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Home: Toronto, Ontario CA

DokZayas is a musician and composer living and working in Toronto, Canada. His musical interests are incredibly diverse, and that broad scope of musical influence is reflected in his own compositions and recordings. Give the portfolio a listen, and see if you don't find that hidden gem that will fit just perfectly into your next broadcast production. And always... enjoy the music.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For DokZayas
Asian | Corporate | Dance | Dramatic | Electronic | Indie Rock | Pop | Rock | Tropical |

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AQUA MARINE   (by DokZayas )  Composed: 2010
Aqua Marine is rhythmic, atmospheric and melodic electronic backdrop with soft percussion to establish a smooth tempo. It is soothing and calm and very much ready to assist you in putting the finishing touches on your next project/broadcast production. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Ambient (pending)
Preview Track Full Track 420908 4:18 Med Fast

ASIAN PRAYER   (by DokZayas )  Composed: 2010
Asian Prayer is very gentle and soothing, and calms tense nerves and relaxes the soul. Highly useful as your first music of choice in any production featuring an Asian theme! Peaceful meditation, spa relaxation yoga. Springtime, falling in love new romance, beautiful gardens, flowing streams flowers, Instrumental, Asian Music, Asian Music
Preview Track Full Track 422767 1:43 Med Slow

DEEP SORROW   (by DokZayas )  Composed: 2010
This slow, very somber and very sad song features two acoustic guitars (one nylon string and one steel string), a slow, low-energy piano, and an orchestral string section to complete the mood. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Sad Music
Preview Track Full Track 382988 1:54 Slow

GO FOR THE GOLD   (by DokZayas )  Composed: 2010
This is a very exciting and catchy piece of music that will have listeners tapping their feet and nodding their heads. Great for any corporate, motivational, or promotional video. Be creative and have fun with it! Instrumental, Rock Music, Rock (pending categorization)
Preview Track Full Track 382990 1:51 Very Fast

HAPPY FEET   (by DokZayas )  Composed: 2010
Happy Feet is a bouncing romp of high-energy fun! It features many synths and pads and has a cheery lead with just enough switch-ups to keep the listener interested without the song calling too much attention to itself. Instrumental, Dance Music, Dance Music (pending cat.)
Preview Track Full Track 420918 3:42 Medium

MY HAPPIEST DAY   (by DokZayas )  Composed: 2010
My Happiest Day is an incredibly positive and inspiring piece of music featuring the wonderful combination of acoustic guitar and contrabass. It is simple. It is peaceful. It is amazingly pleasing to the ears, and will do wonders for your next audiovisual project. Instrumental, Pop Music, Acoustic Pop
Preview Track Full Track 419037 2:48 Med Slow

NEEDLE AND SHELL   (by DokZayas )  Composed: 2010
If you’ve gone searching for a tune that takes you back to the era of alternative music from the nineties, look no further, for you’ve found your jam! Instrumental, Indie Rock Music, Grunge
Preview Track Full Track 382991 3:09 Med Slow

RAISE THE BAR   (by DokZayas )  Composed: 2010
This is a three-plus minute corporate track that can serve several purposes. You can use it as an extended intro or outro for your video, or simply pick a section of your choice and discard the rest. It builds steadily throughout it's length and is very versatile and exciting! Enjoy! Instrumental, Pop Music, Pop Music (pending)
Preview Track Full Track 388546 3:04 Medium

RISE TO THE CHALLENGE   (by DokZayas )  Composed: 2010
3-and-half-minutes of exciting, building, orchestral wonderment! Has a humble beginning, and builds to a gigantic orchestral explosion at the conclusion. Message: "Go ahead, face that challenge. Rise up and conquer it!" Elegant, energetic and powerful corporate video, new car commercial or advert, Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Music
Preview Track Full Track 398464 3:28 Medium

SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY   (by DokZayas )  Composed: 2009
Take a stroll down memory lane with a sentimental smile on your face. Fill your mind’s eye with the sights of happy recollections and unwind as you travel back in time to happy destinations. Sentimental Journey is a slow, mellow wade through the tranquil waters of only the most pleasant of memories. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Calm Mellow Music
Preview Track Full Track 382992 4:05 Med Fast

SUNSET SERENADE   (by DokZayas )  Composed: 2010
Sunset Serenade features a trio of instruments. Two nylon stringed classical guitars form the soothing rhythm and accompaniment to the gentle lead played on the concert piano. The end result is a wonderfully soothing and uplifting song that is ready for your next broadcast production. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Calm Mellow Music
Preview Track Full Track 410729 2:40 Med Slow

TROPICAL SUMMER PARTY   (by DokZayas )  Composed: 2010
Tropical Summer Party is a Caribbean delight! It’s an upbeat, happy song with a very positive and lively vibe! Featuring steel drums, marimbas, acoustic, electric and bass guitars as well as a drum kit, this song is sure to both please and excite any listener. Fun in the sun for everyone! Instrumental, Tropical Latin Music, Caribbean Music
Preview Track Full Track 415370 4:37 Med Slow

ZENITH   (by DokZayas )  Composed: 2010
Just over 4 minutes of extremely exciting corporate music, "Zenith" is just the song you've been looking for in your search for the ultimate in upbeat stock music. It is a celebration of all things good and positive, and you can't help but feel great inside as you listen along, bobbing your head. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Music
Preview Track Full Track 400507 4:05 Med Fast
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