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Richie Milton

Home: London, UK

Having recorded music since the 70's, London musician and composer Richie Milton wrote for the legendary Reggae label Trojan Records and Glam-Pop label "Bell," and his work has been covered by Blues and Soul artists right up to the present day. Richie's catalog spans numerous genres like RnB, Country, Soul, Jazz, Rock'n'Roll, Folk, and Pop -- all performed in his own distinctive style, bringing an original and unique flavor to Film, TV, and any production needing an infusion of hot-smokin' high-energy Blues, Soul and Reggae music!

Richie Milton's songs have been covered by Soul artists Ruby Turner, Freddie Mack, Paul Cox, Lieta Rae, The Atlantics, and The Lo-Lites. Blues artists Bill Farrow, Otis Grand, The London Apaches, Jackie Loren, Dr. Ika, and Sugar Ray Norcia. Reggae artists like The Pioneers, Eugene Paul, Judge Dread, George Dekker, King Kong, and Jackie Robinson. His songs have also been recorded in Nashville by Country artists and in London by Brit Rock bands. Through Audiosparx, his tracks have been used for feature fims, video games, corporate videos, and stage productions. Constantly creative, Richie Milton can always offer a different musical slant on any scene or situation.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Richie Milton
African | Americana | Blues | Christmas | Corporate | Country | Folk | Jazz | Latin | Pop | Reggae | RnB | Rock | Soundalikes | Tropical | World Fusion |

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KEEP MY ENGINE CLEAN   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 1999
Rockin' zydeco style with accordion and riffin' sax. Down in the Bayou, havin' fun, dancing, driving but not putting it about! Good times! Bon Ton Roulet! Also suit on the road and chase scenes set in the south. Male Vocals, Americana, Cajun Zydeco
Preview Track Full Track 366529 2:23 Fast

MY CONFESSION   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 1964
Dramatic doo-wop with pleading chorus and heartfelt spoken verses (slightly tongue in cheek) in a late fifties style. He's so sorry and begging for forgiveness. Very suitable for any break-up scene where the guy wants to get back with his girl. Male Vocals, RnB, Doo-Wop
Preview Track Full Track 364362 4:57 Slow

FOREVER IN MIND   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
If you love somebody they are always on your mind. Thats what this song is all about. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing they"re forever in mind. Suitable for a Valentines Day situation or being away from home. Prominent piano figure and horn arrangement in a Van Morrison Style. Male Vocals, Soundalikes, Van Morrison
Preview Track Full Track 429408 4:27 Med Slow

CALL ANNIE   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2009
Rock'n'Roll in a Larry Williams/ Little Richard 50's style. Riffin' saxes, pounding piano,frantic vocal and honkin' sax solo. Great for "jivers at the hop", "hot rods" or 'Roadhouse" scenes, Male Vocals, RnB, New Orleans RnB
Preview Track Full Track 370103 3:11 Fast

LIFE IS STRANGE   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2008
Muted trumpet and hammond organ start this 50's style atmospheric jazz/blues/song. Then a female vocal in a torch song mode completes this late night New York vibe in a 1950's track. Sexy, smoky bar or lounge, mellow romantic scenes, tough love, hotel piano bar, film-noir, mellow laid back vibe. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals
Preview Track Full Track 364356 5:37 Very Slow

EVERYBODY SANG THE BLUES   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
Why did people sing the blues? Here's a few examples cited in this track. Featuring downhome acoustic blues guitar, stand-up bass, drums and wailing harmonica. Late 50's down-home boogie blues. Everybody sang the blues that night! Male Vocals, Blues, Harmonica Blues
Preview Track Full Track 432387 5:15 Med Fast

T.O.K.Y.O BLUES   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
Hypnotic rhythmic blues riff played on acoustic guitars, harmonica, bass and percussion back up this autobiographical male vocal lyric mentioning New Orleans, London and Tokyo. Late 50's Howlin' Wolf style with shades of Tom Waits with a skiffle style. Imaginative use of cowbell and finger cymbals. Male Vocals, Soundalikes, Tom Waits
Preview Track Full Track 433286 4:27 Med Slow

