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Elite Sync Lab

Home: Maryland US

In a laboratory far below the Earth's surface, Elite Sync Lab team members Sonaris, DJ Wings, Accidental Notes, MinayR, and Gerald the Genius rip and syncopate notes before transfiguring them into beautiful melodies and harmonies. Less than a year old, this quirky group currently provides cues for FOX Network and Time Warner, and their track "Don River Ruckus" was used in the film "Jewtopia" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Tom Arnold. Transforming styles like Classical and Dubstep, Elite Sync Lab brings us cutting-edge music in the Electronic, Dramatic, and Hip Hop genres.

Elite Sync Lab's track "Oracle" will be featured at the 2012 IMATS Make-Up Show, courtesy of Coastal Scents.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Elite Sync Lab
Action | Cartoon | Childrens | Chinese | Classical | Corporate | Dance | Dramatic | East European | Electronic | Hip Hop | Horror | Jazz | Latin | Middle East | Military | New Age | Pop | Rock | Science Fiction | Soundalikes | Sports | Tropical | UK Bass | World Fusion |

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TECHNICALLY INSANE   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Psychological horror Dubstep that sends shivers down the spine. Grating guitar plucks, creepy echoing chants, wonky synthesizer movements, and sick drum beats. Perfect for scary films that need the right amount of edge and atmosphere. Think Hans Zimmer and Rusko plus Benga. Instrumental, Horror, Horror Psychological
Preview Track Full Track 512473 2:37 Med Slow

SAMURAI DANCE   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Female urban/dance-pop crossover that sounds similar to Lady Gaga, Jessie J and Kat Graham. Modern instrumentation and great melodies bring this track alive. Perfect for clubs, high fashion videos, catwalks, commercials, and reality television. Female Vocals, Dance, Dance-Pop
Preview Track Full Track (With Vocals) 534676 3:06 Medium

FUNKY FRESH BEATS   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Bring the clubs and raves right into your hand. Funky Fresh Beats is a high energy Electro-House track that will have the walls vibrating. Ground shattering bass lines, quirky sound effects, amazing drum play, and sparse vocals make this song pop. Perfect for dancing, exercising, and partying. Instrumental, Dance, Electro House
Preview Track Full Track 512456 6:45 Medium

NEW YORK CITY   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Smooth and easy going corporate piece that sounds like something from "The Sims" series. Electronic synth chords, punchy kicks, and airy pads bring this track to life. A definite must have for those forward thinkers. Great for medication commercials, power-points, vacations, and on hold music. Instrumental, Corporate, Electronic Progressive
Preview Track Full Track 490292 2:33 Medium

DON RIVER RUCKUS   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Featured in the film Jewtopia. Hip Hop meets Eastern Europe in this diverse rap instrumental. The beat goes hard, the drums are fresh, and the vocals give that tiny touch of ethnic flair. This track goes perfectly in ethnic commercials, television shows, Jewish media, Youtube videos & websites. Vocal Samples, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Instrumental
Preview Track Full Track 490287 3:13 Medium

I WANT YOU TO KNOW   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Pop-Urban crossover with male vocalist and infectious dance beat. Sounds similar to Flo-Rida and Jason DeRulo with a light sprinkle of T-Pain. Commercial ready sound make this perfect for use in reality television, teen dramas, party scenes, radio productions, film trailers, and feature films. Male Vocals, Pop, Pop/EDM
Preview Track Full Track (with male vocals) 534690 3:56 Med Fast

SUNSHINE (O.G. MIX)   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
A blaring Electro House track that boasts a big room sound. Hard hitting synths, crazy rolling basslines, and perfectly tuned vocals make this song a must have in the club scene. This sounds very much like Deadmau5, Daft Punk, David Guetta, Axwell, and LMFAO. Extremely addictive. Female Vocals, Dance, Hi NRG
Preview Track Full Track 512462 6:01 Med Fast

