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Gus Caveda

Home: Florida US

Currently based in Florida, Gus Caveda has been a songwriter and producer working in the music industry for over 25 years. He has written music for independent artists as well as for many different Film and TV projects. Gus also produced several remixes, including the 2006 Finland's Eurovision winner "Why" by Geir Ronning. His music has been featured in "The Voice" on NBC, "Pawn Stars" and "American Pickers" on the History Channel, and other shows on the CW Network, ABC Kids, TLC, Bravo, and Sports Center, just to name a few.

As a member of BMI since 1985, Gus Caveda has been writing and producing music in many different genres. In 1986, together with three other local musicians, he helped establish the freestyle music group called "Erotic Exotic." The band was signed in 1987 to Atlantic Records and released several successful dance singles.

During 1991, Gus toured with Epic recording artist Nuclear Valdez. After a year of performing live, he aimed his sights on writing for other artists. Gus has produced several independent artists ranging in styles from Rock to Christian Country Music.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Gus Caveda
Blues | Cartoon | Childrens | Christmas | Corporate | Country | Dance | Dangerous | Dramatic | Electronic | Folk | Hip Hop | Indie Rock | Jazz | Latin | Middle East | New Age | Pop | Reggae | Reggaeton | RnB | Rock | Sports | Tropical |

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HOLIDAY WONDERS   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2008
Traditional holiday music featuring sleigh bells and Christmas orchestration, fun trumpets, strings. The catchy melody repeats with different instruments taking the lead at different times. Great for mall scenes and capturing that holiday spirit. Families, kids, shopping, joyful celebrations, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Ensemble
Preview Track Full Track 366928 2:03 Medium

CHRISTMAS DANCE   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
A different approach to the traditional Christmas music. Fun song with bouncy, swinging dance & house beats with traditional sleigh bells and other joyful instrumentation. A catchy melody & spacious pads makes this tune great for holiday scenes. Families & kids playing games, hiding toys & presents, Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Dance & Remix
Preview Track Full Track 366929 3:12 Fast

ACOUSTIC FLOW 2   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
A solo acoustic guitar song featuring soft picking. Works great for outdoor and family scenes, rural sweetness. Hiking campfire bird watching renaissance festival. Memorable melody comes in between bridges to create interesting flow. Tender gentle and happy music. Great for family commercial advert, Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr
Preview Track Full Track 413515 1:37 Med Slow

ACOUSTIC HEAVEN   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
Soft solo acoustic guitar piece with a very mellow feel. A memorable melody repeats throughout the song creating a tender, relaxing theme. Great for sensitive or touching scenes. Lost love, found love or holiday remembrance. Tender, sensitive atmospheric feel. Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr
Preview Track Full Track 412293 2:11 Slow

ACOUSTICA   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
An uplifting New Age instrumental featuring acoustic guitars and pianos. The song contains a sweet melody in the intro and grows along as other instruments join in. Very natural sounding. Great for outdoor scenes or a hometown reunion. Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr
Preview Track Full Track 412294 2:04 Slow

AGE OF LEXICON   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
Soft, piano based instrumental song featuring a recurring memorable melody. The song starts out with a solo piano and builds into a full band creating a bold, fresh New Age feel. Great for motivational presentations and romantic scene. Instrumental, New Age, New Age Acoustic
Preview Track Full Track 366919 3:30 Medium

AGE OF LOVE   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
A soft romantic new age instrumental song featuring a gentle drum groove and sexy synthesizer leads and bells. Perfectly as background to romantic scenes allowing for easy dialog. Nice piano build up in the middle. Falling in love, getting engaged, candlelight evening making love. Instrumental, New Age, New Age Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 413519 3:56 Slow

AUDUBON GROOVE   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
Groove oriented dance & electronica music with funky wah wah guitar, keyboard hooks and modulations. Urban themes, crime in progress, CSI lab. Powerful but playful, street smart, youthful adventures, bar, lounge, alley fights, hot cars, gang wars. Swaggering bling pimp city teens hooking up, drugs, Instrumental, Electronic, Breakbeat
Preview Track Full Track 372473 3:35 Med Fast

BACKWOODS   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
Fun, country guitar jam. Barn dance, toe-tapping hoe-down featuring several acoustic & slide guitars. Quirky, catchy tune, memorable melody line that separates each guitar's solo. Appealing hilarious wholesome friendly upbeat folksy refreshing uplifting country store. Weather rural sitcom backwoods, Instrumental, Country, Bluegrass
Preview Track Full Track 412295 1:42 Med Fast