IF LOVE IS A CRIME   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2004
Lovely ole soul style in a shaggin groove with horn section and a great lyric. Traditional soul style but with Van Morrison influence. Lyric states "If love is a crime, I'd be working on a chain gang". Soulful. Male Vocals, RnB, New Orleans RnB
Preview Track Full Track 364352 2:46 Medium

REACHING FOR DIAMONDS   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2000
Country soul vibe. Song about growing up through hardship with "hope in your heart". Could suit biopic or rites of passage scenarios. Accordion with alto sax give the track a distinctive flavour. Rural and soulful. Mixed Vocals, Country, Country Ballads
Preview Track Full Track 366532 3:42 Slow

GOODBYE SONG   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2004
sax/trpt riff, happy rhythm and a great sing-a-long chorus make this a perfect track for that continental vacation. Would suit travel scenes, cruises, planes, road trips and departures. Also very suitable for end- of- show situations and end credits for tv shows. Mixed Vocals, RnB, Beach
Preview Track Full Track 364363 3:49 Med Fast

WHEN THE DEAL GOES DOWN   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
Old time Americana - almost cowboy! What happens when the best laid plans of mice and men go wrong? What can you do? Acoustic guitars and down-to-earth vocals set the scene for a no win situation where "the only one to blame is you"Perfect for a scene where someone draws a a losing hand. Skiffle. Male Vocals, Americana, Americana. This Track Licensable Exclusively At This Web Site!
Preview Track Full Track 442132 4:01 Medium

SPEECHLESS   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2009
Mardi Gras carnival vibe with catchy brass figure, funky rhythm with "live" feel handclaps and voices. Wonderful Crescent City vibe. Suitable for TV theme or street party scenes. Lively get-down with the rhythm and groove. Super fun travel, New Orleans bluesy party music. Instrumental, RnB, New Orleans RnB
Preview Track Full Track 366537 3:44 Med Fast

BLACKCAT DRIVE(INSRUMENTAL)   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
Teen movie 50's style rock'n'roll horror track with persistant riff, surf guitar, thunderclaps and growling! Could suit Hi-school "scary" movie or T.V. show. Also suitable for Scooby Doo type cartoons and great for Halloween productions and video games. Instrumental, Rock, 50s Rock
Preview Track Variation (instrumental) 379128 3:34 Medium

UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
40's standard style, with acoustic jazz guitar, upright bass, brushes and relaxed vocal. The vocal states "You wont know the meaning of the blues-until it happens to you" And the "it" means losing the best thing you've ever had! Experienced heartbreak casuality speaks to romantic beginner. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals
Preview Track Full Track 432605 3:24 Medium

I WANNA DO IT ALL AGAIN   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2012
Louisiana vocal guitars accordion bass and drums on this mid tempo ballad style track. It's near the end of the party and you've had so much fun you dont wanna go home. Atmospheric and suitable for down home, romantic, nostalgic and juke joint scenes. Male Vocals, Americana, Cajun Zydeco
Preview Track Full Track 566346 2:56 Med Slow

ROBOT MAMA   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2013
Rockin'n'Rollin' 50's Rhythm and Blues. Riffing saxes swinging rhythm and upfront wailing vocal give this track the recipe to suit jiving, dancing, juke joint, 50's, hop and all sorts of retro scenes. The lyric also lends itself to scenes about robots!! Male Vocals, Rock, 50s Rock
Preview Track Full Track 622719 2:43 Medium

RUNNING OUTA DREAMS   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2013
Country blues shuffle with a poignant lyric. Terrific harmonica and rootsy acoustic guitar with double bass and drums make this a great backdrop for scenes of dissolution, disappointment and weariness. Also scenes featuring depressed older people. Male Vocals, Blues, Country Blues
Preview Track Full Track 571019 2:36 Medium

MAY YOU NEVER BE BLUE   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2008
Easy going vibe with a lyric that wishes you all the best in a sentimental style. Bubbling Hammond organ backing on this country song. Would suit departure and friendship scenes. I wrote this song for my mum! Male Vocals, Country, Country Rock
Preview Track Full Track 370329 3:07 Medium