ORACLE (3:30 EDIT)   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Massive, electronically charged, Dubstep track that can move mountains with its bass line. The intro begins subtle busting a drop at 1:30 that shakes the entire world. This works great for the following scenes: clubs, raves, house parties, commercials, TV shows about dancing and working out. Instrumental, UK Bass, Dubstep
Preview Track Variation (3:30 Edit) 490386 3:28 Med Fast

REROUTED   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Upbeat electronic goth rock instrumental with light Latin/island touches. Mournful strings blend well with steady drums and classy flamenco guitar playing. This piece is perfect for scene establishing shots, moments of betrayal, tension, dark romance, and exotic beach frolicking. Instrumental, Rock, Electronic Rock
Preview Track Full Track 512460 2:21 Med Slow

IT'S BOOGIE TIME   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Intense building electronic track that will blows minds and shake bodies. Powerful synths, hard hitting drums, and a thumping bass line make this technologically inspired track a hit. Its clever build in the beginning pushes on until listeners are rocked with a soul shattering climax. Instrumental, Action, Impending Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 512482 7:31 Medium

FRAGILE   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Electronic industrial music with a chill-out vibe for those easy clubbing days. Slightly clipped & distorted drums give character to the computerized synthesizer and smooth piano playing. Perfect for background music within tech shows, criminal analysis, and lab work. Instrumental, Electronic, Chill-out
Preview Track Full Track 522475 3:54 Medium

VAIKLAND   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Middle Eastern inspired film score with female chanting. Rich violin strings add character as this dynamic piece flows into the perfect action-adventure soundtrack. Light piano melodies merge with the sitar whilst the occasional pan flute builds character. Major Films, Travel Channel, Culture. Instrumental, Action, Adventure World Fusion
Preview Track Full Track (Includes Chanting) 527717 3:05 Med Fast

WE WILL WIN   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Motivational rock/country hybrid with inspiring lyrics. A cheering crowd, strong male vocalist, catchy chorus, and electric guitar playing really bring this track full circle. A must have for the summer Olympics and any other mainstream sporting events that require big anthems. Instrumental, Sports, Sports Triumph Music
Preview Track Variation (Instrumental) 537940 3:30 Medium

BRING IT OUT IN ME   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Bring it Out in Me is the perfect instrumental for any video game or iPhone application. Progressive Electronic makes a comeback in this quirky piece that sounds like a mixture between 8 bit and modern electro. Instrumental, Electronic, Progressive Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 490285 1:44 Med Fast

RUMINATIONS   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Soothing progressive electronic instrumental filled with harmonizing strings and smooth guitar playing. A beautiful blend of acoustic and synthetic elements make this piece a timeless classic. Sometimes contemporary music just needs to be relaxed and laid back. Perfect for reflection and thought. Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr
Preview Track Full Track 512831 4:28 Med Slow

SPIRITS OF UTOPIA   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Dramatic Middle Eastern instrumental with classical & flamenco touches. Light vocal harmonizing, both male and female, couple well with exotic guitar strums, pan flutes, mournful violin strings, and steady ethnic drums. Perfect for soap operas, life changing events, and world orientated programs. Mixed Vocals, Middle East, Contemporary Dramatic
Preview Track Full Track 527634 6:02 Med Slow

ENSEMBLE GROOVE   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
That don't make old school hip hop instrumental tracks like this anymore. Ensemble Groove utilizes real life classical instruments and blends them with familiar hip hop drum patterns. The chorus is a full on head nodding experience that can't be missed. Best if used as a background song in a show. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Instrumental
Preview Track Full Track 491352 5:42 Med Slow

CILICIAN WARRIOR   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Booming Ethnic-Gothic soundtrack that gives forth the image of a fair maiden locked away in a dusty old tower. The prince fights desperately for her, so he may one day claim his true love. Harsh melodic strings, deep impacts, vocal chorus, and a dynamic structure make this track a powerhouse. Instrumental, Action, Impending Gothic
Preview Track Full Track 488848 2:25 Medium

