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UK Rock/Pop Artist Lu is a great addition to our site. Her solo track "Still Holding," with Lu's lush vocals, is a remix of the title track from her debut EP just released in the UK. A mysterious pop rock vocal, it opens with distant police sirens wailing and has a dark edginess to it, perfect for crime scenes, thirtysomething angst, movie credits, trailers and more.

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STILL HOLDING (ROCK MIX)   (by Lu )  Composed: 2000
A classic FM Rock style track with a strong, lush female vocals and elegant bittersweet lyrics about lost love. Great for TV Dramas and Films relating to thirtysomething themes, romance and young love. Female Vocals, Rock Music, Soft Rock
Preview Track Full Track 355272 4:57 Med Slow

WORTH   (by Lu )  Composed: 2006
A song about change & regret, Female Vocals, Theme Music, New Years Music
Preview Track Full Track 496884 3:22 Med Slow

YOU CUT ME WIDE OPEN   (by Lu )  Composed: 2006
A great Pop Rock ballad with a good lyric about the journey through life and a relationship with someone who keeps things steady, Female Vocals, Pop Music, Easy Listening
Preview Track Full Track 511205 4:54 Med Slow
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