BLUES IN YA   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
Lonely Blues instrumental featuring various electric guitars and organ. The song has a traditional bluesy feel that fits any hardcore bar scene. Very spacious production allows this song to sit comfortably where there is a lot of dialog. Instrumental, Blues, Modern Electric Blues
Preview Track Full Track 413516 3:18 Slow

BORALIS WAS HERE   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
A hard, funky dance instrumental song featuring very catchy melodic riffs. This song starts off with a catchy yet a bit haunting melody line then continues to grow through out with various other melodic hooks. Great for party scenes dancing or runway fashion presentations. Instrumental, Electronic, Breakbeat
Preview Track Full Track 412296 4:37 Med Fast

ACOUSTIC COUNTRY   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
Solo acoustic guitar song featuring catchy melody. Laid back country feel works well with nature scenes or family outings. Soft picking is entertaining with different bridges. Tender gentle and happy music. Great for family commercial advert. Reaching out, long distance friendships, happy home. Instrumental, Country, CCM
Preview Track Full Track 413509 1:47 Med Slow

CURE IN THE ITCH   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
A heavy modern rock guitars and drums instrumental song featuring strong guitar riffs. The song starts straight off with an "in your face" melodic hook then modulates to softer moods to create cool dynamics. Let your hair loose, headband dancing fist pumping energy. Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock
Preview Track Full Track 413518 3:14 Fast

EL SALSON   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
Upbeat Salsa music with very catchy melodies played by harmonic horn section. Song has a Mambo feel but with heavy Salsa piano riffs. Great for tropical club scene. Margaritas and mojitos with a touch of class. Lots of trumpets. Instrumental, Tropical, Mambo
Preview Track Full Track 419809 2:30 Med Slow

ELECTRONICREAM   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
A fast, energetic instrumental house song featuring hot beats with fat bass sounds and synthesizers. Song has a great club feel with a hypnotic lead keyboard sections. Middle section drops to a beautiful flowing string pads then grows back to it's energetic chorus. Instrumental, Dance, House music
Preview Track Full Track 366920 4:06 Fast

FLAM ROCK   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
Modern Rock instrumental featuring upbeat guitar melodies and aggressive beat through-out. Song starts off with a gentle guitar then explodes into full rocked out jam with a repeating melodic guitar riff. Party, fist pounding fun song that will work great for any energetic scene. Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock
Preview Track Full Track 368871 3:30 Med Fast

GROOVE IN THE CHEMISTRY   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
Mysterious dance instrumental with hypnotic techno groove. Song features a soft intro that quickly pumps up with a hard edge drum beat and live bass. Hard, techno sounds with electronic voices. Great for fashion, action or crime scenes. Instrumental, Dance, Hard House
Preview Track Full Track 412297 4:21 Medium

GROOVE MIST   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
A mysterious, yet grooving instrumental with many electronic elements. The song creates an edgy youthful vibe while remaining upbeat. Works great for driving scenes, buddy movie, CSI ambient lab, or fashion runway. Various drum-breaks throughout the song provide nice dynamics. Getting high, cruising, Instrumental, Dance, Hip House
Preview Track Full Track 428235 2:43 Medium

A NEW AGE   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
Smooth, groove oriented new age instrumental. This song features soft piano and synthesizer pads that underlay a romantic feel. Very gentle melodies that don't get in the way of any dialog. A very sexy piece great for love scenes, romantic drama, new romance. Sensual lighthearted and sweet. Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr
Preview Track Full Track 366915 4:44 Slow

HIP ROCK   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
A combination of Hip Hop beats with rock guitars. This instrumental song features very catchy, funky riffs with underlying turntable scratches and other effects. The middle sections compliments the piece by dropping down with a slide guitar. Great for cruising, radio, club scenes. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Rock
Preview Track Full Track 426260 3:01 Med Slow

JAZZ RUNNER   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
A cool jazz song featuring a simple jazz combo orchestration with Piano, Drums and upright bass. This is a smooth, relaxing piece with a hypnotic feel. Te song also features some smooth marimbas that adds some versatility to the whole piece. Cigar bar, lounge walking bass. Instrumental, Jazz, Swing Ensembles
Preview Track Full Track 420551 1:54 Medium

MACHINE GUNNER   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
This is a powerful rock instrumental song featuring driving guitars. Song starts off with a James Bond type feel and quickly grows into a head-banging full ensemble. Song is great for car chase scene, or scenes with quick edits. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock
Preview Track Full Track 412298 2:26 Fast