SATURDAY MORNING   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Easy going new age instrumental that goes hand in hand with Yoga, Pilates, and meditation. Simple strings, smooth piano playing, ambient noises, and rolling deep pads. Its not a Saturday morning... unless you're standing on top of a mountain with nothing but light clothes and a warm soul. Instrumental, New Age, Meditation
Preview Track Full Track 512472 3:58 Very Slow

DREAM FOREST   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Amazingly chilled out corporate electronic ambient track that goes so well with those lazy television moments. Mellow island drums accompany smooth keyboard strokes and a soothing melody. Imagine the rain falling softly as a gentle breeze plays against the blinds. Fits well into television scenes. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz
Preview Track Loop 490332 1:35 Med Fast

TIME LAPSE   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Tranquil classical piece that invokes the feeling of thought, relaxation, and wonder. Simple piano notes blend well with cymbals, steady drum kicks, and moving guitar strokes. Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music
Preview Track Full Track 522298 2:42 Med Slow

GYPSY HOMELAND   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Suspenseful, action packed, thriller soundtrack that evolves over time. It begins nonchalant and blase before morphing into a full out tension laced cornucopia of sound. Works amazingly well in psychological thrillers, car or foot chase scenes, and time sensitive missions. Instrumental, Action, Impending Orchestral
Preview Track Full Track 488849 2:38 Medium

RAP PAPER PIMPIN   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
The mean streets of the east never sleep. People roam the sidewalks at night looking for fame, glory, and money. What truly goes down in a city where nobody knows your name... but knows everything you do? How far does the rabbit hole go? Get lost in a gritty track of deception and deceit. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Instrumental
Preview Track Full Track 491353 4:48 Med Fast

TOREADORE   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Lively Latin music that comes straight from the streets of Spain. This upbeat Matador inspiring instrumental has both Spaniard and Hip Hop influences throughout. Crunchy finger snaps, flamenco guitar playing, and blaring horns. Perfect for heroic introductions, food commercials, and cartoons. Instrumental, Latin, Spanish Music
Preview Track Full Track 535865 2:46 Med Slow

JAZZY SESSION   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Smooth and classy lounge jazz track for those lonely nights. Dim the lights, pour the wine, and spread the good feelings to patrons alike. Includes Beautiful guitar plucks, simple piano strokes, and a sexy horn. Perfect for depression era movie scenes, bars, restaurants, on hold calls, and Youtube. Instrumental, Jazz, Swing Ensembles
Preview Track Full Track 512458 2:26 Med Fast

SPACE GYPSY CHILL   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2000
Flamenco Gypsy music with an outer space/chill-out style. Ethnic Latin guitar opens the track and builds along with distinct drums, old school quirky horns, and exotic female singing. Lazy and smooth for commercials, erotic scenes, night clubs, lounges, and other media. Female Vocals, Latin, Flamenco
Preview Track Full Track (with female vocals) 527639 4:50 Med Slow

CHANGES OVERNIGHT   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Really smooth progressive electronic instrumental. Beautiful sounds created using synthesizers, keyboard, steady drums, and imagination. Perfect for those high tech commercials or ads in which the user needs to be sharp and snazzy. Instrumental, Electronic, Progressive Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 512461 4:20 Med Fast

RELEASE ME   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Dark chilled out electronic rock, jazz, and hip hop influences. Track keeps a very steady tempo but pulls in crazy saxophone breaks, hauntingly melodic vocals, and light airy synths. Definitely needed for those projects or scenes when being cool and dangerous walk a thin line. Release the beast. Male Vocals, Rock, Electronic Rock
Preview Track Full Track (With Vocals) 490294 4:44 Medium

WHEN IN FLIGHT   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Beach Boys style Tropical Rock track with strong island sounds and influences. Features easy synths, rhythmic drums, quick cymbals, and relaxed guitar strums. When in Flight brings people to the island shores of Hawaii and Jamaica by capturing the essence of the ocean and its creatures. Instrumental, Pop, Tropical Rock
Preview Track Full Track 512464 2:31 Med Slow

