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Texas Music Forge

Home: Austin, Texas US

Texas Music Forge is the moniker of award-winning Austin-based producer, composer, writer, and musician Ed Kliman. He produces loop and sample libraries, composes and performs scores for theatrical productions, does voiceovers for national ad campaigns, and does music/audio for TV, film, video gaming, websites, audiobooks, and new media. Clients include Dell Computers, Harmonix, Toyota, and Stop'n'Go Stores, and his harmonica samples were used for music in the game "Rock Band" and a full suite of his music and FX were featured in Aniglobe's "Eddy."

Ed Kliman is frequently a musical director and resident composer for professional theatrical companies in the US and Europe, with credits including composition and performance of scores such as medieval Japanese music for a production of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," Trent Reznor-inspired Industrial music for a local production of "Stages," Delta Blues for Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie," and Russian Folk music for a production of Chekov's "Uncle Vanya".

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Texas Music Forge
Americana | Blues | Dangerous | Dramatic | Folk | Japanese | Jazz | RnB | Rock | Themes | World Fusion |

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ABILENE   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 1994
Road music with a Memphis backbeat and a woman waiting at the end of the highway. Male vocals, rock piano and vivid lyric imagery stand out on this track. Movie and TV soundtracks, film opening/credits, documentary, ads for automotive, travel, financial services, personal care, reality shows. Male Vocals, Rock, Roots Rock. This Track Licensable Exclusively At This Web Site!
Preview Track Full Track 553561 3:36 Fast

AFTER THE FLAME   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2008
Dark and brooding instrumental is the musical equivalent of a Harley-Davidson engine at a stop light - you know something loud and primal is about to happen. Strong melody lifts this track above most guitar-driven instrumentals and makes this suitable as a character or situational theme. Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music
Preview Track Full Track 355476 3:52 Medium

AMANDA SASHAYS IN   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2007
Whimsical, sentimental and frisky, this ragtime piano piece has a very warm-sounding chromatic harmonica carrying a strong melody. TV theme, radio production, film instrumental, underscoring for credits or ads for food, leisure, seniors, lifestyle or anywhere you need to convey warm and friendly. Instrumental, Jazz, Ragtime
Preview Track Full Track 352410 2:21 Slow

AS YOU LIKE IT   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2012
Celtic inspired, joyous, soaring melody played on mandolin and supported by bodhran and guitars in the first half smoothly changes to a whistled alternate melody supported by organ, bodhran and guitars in the second half. Great choice for opening/closing and title sequences, historical or nature. Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music
Preview Track Full Track 549853 3:03 Slow

ATMOSPHERE   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2012
Warm and soulful chromatic harmonica carries the melody over bossa style nylon string guitar. Frisky and flirtatious, this track is all about helping establish a personality for a good story or product. Great potential as theme music for many kinds of TV shows from kids to comedy to drama. Instrumental, Jazz, Latin Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 549855 1:54 Medium

CAR CHASE ON THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2012
Arabic percussion meets rock guitars and punk energy in this aptly titled track. Influenced by Algerian music star Rachid Taha's cover of The Clash's "Rock The Casbah," track is perfect for action TV/movie score, documentaries and audio drama. Instrumental, World Fusion, African World Fusion
Preview Track Full Track 549863 3:10 Medium

DANCING AT THE PARADISE   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2007
Somewhere between Duke Ellington and the "Star Wars" cantina band is this swing instrumental, which uses diatonic and bass harmonicas instead of horns. Melodic, left-of-center and it swings... Instrumental, Jazz, Swing Ensembles
Preview Track Full Track 352583 1:56 Medium

DANDELION WINE   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2007
"Hillbilly jazz" finds relaxed, swing-style guitar comping chords 4 to the bar while a harmonica and Dobro carry on a musical discussion. Instrumental, Jazz, Folk Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 353233 2:20 Med Slow

DEATH IN THE STREETS   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2008
Guitar trio minor key instrumental offers dynamic range and drama in equal measure. Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music
Preview Track Full Track 355477 2:41 Med Fast

DOWN THAT ROAD   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2012
Instrumental, Themes, Theme Music (pending)
Preview Track Full Track 553174 4:07 Medium

