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Alan Fagan

Home: Virginia US

Alan Fagan is a US-based producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer, and former career US Navy Musician. He creates broadcast-ready music in multiple genres, with credits including: The Voice (NBC), Saturday Night Live (NBC), Last Call With Carson Daly (NBC), The Nate Berkus Show (FOX), Remodeled (CW), Nova (PBS), Tosh. O (Comedy Central), Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (TLC), Say Yes To The Dress (TLC), What Not To Wear (TLC), Outrageous Kid Parties (TLC), Toddlers And Tiaras (TLC), Moonshiners (Discovery), Pawn Stars (History) and many TV/internet ads.

Alan Fagan's additional credits include:

TLC: Randy To The Rescue, History: Cajun Pawn Stars, Discovery: Moonshiners, Oddities, Tickle, Auction Kings, American Stuffers, Saw Dogs CMT: My Big Redneck Vacation, Swanderosa, Ron White's Vegas Salute to the Troops 2013, Nickelodeon: Nick Studio 10, A&E: Barter Kings, Psychic Tia, NATGEO: Abandoned, Bid and Destroy, Alaska Wing Men, Slang Hunters, Style: Clean House NY, Big Rich Texas, Lifetime: Dance Moms, Double Divas, Sundance: Quirky, Push Girls, Bravo: Married To Medicine, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Real Housewives of Miami, Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding, E! A-List Listings, E! News Live, SYFY: Deals From The Darkside, MTV: The Seven, MTV Live, VH1: 40 Greatest Viral Videos, Best Week Ever, OWN: Staten Island Law, Esquire: Knife Fight, Telemundo: Levantate, Mi Corazón Insiste, Un Nuevo Dia

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Alan Fagan
Action | Americana | Blues | Brazilian | Cartoon | Childrens | Christmas | Circus | Classical | Comedy | Corporate | Country | Dance | Dangerous | Dramatic | Drums | Electronic | European | Folk | Hip Hop | Horror | Indie Rock | Jazz | Latin | Middle East | Military | New Age | Pop | Reggae | RnB | Rock | Soundalikes | Sports | Themes | Tropical | World Fusion |

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FEELING STRONG NOW   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2014
Here is a high energy orchestral sound alike to the famous Bill Conti song “Gonna Fly Now” also known as the “Theme from Rocky.” You will want to shout “Yo Adrian!” Perfect for spoof or true athletic event, competition, race, child athletes struggling to the finish line. Athlete in training, strong! Instrumental, Action, Theme Superhero
Preview Track Full Track 660093 1:50 Med Slow

COOL BEANS   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2015
A cool, bluesy, jazzy, sneaky gumshoe detective track. Think dark smokey blues club in Chicago, New Orleans or Memphis. A wonderful underscore for sneaky antics, mischief, capers. Ballroom dancing, swing dancing competition, dancing with the stars, Seamless loops, gramophone record edits available! Instrumental, Comedy, Comedy Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 707110 1:51 Med Slow

BRAZILIAN BREEZE   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2014
Here is a sexy, spicy samba instrumental featuring nylon string guitar. Romantic dancing in Rio, carnival, South American travel, cruise ship romance, latin love, Hispanic, Spanish, Portuguese, elevator music. Instrumental, Latin, Latin Easy Listening
Preview Track Full Track 696300 1:32 Medium

GREASY SPOON   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2015
A slow, dirty, gritty, edgy, grooving, southern country delta blues underscore with a hip hop beat. Features bass harmonica, dobro and blues harmonica with acoustic guitar and that funky, urban hip hop drum beat. CSI in the bayou, crime tension music bed. Swamp People, alligator hunters, crime scene, Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music
Preview Track Full Track 711625 2:08 Med Slow

COUNTRY STROLL   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2014
Here is a traditional, quiet, folk bluegrass country instrumental track featuring a melancholy mandolin melody supported by dobro, acoustic guitars, piano and upright bass. Mountain serenity, peaceful easy feeling, nostalgia in the style of a Ken Burns film soundtrack. Organic string instruments. Instrumental, Country, Country Ballads
Preview Track Full Track 695585 2:29

OUT OF TIME   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2014
Here is a tense, building, dramatic, electronic trailer with cinematic power! It starts with a blend of organic and electronic sounds, then builds and builds to an explosive, intense break and ending. An excellent trailer for an action video game with dark forces of evil, preparing for battle, war! Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music
Preview Track Full Track 637957 2:03 Med Slow

