work great for a Drama Film or TV Episode. Scene of loosing someone close, breaking up or any hard situation in life. Instrumental, Classical, Classical
Preview Track Full Track 511520 1:50 Slow

DUB TIME   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Dubstep/Electronica track with huge drums and groove. Cool synths, arpeggios create a mystic journey. Perfect for a suspense, action or thriller. Instrumental, Electronic, Dark Ambient
Preview Track Full Track 527052 1:31 Med Fast

SUN LAND   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Cool & happy sounding instrumental reggae song with live band features reggae style guitars, solid and groovy bass line, drums and organ. It will be perfect for any tropical scene, commercial or other media. Instrumental, Reggae, Reggae-Pop
Preview Track Full Track 559548 2:00 Med Slow

BOSSA GUITAR   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Bossa Nova style duo track featuring finger picked Nylon String Guitar and Piano. Excotic, Rhythmic, Pretty & Sultry. Instrumental, Brazilian, Bossa Nova
Preview Track Full Track 517106 1:57 Slow

SPANISH XMAS   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
It's a dynamic, uplifting and cheerful song features Spanish Guitars, Cuban cha cha cha style drums, String Ensemble, Piano and electronic Xmas a like sounds. It will be perfect for any happy scene, holiday film or Children related production. Instrumental, Tropical, Tropical Pop
Preview Track Full Track 564942 1:58 Medium

NYC   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Groovy Pop track which has a unique cocept of intro thru the 2nd section. It features vintage bass/guitar lines, Yamaha DX7 type of synths and more. It's kind of 80's flashback meets with funk and soft rock flavor. Instrumental, Pop, Pop Groove
Preview Track Full Track 517169 1:36 Med Slow

WARM NIGHT   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Pure performance Ballad recorded by a Guitar Quintet. Acoustic Guitars, Nylon String Guitar & Fretless Bass create an impeccable journey. Touching melodic lines with strong modal chord changes. Pedal point about 45 seconds intro leads up to flawless second part. Perfect for a very meaningful scene. Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music
Preview Track Full Track 501723 2:42 Med Slow

DUB TIME   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Medium bear reggae and dub beat featuring guitar and organs. Simple track with a smooth groove which will be great background on a TV show. Instrumental, Reggae, Dub
Preview Track Full Track 563786 1:33 Medium

DRAMATIC THEME   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
It's a dramatic theme with a nice orchestral elements and slightly a mystic vibe towards the end. It will be perfect for a drama with comedy or comedic scene with little drama in to it. Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music
Preview Track Full Track 555579 1:41 Med Fast

WAKE UP CALL   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Upbeat Instrumental trance track. Lots of electronics, mixture of modern electronica and 80's. Instrumental, Electronic, Electronic Body Music
Preview Track Full Track 514075 2:04 Med Fast

FUN CHRISTMAS   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Smooth Holiday, Christmas track featuring bells, mandolin, Strings and drum loops. Mixture of traditional Christmas a like melodies with modern pop and electronica grooves. It takes a family to a journey, flashback to their memories of christmas celebration and enjoying the time this year. Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Pop
Preview Track Full Track 564415 3:02 Medium

THIS CHRISTMAS   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Electronic Christmas/Holiday Song which has a very positive, calm vibe. Steel Guitar lines makes it more relaxing and cheerful. Modal Change in the end. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 506997 1:54 Med Fast

TRANCE XMAS   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Catchy Song with very memorable Synth Melodies, Electronic upbeat & Orchestration. Cheerful & Thoughtful. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 507001 1:59 Med Fast

GREEN WAY   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Modern edgy Hard Rock track with, smoking hot guitar lines, edgy/punk bass sound and massive drums. Dynamic drums intro and powerful guitar licks, Great groove, unison guitar lines in the end. A la Green Day, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Halloween. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock
Preview Track Full Track 495898 1:37 Fast