DROWNING IN THE RAIN   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 1995
Contemporary reggae/R&B with a strong antiwar message, sharp guitar work and a sense of history in the tradition of Bob Marley's songs. Need a strong addition to your score for a military action adventure thriller? Look no further. Male Vocals, World Fusion, Reggae Fusion
Preview Track Full Track 353669 4:32 Med Slow

EDO SUN   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2008
Taiko drums and bamboo flute provide Japanese classical music in a form arranged for Western ears. Instrumental, Japanese, Japan
Preview Track Full Track 353783 2:07 Medium

HOUSE OF MONTAGUE   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2008
Minor key, nylon string guitar-based instrumental with heavily-processed drums gives an ominous, brooding feel with a thump. Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music
Preview Track Full Track 354541 7:51 Fast

LOVE AND WHISKEY   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2007
A Zeppelin-style epic with "gravel and glory" male vocals, harmonica and serious guitar work working out on a strongly written song about life at the crossroads. Cormac McCarthy meets Tarantino in the alley at midnight while AC/DC provides the underscore. Need a song to build your film score around? Male Vocals, Rock, Blues Rock
Preview Track Full Track (Thunderchiefs arr.) 553138 4:14 Med Slow

MAKE IT SWING   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2012
Smooth, classic and with an easy swing, this track rests on a "4 to the bar" rhythm guitar and a jazzy harmonica lead. Smooth male vocals ask "Why don't you make it swing?" Smokey nightclub scene, romantic comedy, ads for perfume, technology, seniors, financial services, dept. store sales, holidays. Male Vocals, Jazz, Folk Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 553157 3:00 Medium

MARVIN'S ROOM   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2007
Quirky, charismatic nylon string guitar instrumental breathes quiet charm and grace. Superb for opening, closing and title sequences, establishing character and underscoring quests of all sorts. Ad beds from automotive to finance/banking to pet care products to services. Instrumental, Folk, Finger-Picked Guitar
Preview Track Full Track 549878 1:57 Med Fast

MEMPHIS BY MIDNIGHT   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 1992
Uptempo (175 bpm) gospel/blues/rock track with B3 and slide guitar; jazz piano break mid-song; strong male lead vocal. Male Vocals, Blues, Modern Electric Blues
Preview Track 60sec 350045 3:21 Very Fast

MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM (NO VOX)   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2012
Dreamy, ethereal and driven by a laid back in the groove New Orleans rhythm. This is the same track as Midsummer Nights Dream but with acoustic guitar playing the melody. Great jazz trumpet work in a call and response with the lead voice. Great for film, TV, ads for anything. Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track (No Vocals) 553236 3:03 Med Slow

NEW ORLEANS MOON   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2009
Delta blues-inspired fingerpicked acoustic guitar, harmonica and slide guitar. Understated but with a brisk rhythm and a "I'm on New Orleans time, I'll do it tomorrow" lyric. Male Vocals, Americana, Americana
Preview Track Full Track 350047 2:45 Med Slow

SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2012
Hot jazz "tap" rhythm serviced by upright bass and snare supports a "beat poet" take on Lord Byron's ode to beauty. Add in a smokin' harmonica solo and you've got a singular track that makes a statement in movie, TV, ads for cosmetics, fashion, store sales or any celebrations of feminine beauty. Male Vocals, Jazz, Jazzabilly. This Track Licensable Exclusively At This Web Site!
Preview Track Full Track (Lyrics by Lord Byron) 553564 3:13 Med Slow

THE INSTRUMENTAL GOODNIGHT   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2013
A smooth but smoldering midtempo groove drives this song with acoustic guitar providing the melody line and a nice "call and response" with keyboards. TV and movie soundtracks are an obvious place for this track, but ads for cars, travel, financial, electronics and personal services would benefit. Instrumental, RnB, Smooth Soul
Preview Track Full Track 572814 2:00 Med Slow

YOUR KISS   (by Texas Music Forge )  Composed: 2013
The raw ache of longing for a distant love pulses beneath this steady, Al Green-inspired smooth midtempo R&B song. Excellent choice for romantic drama and comedy alike and a great choice for relevant product advertising for telephone companies, floral deliveries, Valentine's Day, perfume, etc. Male Vocals, Dramatic, Romantic Music
Preview Track Full Track 572798 2:54 Med Slow
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Artist Keywords: historic international blues soul folk jazz Texas Louisiana acoustic ethnic world music

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