SOARING   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2014
Soaring is an emotional, dramatic classical song featuring piano and solo violin. Both sad and uplifting, it begins with sparse solo piano. The violin enters with the haunting melody a builds. It ends quietly and thoughtfully. Perfect underscore for sharing a tragic story, lost love, testimonial. Instrumental, Dramatic, Sad Music
Preview Track Full Track 692301 2:02 Slow

RIBBONS AND SUNSHINE   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
Here is a light, happy, feel good track featuring ukulele. It has a catchy melody played by bells and piano. Great for walking in the park on a sunny day, or daydreaming under a shade tree. Family outing, young love, picnic, daydreaming, strolling, biking, toddlers. Alt mixes/loops/stings available, Instrumental, Dramatic, Tender music
Preview Track Full Track 607984 1:30 Medium

BARN DANCE   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2014
A bouncy, upbeat country instrumental featuring bluegrass instruments. Life on the farm, county fair, travel through the mid-west, bluegrass music festival, square dancing, Americana, big sky country, mountain music, Appalachia, hillbilly red neck music. Southern front porch jam session. Instrumental, Country, Bluegrass
Preview Track Full Track 658253 1:33 Med Fast

BOOGALOO BONES   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
A funky, grooving rock jazz fusion track in the style of the great trombone shorty. Medium slow tempo with high energy, brassy trombone lead. New Orleans, Bourbon Street, Memphis, Beale Street. Down home southern fried funk. Mardi Gras party, bar scene, live funk fusion band. Sultry hot and sweaty. Instrumental, RnB, New Orleans RnB
Preview Track Full Track 629445 2:05 Medium

BAYOU BABY   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2014
Here is a fast, fun, grooving zydeco instrumental by a Cajun party band featuring accordion and harmonica. Banjo, mandolin and acoustic guitars give it a nice, down home southern Louisiana feel. Bayou boogaloo, craw fish festival, Mardi Gras, New Orleans, street band, Creole block party. Instrumental, Americana, Cajun Zydeco
Preview Track Full Track 646264 1:37 Fast

DEEP SORROW   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2014
Here is a very emotional composition featuring piano and string quartet. The piano begins softly then the strings gradually enter as the piece builds is volume, intensity and emotion. It comes to a quiet, somber ending. Music for tears, sadness, loss, emotional trauma, mourning, tragedy, heartbreak, Instrumental, Dramatic, Sad Music
Preview Track Full Track 691017 1:45 Slow

MORE HOT SALSA   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2014
A high energy salsa instrumental. Sizzling trombone section with a full complement of latin percussion, punchy timbale hits with a driving piano montuno groove. Ballroom dancing, Dancing with the Stars, Caribbean celebration, Miami Heat, Tropical Latin Cuban Music. Many mixes, loops and stings too! Instrumental, Tropical, Salsa
Preview Track Full Track 700694 2:22 Very Fast

FIGHTING DUST   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
An aggressive electronic music bed in the style of the Dust Brothers. Fight Club, chaos, Armageddon, anarchy, crime in progress. CSI, bad guys doing bad things, training for extreme sports. Dub step, dirty gritty bass synth. Fear Factor Sons of Anarchy, Zombies, Instrumental, Electronic, Dark Ambient
Preview Track Full Track 589718 2:34 Slow

FRONT PORCH BLUES   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
A cool, bluesy folk blues featuring acoustic guitar and harmonica. Jam session on the front porch. Bayou, swamp, gator country, moonshine deep south. Duck Dynasty, swamp people, Louisiana, Mississippi, delta, Texas,, Instrumental, Blues, Country Blues
Preview Track Full Track 589502 1:39 Med Slow

WOMAN IN CHARGE   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
A spacious, percussive, yet unobtrusive electronic underscore with a Middle Eastern or Indian vibe. It utilizes world beat instruments like sitar and tabla with modern electronic music. Great for crime preparation, tension, CSI, persistence, organized crime, waiting, science fiction, high tech, Instrumental, Middle East, Contemporary Dramatic
Preview Track Full Track 621799 1:40 Medium

HIPPOS AND HUMMINGBIRDS   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
A silly, quirky thematic piece featuring bass trombone (Tuba) lead. Baby elephants, children in diapers. Clumsy toddlers, baby animals frolicking, chubby children playing. Great brand theme or cartoon music, America's Funniest Home Videos, foolish behavior, acting cute. Instrumental, Cartoon, Cartoon Goof Music
Preview Track Full Track 632570 2:07 Slow