SUNNY WINTER   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Medium up beat Acoustic Rock Ballad. Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar & Electric Piano trio blends in so well, touching and memorable track. Pedal point gives it a suspense vibe in the intro. Chorus opens up with a bit sensitive feel in to it. It also work for a traveling, on the road scene so well. Instrumental, Rock, Acoustic Rock
Preview Track Full Track 501856 1:40 Med Slow

ACOUSTIC POINT   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Cheerful & Modal track features arpegiated Acoustic Guitars & Electric Piano. It has 70's happy & hippy vibe as well. It will work greatly for a romantic scene. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop
Preview Track Full Track 517104 1:33 Medium

QUIET GUITAR   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
It's a calm Acoustic Guitar Ballad with Electric Piano & Strings. Soft changes, very warm melody. Perfect for Film or TV, Children movies. Nice Lullaby sounding track. Instrumental, Childrens, Lullabies
Preview Track Full Track 510133 1:56 Medium

ROCK & ROLL XMAS   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Smoking Hot Guitars, Groove and Rock & Roll with Holiday spirited vibe. Delayed, Clean Guitars, Cool Drums, Bass and Piano lines. Catchy and rhythmic flavors, perfect track for a Holiday or Family Movie. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Rock
Preview Track Full Track 505015 1:48 Medium

DREAMER   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Extremely calm ballad with a relaxing and positive vibe. Created by 6 Acoustic Guitar Ensemble all recorded live. Great for a Romantic Scene, Family Movie, Reality Show or background on a montage scenes or nature scenes. Instrumental, Folk, Finger-Picked Guitar. This Track Licensable Exclusively At This Web Site!
Preview Track Full Track 500698 2:00 Med Slow

SMASH   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
It's an Instrumental Pop/Rock track flashback to 80's. Cool Guitar riffs, groovy drums, piano and synth sounds. Flawless melodic & harmonic movements. Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Full Track 514137 2:00 Med Fast

ELECTROLUX   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Medium Up Beat Dreamy Electronic track with modern synth sounds & fx. It has driven groove and nice texture of simple melody and cool changes. It would work perfect on an action movie, fashion show, montage scene, dance scene or sport show on TV. Instrumental, Electronic, Electro-Industrial
Preview Track Full Track 511500 2:02 Med Fast

CATCHY LINES   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Upbeat electronic track with groovy beats & bass. Catchy melodic, anthem a like theme with quick groove changes. Vintage Electric Guitar Riffs on a dynamic platform. Perfect for a modern day movie scene or on a TV show. Instrumental, Electronic, Electropop
Preview Track Full Track 501724 1:53 Med Fast

CHRISTMAS REGGAE   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Medium beat, African influenced Reggae song with a happy and cheerful vibe. It has a warm feeling of tropical place as well soothing feel of a family gathering just like the holiday season and Christmas. Instrumental, World Fusion, Reggae Fusion
Preview Track Full Track 563785 2:12 Med Slow

SUSPENSE THEME   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
It's a mystical and suspenseful sounding track featuring Acoustic Guitars with FX, Fretless Bass, Electric Bows and glassy sounds. It will certainly work great on an action, suspense, thriller, horror scene. Instrumental, Action, Thriller Gothic
Preview Track Full Track 555574 2:16 Med Slow

CHILDREN IN THE PARK   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Cheerful & uplifting track with children cheering voices blends in with such charming, happy & fun melody in an electronic music form. It's catchy, powerful and amusing. It would be prfect for kids playground, park or party scene on any media. Instrumental, Childrens, Childrens Instrumentals
Preview Track Full Track 511513 1:47 Med Fast

TRANCE ANTHEM   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2010
Upbeat Electronica track, Big tonal change in the intro. Synth bass & groovy loops. Total party rock experience. Very catchy lines, beats. Instrumental, Electronic, Electropop
Preview Track Full Track 496166 2:09 Med Fast

FUN THEME   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Comedic fun theme track featuring String Ensemble, Acoustic Instruments and a latin type of feel. It will work greatly on opening theme of a game show or a comedy episodes. Instrumental, Themes, Game Show
Preview Track Full Track 555483 1:54 Med Fast