METAL IN NATURE   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2008
A heavy guitar based, head-banging instrumental featuring driving drums and bass line with melodic guitar riffs. Songs starts right off with a powerful introduction then moves into various rhythmic variations which help it maintain an interesting vibe though out. Great for action or sports scenes. Instrumental, Rock, Heavy Metal
Preview Track Full Track 366924 2:28 Very Fast

MORNING SUNSHINE   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
A fun, sweet instrumental song featuring catchy, melodic bells. Song has a very happy vibe that works great for uplifting or positive commercials. Middle section slows down to a very friendly piano section. Very sunny in nature. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop
Preview Track Full Track 428156 1:42 Med Slow

MYSTERIO   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
An instrumental song which features a haunting keyboard and electronic sounds. The middle section opens up to a suspenseful build-up then slowly comes back down to the haunting melody line. Great crime scenes and suspense. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music
Preview Track Full Track 413520 3:12 Slow

PIANO BLENDS   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
Soft new age piano instrumental song featuring a gentle yet uplifting acoustic piano with a recurring melody line. The song slowly raises to a climatic middle with light strings section before coming back down to the solo piano. Great meditation, and love scenes. Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr
Preview Track Full Track 413525 2:31 Very Slow

PIANO BOUNCE   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
A bouncy pop piano instrumental with a fun pop rock feel. Very melodic and catchy hooks throughout. Playful campy uplifting joyful & sweet. Great soundscape to show friendship & fun times. Sitcom opening theme song, romcom sweetness. Enjoying coffee, morning papers, whimsical for families & kids, Instrumental, Pop, Soft Pop
Preview Track Full Track 378963 2:03 Medium

POP GUITARIST   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
An upbeat and inspirational pop rock instrumental song featuring rock elements with joyful melodies and uplifting guitar hooks. Great for a main theme for TV or infomercial. Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Full Track 378974 2:46 Medium

POP ROCKS   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
A catchy pop rock instrumental in the vein of the Foo-Fighters, Blink 182. The song features a very catchy guitar hook as the main theme, then drops down to a subdue, yet driving sections perfect for sitting under dialog. Song then climbs back again. Great for commercials and TV themes. Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Full Track 424672 2:40 Medium

REGGAE MOVES   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
A fun, happy instrumental Reggae song with an Island feel. Features marimba and vibraphone with synth flute that carries soothing melodies. Great for tropical scenes, cruise, beachwear, swimsuits, volleyball at the beach. Island romance honeymoon, falling in love. Sunny skies happiness families kids, Instrumental, Reggae, Reggae-Pop
Preview Track Full Track 434338 3:08 Med Slow

ROCK BABY   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
Headbanging, punk rock instrumental song. This song features interesting sythn keyboards which adds a touch of a more alternative sound while still maintaining the punk rock agnst. Instrumental, Indie Rock, Punk
Preview Track Full Track 366927 2:41 Very Fast

RUFF ENOUGH   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
A hard hitting pop, dance song featuring lots of catchy melodies performed with different keyboards and synthesizers. High energy, butt-shaking dance grooves keep this song interesting throughout. Great for club or high impact presentations, Instrumental, Electronic, Breakbeat
Preview Track Full Track 368879 4:49 Fast

TECHNO SLAVE   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
Haunting Techno instrumental song featuring mysterious synthesizers and keyboards that builds up into a fast house & techno beat. Middle section falls into a modulating hypnotic vibe. A high spirited dance song fits great in any club or fashion scene. Instrumental, Dance, Techno
Preview Track Full Track 366921 4:07 Med Fast

THE CUBAN   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
Fun salsa instrumental song featuring catchy and melodic horn section with very danceable percussion sections. Songs starts right off with very catchy themed melody, then works down to a grooving salsa beat. Great for scene looking for a little Latin flavor. Instrumental, Latin, Conjunto
Preview Track Full Track 420550 2:25 Med Slow

TROPICANA   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
A tropical Latin salsa song featuring powerful brass section with catchy piano riffs and powerful brass sections. Song is lively featuring a cool timbales jam in the middle section. An Urban- Latin feel fast paced with several dropped out sections that fit perfectly under dialog. Instrumental, Latin, Pachanga
Preview Track Full Track 435865 4:02 Medium

UNDERTOW   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2010
An alternative pop rock song featuring melodic guitars. This instrumental song has a nice bed for easily adding dialog on top. Positive, uplifting modern pop rock feel. Fits in just about any scene or presentation needing a little lift. Instrumental, Pop, Alt Pop
Preview Track Full Track 420592 2:36 Medium