TIP OF MY TONGUE   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 1960
yakety-yak rock'n'roll sax riff with bouncy female vocals make this track ideal for a comedy chase scene. Has a strong Ruth Brown 50's rhythm and blues feel to it perfect for club or hi-school dance scenes of that era. Female Vocals, Rock, 50s Rock
Preview Track Full Track 364359 3:10 Medium

SUCHA LOTTA LOVIN'   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2004
50's rhythm'n'blues style swing. Uptempo shuffle beat, horn section, and female vocal. Would suit jive/swing/lindy hop dance scene. Big horn section, rockin beat and sweet vocal make this very suitable for retro scenes. Female Vocals, Jazz, Swing Ensembles
Preview Track Full Track 370108 2:53 Med Fast

HOW COME BABY   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
Blues in a 40's style. Jimmy Rushing with Count Basie vibe but with a wonderful acoustic guitar solo. Lyric "how come baby, dont want my lovin' anymore?" would suit troubled relationship scene. Male Vocals, Jazz, Swing Ensembles
Preview Track Full Track 379141 3:39 Med Slow

JULY IN THE SUNSHINE   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2000
Very relaxed and summery. Male vocal with breathy tenor sax, vibes and easy going rhythm. Complete with seagull sounds this song is an ideal backdrop for a romantic walk along the coast. Also suitable for productions related to travel, holidays or food. Male Vocals, Jazz, Smooth Jazz Vocals
Preview Track Full Track 370331 3:45 Med Slow

DR. GOODSTUFF   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2004
Extra funky horns and rhythm with female vocal singing a cheeky, suggestive lyric about her man "Dr. Goodsuff " In the style of "The Clean Up Woman" Betty Wright.70's New Orleans funk. Female Vocals, RnB, Southern Soul
Preview Track Full Track 370104 3:59 Med Slow

BRIDGES OF LIFE   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
military drum and mexican trumpets intro this pop/soul song about the stages of life from a child to the final curtain.Interesting rhythmic percussion and featured baritone voice. With explosion sound effect. Male Vocals, Pop, Pop Music
Preview Track Full Track 405202 3:56 Med Slow

ANYTOWN   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
The two acoustic guitars and male vocal lyrics paint a bleak picture of the new immigrant girl wrapped up in the sex industry and wanting to go back home. Very suitable for film or documentry concerned with sex trafficking and prostitution. Not sleazy but heartfelt. Male Vocals, Folk, Folk Singer-Songwriter
Preview Track Full Track 434814 3:36 Med Slow

HAMMERSMITH AND CITY LINE   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
A song about the London Underground trains that run from Hammersmith west London to Barking in the east. Played in a folk/blues/skiffle style with acoustic guitars, impressive harmonica, stand-up bass and percussion. Very suitable for London scenes. Possible cockney connatations. Male Vocals, Folk, Skiffle
Preview Track Full Track 433984 4:12 Med Fast

NO TIME   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2008
ska song with sax,trpt,organ etc.. all about running out of time. Prince Buster/Specials style with an urgent feel and horn solos. Gotta make that deadline! Time is running out. Age awareness! Male Vocals, Reggae, Ska
Preview Track Full Track 370328 3:20 Med Fast

WASSAMATTER COUCH POTATO   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2011
Hey, you're old lady's gone! Now all you do is drink beer and watch TV. Urban funk groove and freaky guitar using voice box make this track a perfect back up for any scenes with guys sitting around watching TV with nothing better to do! Stoned 70's psychedelic soul inna Sly Stone style. Male Vocals, RnB, Psychedelic Soul
Preview Track Full Track 469798 3:42 Medium

CHANGE FOR THE BETTER   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2009
Uplifting, optimistic, spiritual mid-tempo groove with full horn section and female backing vocals. 60's soul feel that would suit a civil rights or any "change for the better" scene. Male Vocals, RnB, Memphis Soul
Preview Track Full Track 370330 3:33 Med Slow