MOON DUST   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
High Energy Dance track that explodes after a nice build-up. Uses intense electric guitars, clappers, a thumping bass line, and heavy drum strikes. A mixture of Electro House and Techno elements, this instrumental is sure to bring the life to any party, scene, club, or home. Instrumental, Dance, Hi NRG
Preview Track Full Track 512471 3:00 Medium

SUN TOUCH   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Sexy and ambient drum and bass instrumental with a dash of psytrance. Don't settle for boring over done genres when you can get your electronic taste right here. Steady kicks, soft African percussion, and well timed filters make this track pop. Great for selling commercial products or vehicles. Instrumental, UK Bass, DnB
Preview Track Full Track 488850 2:46 Medium

BREAKIN DAY   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Enrique Iglesias sound-alike with a hint of "Twilight" meets "Breaking Dawn." This inspiring rock/pop ballad is sure to delight people of all ages. Smooth guitar playing, light airy keyboard notes, and beautiful lyrics make this perfect for commercials, movie trailers, and tween-teenage films. Male Vocals, Soundalikes, Enrique Iglesias
Preview Track Full Track (with male vocals) 528043 3:42 Med Slow

BEAUTIFUL HUMANOIDS   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Hard House track with melodic and easy going jazz and classical influences. Retro bass lines lead with airy and atmospheric pads/synths to create a feeling of utter relaxation and movement. Great for dance halls, raves, parties, dark clubs, outdoor festivals, reality shows and malls. Instrumental, Dance, Hard House
Preview Track Full Track 471536 7:13 Medium

LA SONRISA   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Sexy fusion of salsa and modern day electronic jazz. A track straight out of Burn Notice, Entourage, and Sex in The City. Island melodies on smooth ivory, hip shaking shakers, and cool horns make this a must have for every club, beach, gym, lounge, hotel party, and nightlife scene. Muy Caliente. Instrumental, Tropical, Salsa
Preview Track Full Track 490289 3:06 Medium

WOULD YOU   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
The world of high fashion is never wasted with this beautiful fusion of electronic house and sophisticated energy. Work the catwalk like you own it and strut your stuff! Never be afraid to bat those beautiful lashes! Works amazing on the runway, in make-up commercials, and fashion television shows. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Dance House
Preview Track Full Track (instrumental) 490298 3:43 Medium

DR. STEPPER   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Get your step on with this dirty electro house track. Go against the grain and settle for the best with this skull pounding hard hitter from the world of electronic sounds. Works in cardio exercise workouts, clubs, underground raves, and reality TV shows. Not for the faint of heart. Instrumental, Dance, Electro House
Preview Track Full Track (instrumental) 491350 3:33 Med Fast

ELECTRO SUNRISE   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Why settle for boring Electro House stock music when you can acquire the real thing here? This monster banger is guaranteed to spice up any project with its pulsating deep bass lines, phat kicks, syncopated gated lead, and melody. This works well with technological product ads or as a club track. Instrumental, Dance, Electro House
Preview Track Full Track (instrumental) 490288 5:27 Med Fast

STANDARD ISSUE   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
What happens when classical movements, fluid yet subtle, reach striking agreement with electronic elements? The genre hybrid is nothing short of amazing with smooth chord transitions that give way to heavy bass. Perfect for those pieces that tend to have bipolar moments... Instrumental, Classical, Classical Electronic
Preview Track Full Track (instrumental) 490295 2:46 Med Fast

WE WILL WIN   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Motivational rock/country hybrid with inspiring lyrics. A cheering crowd, strong male vocalist, catchy chorus, and electric guitar playing really bring this track full circle. A must have for the summer Olympics and any other mainstream sporting events that require big anthems. Male Vocals, Sports, Sports Inspiration Music
Preview Track Variation (2 min) 537935 2:10 Medium