ANGELS   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
A gentle, serene, mood piece featuring an angelic sounding female vocal choir with acoustic guitars, bass and percussion. Each pass through the song form adds a new element. Multiple alternate mixes available. Nature, yoga, love, relaxation, sweet dreams, lullaby for baby, mothers and infants, waltz, Female Vocals, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 632058 2:22 Slow

CHICKEN SHACK   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
A fun, Americana rock up-tempo instrumental. An acoustic pop, bluesy, cruising with the top down, road trip track. Similar feel to Sheryl Crow's All I Want To Do Is Have Some Fun, but with a Hammond organ and piano lead. Party band, night club scene. Uplifting, light hearted make you smile, new love, Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Full Track 629379 2:35 Medium

MISSISSIPPI MUD   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2014
A medium slow, dirty, gritty, greasy, grooving, southern country delta blues. Features a funky Boogaloo drum groove, blues harmonica and acoustic slide guitar. A down home, deep south front porch jam session vibe. Alternate mixes, stings and seamless loops. Duck Dynasty, Moonshiners, Porter Ridge,, Instrumental, Blues, Harmonica Blues
Preview Track Full Track 635613 1:50 Medium

SHARING A SMOOTHIE   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2012
Here is a light, relaxed acoustic guitar groove that just keeps on adding new instrumental elements and builds a feeling of happiness. Friends getting together, having fun, hanging out. Great as background music for light, general presentation, things like forecast, update, numbers and stats. Family, Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop
Preview Track Full Track 564463 2:08 Med Slow

WALTZ FOR HIPPOS   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2014
This is a slow, Oom-Pa, comedy cue that features wah wah trombones and silly percussion. Think lazy circus clown, drunken stumbling, clumsiness, sleepiness, toddlers dancing or baby animals. Pretty much anything that needs funny, lightly scored waltz music. Instrumental, Circus Music, Octoberfest, Instrumental, Circus, Clown Music
Preview Track Full Track 652753 2:05 Medium

STORM   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2012
A dark, ominous track. Begins with a deep drone then builds in intensity. Utilizes low brass playing harsh, dissonant rhythms punctuated by deep orchestral percussion. Similar to Mars, from Gustav Holst's Planet Suite. Customizable, plenty of room for easy editing Science Fiction space alien battle. Instrumental, Action, Impending Orchestral
Preview Track Full Track 530810 2:33 Slow

FIND ME   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
This is spacious, percussive, yet unobtrusive underscore with a Steely Dan vibe. It utilizes Fender Rhodes chorus keyboard, nylon classical guitar, undulating synth lead and world beat percussion instruments. Very usable for crime preparation, tension, CSI, persistence, organized crime, searching. Instrumental, Dangerous, Apprehensive Music
Preview Track Full Track 630320 1:46 Medium

DUBSTER DIVING   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
An aggressive, electronic, dubsteb underscore with a cool mellotron lead. Great for crime in progress, anarchy, uprising, fight club, street crime, gangs, gangland, Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music
Preview Track Full Track 630691 2:01 Medium

ON TOP OF OLD SMOKEY   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
A cool, bluesy version of this traditional American Folk song. Think street band or dark smokey blues club in New Orleans or Memphis. Drums, upright bass and trombone with plunger mute. Instrumental, Blues, Delta Blues
Preview Track Full Track (Trombone Lead) 598962 1:37 Med Slow

CHECK THE CHILDREN   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
A horrifying underscore featuring ghostly children’s voices singing “la, la, la” like a nursery rhyme or on a playground. Deep, thumping heartbeats, special effects combined with a low, undulating drone provide a music bed for terror. Childrens Vocals, Horror, Haunted Children
Preview Track Full Track 605889 2:26 Slow

KELLIE MAE   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
This is an old time slow, melancholy country waltz played on acoustic guitar, mandolin, upright bass and harmonicas. Traditional country band style, authentic live performance. It would also fit nicely in a documentary about the old American west, the Ozarks, Appalachia, the Great Plains, or cowboys, Instrumental, Country, Bluegrass
Preview Track Full Track 623217 1:54 Med Slow