YOU DANCE AT MY HOUSE   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2009
A high energy dance, house mix featuring very catchy hooks throughout. Song also features drops that blend nicely with dialog. The dance groove keeps the atmosphere moving while the various chant and modulation keeps it all bond together tightly. Song works great for fashion runways and discos. Instrumental, Dance, House music
Preview Track Full Track 413526 3:04 Med Fast

ABSTRACTIONS   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2013
A mysterious electronic, ambient instrumental track featuring catchy keyboard parts and grooving beats. Mid section grows into a strong melodic chorus with modulating synths. Instrumental, Electronic, Electropop
Preview Track Full Track 607537 4:10 Med Slow

ABWUN   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2012
A hypnotic hybrid of hip hop beats with Aramaic chants. The song features a dynamic feel that combines western and Middle Eastern elements including melodic synthesizers and keyboards. Great for mystery and dramatic scenes, crime solving, flashbacks, world events, Vocal Pads, Middle East, Middle-East
Preview Track Full Track 535098 3:55 Med Slow

ACOUSTIC GLOW   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2012
A soft solo acoustic guitar cue featuring mellow, relaxing melody. Great for nature or travel scenes. Romantic, slow with a caring feel. Country, family outings, travel show. Instrumental, New Age, Solos (Strings)
Preview Track Full Track 532063 2:03 Slow

ACOUSTIC WONDERLAND   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2012
An uplifting Holiday instrumental song featuring acoustic guitar and drums with very melodic bells and smooth strigs. Great for the winter holiday scenes, family get together. Contains a Country and folk music flare. Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Acoustic
Preview Track Full Track 554783 2:19 Med Slow

ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL DAY   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2012
A fun, uptempo instrumental Pop song featuring catchy melodic bells and acoustic guitars. Family fun and innocence. Active, outdoors morning breakfast. Joyful attitude with a very positive feel. Instrumental, Pop, Tween Pop
Preview Track Full Track 545160 3:16 Med Slow

ATMOS   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2012
Mysterious electronic instrumental featuring haunting drone in the beginning and beautiful synth melodies through out. Includes tender piano solo with accompanying cello to create a sense of desire. Great for crime scene, horror or as theme music. Instrumental, Dramatic, Electronic Music
Preview Track Full Track 543108 3:08 Medium

AWAKENED   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2014
An uplifting post rock instrumental track featuring alluring guitar parts with driving drums and bass. Inspirational and motivational. In the style of groups like U2, Coldplay and Snow Patrol. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Rock Guitar
Preview Track Full Track 700576 2:04 Medium

AWAKENED- NO LEADS   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2014
n uplifting post rock instrumental track featuring alluring guitar parts with driving drums and bass. Inspirational and motivational. In the style of groups like U2, Coldplay and Snow Patrol. Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Bed (No Lead Insturments) 700577 1:55 Medium

BACK TO THE HOOD   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2014
A bass heavy instrumental hip hop track. Features a catchy whistle hook with accompaning hard beats and electronic elements. Great for bouncy Urban scene. Street- wise and melodic. Instrumental, Electronic, Electro Hop
Preview Track Full Track 672828 1:49 Med Slow

BADLANDS   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2013
A bump and grind hip hop instrumental track featuring electronic elements with a hybrid of strings. West Coast Hip Hop feel which works great for scenes requiring a mysterious hard edge atmosphere. Dark, sinister yet alluring. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Dramatic Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 610973 2:46 Med Slow

BAILANDO REGGAETON   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2011
A fun, sassy Reggaeton song with elements of salsa and techno synth. Features very catchy Latin piano with a driving Reggaeton beat energetic breakdown in the middle. Great for club or urban, Latin scene. Dancing in the streets, carefree, Instrumental, Reggaeton, Salsaton
Preview Track Full Track 487361 3:17 Med Slow

BAILANDO RICO   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2013
A fun uptempo Reggaeton instrumental track in the style of Don Omar and Daddy Yankee. Features a strong straight forward Reggaeton beat with a catchy accordion melody. Catchy and infectious feel works great for Latin party nights. Instrumental, Reggaeton, Reggaeton Instrumentals
Preview Track Full Track 614079 2:35 Medium

BEST THING MADE   (by Gus Caveda )  Composed: 2012
A fun, quirky Pop song featuring a catchy voice chants and keyboard hooks. Uplifting guitars and drums keep it energetic. Great for TV show themes or reality TV. Cartoons, afternoon fun. Instrumental, Pop, Teen Pop. This Track Licensable Exclusively At This Web Site!
Preview Track Full Track 527017 2:52 Very Fast
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