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Ted Hamer

Home: Los Angeles, California US

Los Angeles Composer Ted Hamer creates music for film, theater, documentaries, new media, and infomercials. Starting his musical career as an accompanist and musical director for various singers, groups and instrumentalists, Ted has been fortunate to work as both an arranger and composer, giving him a great opportunity to produce a stylistic catalog of diverse musical genres ranging from Jazz, Trance and Orchestral, to Atmospheric and Trip Hop. Ted's instrumental compositions are often praised for their enchanting melodic content and diverse range of styles.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Ted Hamer
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ALL RHODES LEAD   (by Ted Hamer )  Composed: 2010
Jazzy acid house style dance track with cool dueling lead parts on a Rhodes. Brass section riff drives the pace while the electronic bass keeps it all together. Great track for high energy mood with a funky swing. Could be used as background club music, workout music. Instrumental, Dance Music, Acid House
Preview Track Full Track 452634 4:17 Med Fast

BIG BEAT   (by Ted Hamer )  Composed: 2010
cool summer big beat cruizin music relaxed trance like lead great for night club or open top car driving through beach town, Instrumental, Electronic Music, Breakbeat
Preview Track Full Track 452779 2:32 Medium

DEEP HOUSE   (by Ted Hamer )  Composed: 2010
moody deep house track great for club scene with menacing undertones pulsing bass line trance like lead with atmospheric pad sweeps european house feel, Instrumental, Dance Music, Deep House
Preview Track Full Track 455555 2:33 Med Fast

DIGITAL TRIP   (by Ted Hamer )  Composed: 2010
Trip Hop style dance beat with strong bass, sweeping pads and digital confusion, cool laid back groove great for creating a chilled environment in any medium, Instrumental, Dance Music, Experimental
Preview Track Full Track 443247 2:53 Medium

GABBA BABBLE   (by Ted Hamer )  Composed: 2011
Gabba style hardcore beats mixed in with rhythmic mid riffs and deep bass. Journeys through different beats with sudden interrupted dissonant electro elements. Uses wide stereo elements throughout. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Breakbeat
Preview Track Full Track 455562 2:02 Medium

GTR CHILL   (by Ted Hamer )  Composed: 2011
Beautiful acoustic guitar riff repeats throughout with laid back beats. contrasting with harsh tonal synth lead providing melodic breaks. uplifting and motivational in a relaxed chilled out way mixing acoustic and electronic elements. Great for background and documentary. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate New Age Electronic Music
Preview Track Full Track 465309 2:44 Med Slow

HIP HOPPING   (by Ted Hamer )  Composed: 2011
Strong Hip Hop beats with tweaked orchestral stabs and dissorientating synth leads fusing into smooth sexy deep house style middle section. Cool instrumental track for background club/strip club music. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Electro Hop
Preview Track Full Track 465310 1:43 Med Slow

IBIZA SUNSET   (by Ted Hamer )  Composed: 2011
Ibiza chill out time, beautiful melodic dance tune with atmospheric sweeping pads and groove driving organ riffs great tune for winding down club night watching the sun set over beautiful beaches great for documentary or night club slight melancholy fused with inspiration and drive. Instrumental, Dance Music, Balearic Beat
Preview Track Full Track 465311 3:21 Med Fast

JAZZ DANCE   (by Ted Hamer )  Composed: 2010
fresh original house music with great jazz flavor, driving electro pulse, acoustic bass, horn section, percussion solo and piano solo. latin feel with haunting trumpet melodies. Cool driving music club environment montage piece workout music great strong dance pulse. Instrumental, Dance Music, House music
Preview Track Full Track 443245 4:18 Medium

SNOOPIN' AROUND   (by Ted Hamer )  Composed: 2011
Instrumental hip hop mid 90's Snoop/West coast track great for background night club or strip club. Common recognizable production elements used from that genre make this a great "sounds like" background track. Instrumental, Sound-Alikes Music, Snoop Dogg Soundalikes
Preview Track Full Track 465312 2:05 Med Slow

STATE OF TRANCE   (by Ted Hamer )  Composed: 2011
Melodic Trance tune with build ups and drop outs great for nightclub scenes or intense energy workouts. European style trance influences, simple repeating melodies with sweeping pads and droning basslines. Instrumental, Dance Music, Hard Trance
Preview Track Full Track 465313 3:14 Fast

TRANCE PIPE   (by Ted Hamer )  Composed: 2011
Quirky trance dance track staccato leads with pulsing mids and driving bass. big build ups and drop outs with ethereal pads makes it both exciting and trancy, great for background club rave music and workout videos. Instrumental, Dance Music, Trance
Preview Track Full Track 465314 3:15 Fast
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Artist Keywords: Jazz Electronic Orchestral Atmospheric Dance Childrens Stingers Idents Melodic percussive Piano Sweeping Sad Happy Uplifting Techno Jazzy

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