SPY GUY   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2012
A Henry Mancini like, Pink Panther meets Pulp Fiction spy theme with surf style guitar, guiro and vibraphone. Bungling spies, sneaky behavior. Tongue in cheek thriller parody. Foolish botched break in. Covert surveillance Monk, Austin Powers Danny Elfman, Peter Sellers Desperate Housewives Get Smart, Instrumental, Dramatic, Whimsical Music
Preview Track Full Track 511543 2:15 Medium

MORNING SNOWFALL   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2012
A beautiful, deeply relaxing, meditative instrumental. Great for yoga, nature, love, sadness, inner peace. Deep piano and synthesizer tones, gentle pulsating percussion and a heartwarming melody shared played first with cello, then oboe, then both. Daydreaming, peaceful, zen. Ambient new age calming, Instrumental, New Age, Atmospheres
Preview Track Full Track 521161 3:08 Med Slow

I DREAM OF JANIE   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2011
A fun, lively song that brings you back to happier times. Innocence, playful frolicking, a walk in the park, family picnic. Reminiscent of the I Dream of Jeannie theme, but with a modern feel. Would make an excellent game show theme, corporate brand theme. Travel channel. A light, happy Bossa Nova, Instrumental, Dramatic, Whimsical Music
Preview Track Full Track 465232 2:29 Med Fast

MR. HAPPY GO LUCKY - 2MIN   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2011
A cheerful, make you smile and tap your feet song. Happy, walking down the street with a spring in your step. She or he said yes! Wearing sunglasses at night. Cool, suave. Nerd trying to look cool. Up to mischief, prank or fun shenanigans. Bluesy soulful Hammond Organ lead. "Walkin The Dog" funny. Instrumental, RnB, Groove
Preview Track Variation 483035 2:01 Medium

UPTOWN NIGHTS   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2012
Smooth jazz track featuring trombone & flute and groovin' rhythm section. Cool, sophisticated and sexy. Laid back, muzak, underscore background, sexy, flirty, club scenes, movie credits, love scene, 007, romantic, James Bond, country club, tuxedos and gowns, upscale lounge or night club, Sade, Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 545259 3:18 Med Slow

SUNNY DAY - INSTRUMENTAL   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2011
A happy, feel good pop song that will make you smile. Young lovers walking in the park or on the beach. Playful frolicking, children's show or video game. Springtime summertime fashion show. Best friends spending time together. Hanging out having fun, goofing off, being silly sunshine carnival party, Instrumental, Pop, Soft Pop
Preview Track Full Track 505235 2:39 Med Slow

REMEMBRANCE   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2011
An emotional solo piano piece that can invoke many moods. Lost love, eternal friendship. Saying goodbye to a lifelong partner. The end of a courageous battle. Delicate yet strong. Supports many emotions, birth to death, joy to sorrow loneliness to friendship, sadness to happiness. Tender, peaceful. Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music
Preview Track Full Track 493330 2:53 Slow

BALLAD IN BLUE   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2012
A classy, romantic, jazz quartet ballad featuring silky smooth trombone lead. Written in the style of a Jazz Standard. Perfect for a romantic scene at a cocktail party, wedding reception, cruise ship, lounge, or anywhere there might be live jazz music. Black tie affair, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Instrumental, Jazz, Lounge Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 550938 4:17 Slow

BONE CRUNCH BLUES   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2010
A dirty, down home but contemporary blues featuring plunger "wa-wa" trombone. The music bed has a hint of urban feel too. Would work well in a New Orleans, Memphis or Chicago night club or street scene. A nice mixture of classic blues and the street city, deep south etc. Portrays confidence, power. Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music
Preview Track Full Track 446528 1:37 Med Slow

O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL (BRASS CHOIR)   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
A traditional arrangement of the Christmas classic O Come All Ye Faithful (also known as Adeste Fidelis) performed by a low brass quintet. Four trombones and tuba make for a rich, mellow sound. Great for a Salvation Army Band scene, church scene, shopping mall, elevator, Christmas party. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Ensemble
Preview Track Full Track 620774 1:47 Med Slow

A TRIP DOWN ACID LANE   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2011
A hypnotic, urban, psychedelic instrumental that features a ghostly mellotron flute melody. Odd 7/4 meter creates a floating feel that emphasizes the contrast of a current urban trip hop beat with the retro 70's mellotron. Street scene, travel, Sci-Fi, rave, dream scene, drug use, acid trip, freaky, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Trip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 455441 3:09 Med Slow