LITTLE STEPS   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2011
Early 70's vibe inna Rolling Stones ballad style. Acoustic guitars, fretless bass and tabla percussion with a Mick Jagger falsetto style vocal. The lyrics suggest a recovery from illneess/injury/heartache/breakdown etc... This track could suit a medical scene or any situation pertaining to recover, Male Vocals, Soundalikes, Rolling Stones
Preview Track Full Track 470642 3:46 Med Slow

DON'T WALK AWAY   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2000
Philly soul ballad style. Sax, horn section, prominent bass line and pleading vocal. Very suitable for a romance break up scene. Walking away. Romantic sadness, guy loses gal, breaking his heart. Sex in the City, lonely doggone blues. Could his dumb mistakes cost him the love of his life? Male Vocals, RnB, Philly Soul
Preview Track Full Track 366538 4:28 Slow

I'M LUCKY   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
philly soul meets gentle reggae groove with vocal group "The Lo-Lites". Catchy upbeat chorus states "I'm Lucky"... to be loved by you! Optimistic vibe with soulful verse. This has a smooth 70's reggae vibe which would make an ideal backdrop to any black London scene set in that time. Male Vocals, Reggae, Lovers Rock
Preview Track Full Track 405198 3:34 Slow

IN THE SADDLE   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
Fun reggae song about horse riding !? with slightly risque "ride, ride, ride" harmony vocal chorus and falsetto lead. Galloping 70's reggae rhythm and whip sound affect. Male Vocals, Reggae, Reggae-Pop
Preview Track Full Track 405200 3:40 Medium

ROMANCE OF THE YEAR   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
pop reggae song, happy and bouncy with "doobie doobie doo" vocal refrain. Would suit any new romance or first date scene. Harmony vocals give this track a comercial feel suitable for ads. Has the smile factor ! Male Vocals, Reggae, Reggae-Pop
Preview Track Full Track 405203 3:11 Medium

FAITHFULLY   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
Big pop ballad with strings and distinctive Jerry Chapman vocal stating "I promise to spend my days with you, faithfully". Could suit wedding bride and groom first dance or engagement. Very romantic, pledging commitment. Perfect for Valentines Day or any other situation expressing comittment. Male Vocals, Pop, Pop Ballad
Preview Track Full Track 410679 3:32 Med Slow

WHATCHA GONNA DO ON SUNDAYS   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
uptempo pop, philly/soul, 70's style. Horns, strings, harmony vocal. Lyric shows romantic concern over what she'll be doing on sundays while he's; in prison? working away? serving in the forces? in hospital?! Perfect for situation where soldier has been posted abroad or somebody serving prison term. Male Vocals, RnB, Philly Soul
Preview Track Full Track 405195 3:57 Medium

MOONLIGHT AT MIDNIGHT   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2000
atmospheric country torch song with breathy tenor sax and vibes and lost and lonely female vocal painting a late night deep south 50's scene. Club, domestic or rural. Young and vulnerable. Female Vocals, Country, Country Pop
Preview Track Full Track 366535 3:58 Med Slow

HEAVENLY MOON   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2004
New Orleans jazz/rhythm n' blues in a Dr John style. Trumpet, sax and rolling piano with a character vocal and female bv's. Lay back and relax, we're in the Big Easy circa 1950-something! And that ole crescent moon is shining down on the crescent city while you look into her big brown eyes! Mixed Vocals, RnB, New Orleans RnB
Preview Track Full Track 364357 4:26 Med Slow

BLACKCAT DRIVE   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
Vampires, werewolves, zombies on this rock n' roll night of the living dead! Ideal for that 50's/60's teen monster/horror movie vibe. Persistant riff, surf guitar and thunder and growling! Perfect for a halloween party. Also suit Scooby Doo type cartoon production. Male Vocals, Rock, 50s Rock
Preview Track Full Track (vocal) 377643 3:34 Medium