OCEAN   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Smooth background track Ocean has a feel of "as far as you can see in the middle of Ocean". Just the water meets with the sky! Loops, synth sounds & fretless bass harmonics. Instrumental, Electronic, Progressive Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 495896 1:50 Med Slow

BOSSA CHRISTMAS   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Pretty christmas track in the style of Brazilian Bossa Nova. It features traditional bossa beat, rhodes, organ, bass guitar, guitars, holiday bells and string section. It will be perfect for a Christmas celebration with the latin American location or people. Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Latin
Preview Track Full Track 564417 2:32 Med Fast

WHOLE ENCHILADA   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2005
Powerful Upbeat Brazilian Jazz track has the groove changes in between Samba, and Baiao from Bahia. Distinctive melody, solo voice of Soprano saxophone blends in with a Jazz Quintet. Original tune with odd 17 bars loop on each time for soloist, Live performance & amazing solos, it's a whole journey. Instrumental, Jazz, Latin Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 495405 7:24 Medium

UPBEAT CHRISTMAS   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Fast Electronic/Acoustic track with a Christmas Children Choir type of intro. Driven acoustic guitars, Jazzy Drums and Synth Bass create a perfect vibe for a Holiday Film, TV Episode background. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 505017 1:57 Med Slow

SYNTHY BOOM   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Dance track featuring great bass line, hip groove and vintage synth lines. Ninties and after millenium. it would be perfect for background music on a film, montage or action scene. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Dance House
Preview Track Full Track 527046 1:34 Medium

REGGAE BACKGROUND   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Dub Reggae song with a bittersweet and quirky vibe into it. Cool muted Guitars, solid groovy Bass and dub style beat. Instrumental, Reggae, Dub Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 563797 2:16 Med Slow

GANGS OF FAVELA   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2003
Amazing East-west fusion. Middle eastern Oud, delightful percussion meets with Jazz, Be Bop in an abstract, artistic form. Incredible Guitar solo, and drum solo over loop of an super odd meters. Traveling feel from Turkey to US. Instrumental, World Fusion, Mid-East World Fusion
Preview Track Full Track 495163 5:20 Med Slow

IRISH LEAD   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Moving Celtic sounds blends in with John Bonham type drum grooves. Driven power, crisp acoustic guitars, bagpipe, some electronics and even a break of arpeggio Harp. Very experimental and catchy, would be perfect for a European movie or documentary. Instrumental, Rock, Folk Rock
Preview Track Full Track 496210 1:32 Med Fast

KISA HIKAYE   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Kisa Hikaye means Short Story in Turkish. Rubato Intro builds up to the Brazilian & latin percussion section> Samba meets Middle East. Strong excellent melodic lines on Fretless Bass, as well e-bow lines with fx which works like a pad sound. Midi free track all live performance. Instrumental, Jazz, Bossa Nova Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 496167 2:58 Med Slow

CABO NIGHTS   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2011
Driving Latin Song has an energetic Drums, Percussion, Muted Guitar intro & Trumpet. The Cuban Style Groove makes you wanna dance. Instrumental, Latin, Afro-Colombian
Preview Track Full Track 506994 1:37 Medium

BRAZILIAN SUMMER   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2012
Insrumental Samba song features Berimbau, bossa nova guitar and traditional Brazilian percussion. This song has a nicely flowing harmonic structure, it opens up to colorful sections. Realxing and sensual vibe. Instrumental, Jazz, Bossa Nova Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 514073 1:48 Med Slow

SHIPS OF ISTANBUL   (by Evren Edler )  Composed: 2003
Fascinating 9/8 rhythm of Turkey, bossa nova meets Istanbul's ships! Eastern melody, Brazilian harmony. Eclectic mix of cultures on this electric bass, guitar duo. Instrumental, World Fusion, Mid-East World Fusion
Preview Track Full Track 495701 3:07 Medium
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