O HOLY NIGHT   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 1847
A beautiful rendition of this Christmas classic featuring piano and vibraphone. Extra emotion and drama created by slight rhythmic liberties in the melody. Perfect to close holiday episode of a TV drama like Grey's Anatomy, House. Ideal cue while showing how each character is spending Christmas Eve, Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Acoustic
Preview Track Full Track 447182 2:38 Slow

PLEADING THE FOURTH - BED   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2012
Drama television show music. Slow build up to an exciting, pulsating action groove. Excellent for television, commercials, or movies. Law and Order, SVU, Criminal Intent, NCIS, 24. Contemporary vibe underscores up to date with today's modern markets. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Ambient
Preview Track Bed 521168 2:59 Medium

LO, HOW A ROSE E'ER BLOOMING   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2013
A rich, regal performance of this somewhat obscure but well loved Christmas Carol. Performed by a low brass choir, it provides rich texture well out of the way of dialog. Perfect for a church scene, Christmas shopping, A Christmas Carol. Religious gatherings, scene that has a Salvation Army band, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Ensemble
Preview Track Full Track 622905 1:55 Med Slow

HAPPY DAYS SHUFFLE   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2012
1950's Rock and Roll! Happy Days. Skating Party, Guitars, Farfisa organ lead and big time fun! Cruising main street, the twist, letter jacket, poodle skirt, sock hop. Going steady, being pinned, homecoming. Great period track. Nostalgic Fats Domino, Chubby Checker Fonzie The Fonz Laverne and Shirle, Instrumental, Rock, 50s Rock
Preview Track Full Track 540001 1:47 Medium

SILENT NIGHT - BRASS (NO CHIMES)   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2012
A beautiful version of Silent Night. Performed by four trombones and tuba, it provides a rich, heartwarming sound that only low brass instruments can achieve. It would work especially well in a film or TV scene that has a Salvation Army or other brass ensemble performing Christmas Carols. Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Acoustic
Preview Track Variation (No Chimes) 563515 1:52 Med Slow

HOT MIAMI NIGHTS   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2012
A burning hot salsa arrangement! Latin jazz music at it's best. Dancing With The Stars. Melody played by Puerto Rican Cuatro Acoustic Guitar. Killer real Salsa band! Tito Puente look out. Travel to Latin America, Puerto Rico, Miami, Brazil New York, Instrumental, Tropical, Salsa
Preview Track Full Track 525052 3:28 Very Fast

ROLLERAMA   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2012
1950's Rock and Roll! Happy Days. Skating Party, Guitars, Farfisa organ lead and big time fun! Cruising main street, the twist, letter jacket, poodle skirt, sock hop. Going steady, being pinned, homecoming. Great period track. Nostalgic Fats Domino, Chubby Checker Fonzie The Fonz Laverne and Shirley, Instrumental, Rock, 50s Rock
Preview Track Full Track 540002 1:32 Medium

SUCCESS GUARANTEED   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2011
The title says it! Driving electronica with rock and orchestral elements ala Trans Siberian Orchestra. Great for corporate presentations, commercials, Informercials, Background Music, TV Ads & Themes. Encouraging & Uplifting. Starts low and builds and builds and builds! Instrumental, Corporate, Corp. New Age Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 492856 1:53 Medium

HOLIDAY OPENER (O CHRISTMAS TREE)   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2011
Great opener for a holiday show or pageant. Think the opening scene for the Glee holiday show. Starts on a driving drum beat with chimes. A light synth melody enters with hints of an orchestra. Then full orchestra enters with the driving drums still pulsing. Last note perfect for a blackout! Dance. Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Dance & Remix
Preview Track Full Track 493239 2:45 Medium

EVIL LURKING   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2011
Azkaban, Imminent death, intense fear, ghosts demons are among us. There is no escape. Evil forces are here. Satanic ritual effects bed. The Grim Reaper is near. Dark damp dungeon, torture chamber, Gollum's cave. Ghost hunters, Sixth Sense, Horror, Witchcraft, sorcery, dark magic, voodoo rituals, Instrumental, Horror, Horror Ambience
Preview Track Full Track 490201 2:06 No Tempo

A REASONABLE GROOVE   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2010
Smooth jazz groove piece with an urban flavor thanks to the sound of vinyl in the mix. Features solo trombone that morphs into a distorted, almost electric guitar sound. Great for a street scene, urban upscale lounge or nightclub, adult love scene. Portrays the contemporary sophistication. Instrumental, Jazz, Acid Jazz
Preview Track Full Track (Full Version) 446523 2:35 Med Slow
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