BLUESIQUE   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2004
Be-bop vocalese in the style of"Lambert, Hendricks and Ross"make this very suitable for late 50's beat generation scenes. Sax and trumpet intro/outro and solos. Male/female unison vocals about a hip night out on the town to see"the band they call Bluesique." Mixed Vocals, Jazz, Swing Ensembles
Preview Track Full Track 364355 3:30 Med Fast

DO YOU REMEMBER?   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
It's a sad day. The funeral of a friend, but remember how it used to be when we used to sing together? Sadness turns to happy memories. Moody verses into happy singalong chorus with full band backing. Male Vocals, RnB, Blue-Eyed Soul
Preview Track Full Track 399627 5:46 Medium

FIND ANOTHER MAN   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 1998
In a New Orleans rockin' style in the tradition of Clarence "Frogman " Henry and Dr. John, This track also features some rootsy bottleneck blues guitar and "Fats" style horn section. Confrontational lyrics state "If you dont want me baby-go out and find another man. Male Vocals, Blues, Delta Blues
Preview Track Full Track 379136 3:45 Medium

ALCHEMY   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2008
Uptempo rhythm'n'blues style latin. Drums intro, into piano figure, salsa horns then into passionate male vocal. Exciting yet serious vibe. Could suit dance scene for hot romance. Has catchy horn section riff. Male Vocals, Tropical, Salsa
Preview Track Variation (Male Vocals English) 370106 3:20 Med Slow

WISE TO YOUR JIVE   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 1998
Dark and moody horns, rootsy electric blues guitar, insistant plodding rhythm give this track a threatening feel while the lyric warns "she's got wise to your Jive" You've been found out! Very suitable for reationship scene where a partner has been caught in a lie. Also great for bluesy atmosphere. Male Vocals, Blues, Modern Electric Blues
Preview Track Full Track 379132 3:42 Med Slow

NOTHING CAN STOP ME   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2004
swinging blues with riffing horns and stinging guitar in a fifties BB King style. The vocals say he's leaving and nothings gonna stop him! Would suit 50's roadhouse or club scene on the chitlin circuit. Male Vocals, Blues, Texas Blues
Preview Track Full Track 364360 3:48 Med Slow

TEARS OF SADNESS   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
Guitar insrumental.The aftermath, the quiet after the storm. Sorrow after loss or tradgedy.The sadness contained in memories and unfullfilled dreams and mourning for things that might have been. Instrumental, Latin, Latin Easy Listening. This Track Licensable Exclusively At This Web Site!
Preview Track Full Track 418781 2:22 No Tempo

YOU GOTTA RUN   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 1998
Reggae-ish jazz vibe. Live rhythm, horns and female bv's back up male vocal lyric of gun crime and running from the law. Free jazz style sax and trumpet intro. Crime scene. Suitable for get-away scene or escape. Male Vocals, World Fusion, Reggae Fusion
Preview Track Full Track 379139 4:34 Medium

HAD NO LOVIN'   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2004
Riffin' horns and hammond organ start this bouncy 60's style rhythm n' blues track. Lyrics state "Ain't had no lovin' in a long, long time" Spirited vocal with tight rhythm. Male Vocals, Blues, Texas Blues
Preview Track Full Track 364351 2:05 Very Fast

ALCHEMY (GYPSY DUB)   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2009
Drums intro & Latin piano lead into catchy solo trumpet riff followed by urgent alto sax. Celebration or party in a small town or village somwhere in South America. Travel channel, beach party club bar lounge. Cool vibe dancing partying, having fun. Vigorous wholesome families & kids, festive chill, Instrumental, Jazz, Latin Jazz
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental Gypsy) 370332 3:25 Med Slow

FAITHFULLY YOGA   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2010
Set the mind at rest and then get ready to ease into the yoga positions. Feel the tranquility of assuming the positions and then the surge of peace and calmness that can be achieved. This track helps you achieve the samhedi state by building and then calming the emotions naturally and without stress, Instrumental, Corporate, Corp. Pop Easy Listening. This Track Licensable Exclusively At This Web Site!
Preview Track Variation (extended instumental) 424756 4:33 Med Slow
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