PURGATORY   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Mysterious and unnerving melodies coupled with other worldly choir chanting gives this music an edgy drama. Psychological thriller, Sci Fi paranormal, space travel, starlight galaxies planetarium IMAX movie. Movies where the characters are confused and scared. Anxiety fear foreboding dread moody, Instrumental, Horror, Horror Contemplative. This Track Licensable Exclusively At This Web Site!
Preview Track Bed 471523 1:46 Med Slow

LAND OF BARRICADES   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Epic military battle preparation music done in the style heard in the "Call of Duty" video game series. Track slowly builds from calm and calculating into a full orchestral storm of sound, power, and fury. Perfect for documentaries, war films, open sequences, menus, grandiose warfare, and football. Instrumental, Military, Orchestral Epic
Preview Track Full Track 488851 2:48 Med Slow

EPIC SOARING   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Uplifting, yet progressive trance track that brings forth the feelings of excitement, wonder, and extreme jubilation. Produced in the traditional trance style and includes tribal drums, tension strings, and compressed electric guitars. Great for sports winners, childhood fun, theme parks, and magic. Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music
Preview Track Full Track 488854 6:43 Med Fast

CASUAL BUSINESS   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Casual Business is that sexy yet elegant track for the young trendsetters of today. They ooze money, sophistication, and power... why not give them an instrumental that fits such a lofty title? Let the smooth sounds of steady percussion and synthesized piano plucks wash away the feeling of uncool. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Dance House
Preview Track Full Track (instrumental) 490329 1:36 Medium

OOH BABY   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
Upbeat rock instrumental with a slight dosage of pop and electronic elements. Funky finger snaps, gentle synth sounds, and heavy guitar plucks make this the perfect track for commercials, power points, PSA's and outdoor sports coverage. Be wild, be bold, be free. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Rock Guitar
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 512419 5:11 Med Fast

BRUNO'S DESAYUNO   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Wacky and silly cartoon jazz instrumentals filled with crazy sound effects. Its Roger Rabbit meets Mickey Mouse in this feel good track for all ages. Blaring Horns, tambourines, funky piano playing, strange drums, and record scratching make this an instant classic. Instrumental, Cartoon, Cartoon Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 527733 3:39 Medium

MILLIONAIRES CLUB   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Relaxed corporate hip hop with a slice of electronic elements. Quirky synths give way to a funky drum & kick combo, while the techno bass line guides the track along. Music like this goes well in liquor commercials, ads for technological gadgets, fine dining, and shoes. Think classy my friends. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 490290 3:44 Med Slow

WIND OF DUNES   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Mystical Egyptian style instrumental that sounds similar to "The Mummy." Ethnic instruments give this track a realism that pushes listeners into the deserts of Egypt. Imagine blowing sand storms and slow moving camels as day turns to night. Great for films, travel channel shows, history, & culture. Instrumental, Middle East, Egypt
Preview Track Full Track 527710 5:39 Medium

BEAT BOXING ON SUNDAY   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2011
Laid back and easy going neo-lounge track that features human beat boxing, smooth piano strokes, steady kicks, and a great atmosphere. Perfect for those scenes or clubs where a hint of class and rhythm is needed. Instrumental, Jazz, Hip Bop
Preview Track Full Track 452387 2:10 Medium

I THINK WE'RE GOIN CRAZY   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
High Energy sports track with just the right amount of fire to bring athletes alive. A big bass line competes with raging synths, hard hitting drums, and a fiery catchphrase. This is similar to "Zombie Nation" in style as the music amps up the crowd. Great for anything sports related. Vocal Samples, Sports, Sports Energizing Music
Preview Track Full Track 512457 5:00 Medium

NO NEED TO RUN, NO NEED TO HIDE   (by Elite Sync Lab )  Composed: 2012
High Energy Dance track that explodes after a nice build-up. Uses intense electric guitars, clappers, a thumping bass line, and heavy drum strikes. A mixture of Electro House and Techno elements, this instrumental is sure to bring the life to any party, scene, club, or home. Vocal Samples, Dance, Hi NRG
Preview Track Full Track 512459 7:44 Medium
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Artist Keywords: Dubstep, Dramatic, Classical, Hip Hop, Electronic

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