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Tony Sway

Home: California US

Tony Sway is a singer, songwriter, and producer currently based in California. He has produced Hip Hop tracks for Latin-Pop icon Frankie J's "Finish What We Started" and "Courage" albums, and also for P Diddy's son Quincy Brown for his debut single and music video "Words From Me." Tony also was singer, songwriter, and producer on Rnb Smoove's "Luv U Better" and his own recent album "My Confessions." With influences like Prince and Al B Sure, his sexy beats and great vocal harmonies have received a huge buzz online and around the world!

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Tony Sway
Hip Hop | Pop | RnB | Themes |

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CAN WE MAKE LOVE   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
Old school feel track,kinda similar to the group(Ready for the world), Instrumental, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track (instruemental) 404900 3:48 Medium

CRIES ALONE   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
Meaningful song from Tony Sway's album, My Confessions, touching on single mothers and other issues in the world. Sad, soulful lyrics with beautiful, uplifting male vocal harmonies, piano backup. Universal themes, urban problems, raising children without fathers. Adult drama, sound track, trailer. Male Vocals, RnB, Soul music
Preview Track Full Track 404901 4:02 Med Slow

DADDY'S HOME REMIX   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
Spin off of Usher hit song Daddy's Home. Sweet Tender Romantic, great for romantic drama, innercity scenes, late night club setting. Boy meets Girl, any Spike Lee film, or a Tyler Perry sitcome. Instrumental, RnB, RnB Pop
Preview Track Full Track (instruemental) 404903 4:10 Med Fast

DANCE   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
This beat has a Timbaland meets Prince type vibe. Dance, Feeling Good, Sex, Sexy / Hot, Summer. Cool and mellow, great for late night urban scenes, big city love affair... Club Lounge Wine Bar... Instrumental, Pop, Pop Groove
Preview Track Full Track (instruemental) 404895 4:14 Medium

DO YOU WANT ME   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
Very smooth track with a Robin Thicke vibe or even Sade. Elegant, sweet, romantic and sexy. Innercity themes, light romance, late night club scene, 20-something chillout music. Nice for slow dancing, making love, satin sheets, candlelight, special lady in your arms. Happy, tender, loving, caring. Instrumental, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track (instruemental) 404888 4:10 Slow

DRIVE ME CRAZY   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
Prince like ballad,with smooth guitar riff,and nice pads and strings, Instrumental, Pop, Pop Ballad
Preview Track Full Track (instruemental) 404925 4:06 Medium

EVERYTIME   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
Very sexy song,take you back into the(Prince) purple rain sound! Male Vocals, RnB, Neo-Soul
Preview Track Full Track 404892 4:39 Slow

FALL IN LOVE   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
sultry track,with big futuristic sounds,similar to Prince and Bobby Valentino, Instrumental, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track 404897 4:04 Medium

FALLING AGAIN   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
up tempo rnb ballad similar to (Mario)let me love you, Instrumental, RnB, RnB Pop
Preview Track Full Track (instruemental) 404896 4:07 Medium

HUSH   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
Smooth and sexy instrumental, Instrumental, RnB, Neo-Soul
Preview Track Full Track (instruemental) 404899 3:59 Medium

LOVE SONG   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2013
Instrumental, Themes, Theme Music (pending)
Preview Track Full Track 608490 3:47 Med Slow

MODEL FOR ME BY TONY SWAY   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2013
Up tempo rnb/pop track with Usher/Robin Thicke soulful feel. Harmonies similar to Michael Jackson, and a cathy guitar groove! Male Vocals, RnB, RnB Pop
Preview Track Full Track 621170 3:59 Medium

NEEDING YOU   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
mid tempo rnb banger, Instrumental, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track (instruemental) 404926 3:27 Med Slow

PURE FIRE   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
New style called (RocknB) its a mixture of harder rock sounds mixed with soft chords more popular in R&B music, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Alternative Rap
Preview Track Full Track (instruemental) 404911 4:32 Slow

SHE'S RIGHT HERE   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
souldful ballad,similar to a Jon B type feel, Male Vocals, RnB, Quiet Storm
Preview Track Full Track 404902 3:20 Med Fast

SUPERSTAR   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
Superstar is a mixture of Prince and Michael Jackson soundalike type track combining for a trip to back to when R&B was all about feel good music. Lively, exciting, fun, dancing and funky track, vocally very similar to top artists of the 80's, with a sound that fits right in the era. Male Vocals, RnB, Smooth Soul
Preview Track Full Track 404889 3:43 Med Slow

TAKE YOU HOME   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
Take U Home brings you into the Marvin Gaye or Al B Sure era, where the song was all about smooth talking the ladies with beautiful chords and lush pad melodies backing up the vocals just right! Lush harmonies, velvet male vocal harmonies, romantic and sexy, dreamy, flirtatious, erotic, soulful. Male Vocals, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track 404887 3:54 Medium

TAKE YOU HOME(INSTRUEMENTAL)   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
smooth instrumental ,lush pads sounds and edgy synths,similar to Prince, Instrumental, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track 404893 4:16 Medium

TEMPTED TO TOUCH   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
(Tempted To Touch) is and up tempo feel good groove,similar to(remember the time) by Michael Jackson), Male Vocals, RnB, RnB Pop
Preview Track Full Track 404898 3:29 Medium

TOUCH YOU   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
(Touch You) is a very sexy track,the sound is similar to artists like(Robin Thicke), Male Vocals, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track 404891 3:57 Medium

WHAT YOU DO TO ME   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2010
Smooth track,similar to Al B Sure or even Boyz ii Men, Male Vocals, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track 404890 3:36 Med Slow

YOUR LIPS (ARE ON MY MIND)   (by Tony Sway )  Composed: 2013
Smooth rnb record, similar to Prince, Robin Thicke, Jon B and artists of that style! Male Vocals, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track 609657 3:49 Slow
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Artist Keywords: r&b,urban,hiphop,prince,maxwell,alb sure,babyface,sade

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