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Home: London, UK

Metronomik specializes in classic and contemporary Rock and modern Symphonic compositions. His music has been featured with great success in numerous productions, including TV documentaries, radio, and a Raindance award-winning feature film. Check out Metronomik's outstanding library of contemporary music available here for your next project.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Metronomik
Action | Blues | Classical | Dance | Dangerous | Dramatic | Electronic | Latin | New Age | Pop | Rock |

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TOWER BLOCK CHASE   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2010
Contemporary spy/thriller/action track with a strong electronic rhythm element and classic brass and string arrangements. Defined by its highly individual pulsating synth sounds. Contains a long breakdown and buildup section in the middle. Ideal for chase scene or for longer action sequences. Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music
Preview Track Full Track 398197 2:19 Medium

SUNSET IN THE OLD WEST   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2010
Distinctly Mexican-flavoured big orchestral piece with Spanish guitar, an insistent deep percussion rhythm and varied orchestral accompaniment including tremolando strings, clarinet and english horn harmonies and trumpets. Very melodic, almost hymnal in character. Good for epic production. Instrumental, Latin, Tejano & Tex-Mex
Preview Track Full Track 398194 2:43 Slow

MORNING DEW   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2010
Thomas Newman-style slow piano and orchestra track, with a beautiful oboe solo, harp accompaniment and a horn countermelody. Synth textures are woven in delicately into the symphonic fabric, resulting in a thoroughly contemporary movie score feel. Dreamy and nostalgic, great for widescreen emotions. Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 384076 2:28 Very Slow

AN ANGEL FELL   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2010
Gentle, very slow-moving ethereal choir chords and fingerpicked intimate acoustic guitar track. Very expansive and meditative, yet also very personal and close due to the live recorded acoustic guitar. Ideal as relaxed, dreamy, maybe supernatural background for dialogue, nature scenes, dreams etc. Instrumental, New Age, Solos (Strings)
Preview Track Full Track 384056 2:53 Very Slow

MOON SIGHTING AND SHOTS   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
Instrumental, Dangerous, Psychedelic
Preview Track Full Track 345904 1:40 Medium

HEART SURGERY   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
Contemporary/Classical Film Score. Piano orchestral strings and woodwinds and light angelic female choir in a minimal, Phillip Glass, Michael Nyman or Craig Armstrong style moving arrangement. Dramatic, romantic, with clear development including buildup, breakdown and climax. Female Vocals, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 345901 2:01 Very Slow

ARE WE THERE YET   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
ELECTRO ACOUSTIC/EXPERIMENTAL/MUSIQUE CONCRÈTE: A contemporary sound collage of 100 sounds generated with an electric guitar. Three layers of frequencies and space give a distinct feeling of space and texture. Good for experimental, psychedelic, psychological, horror or genre film. Instrumental, Electronic, Experimental
Preview Track Full Track 345900 4:22

THE FALL OF THE ALHAMBRA   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
CLASSICAL/PIANO/BALLAD: Slow, tragic piano piece. Uses a Spanish scale which give it an Andalusian or Southern Spanish flavour. At the same time it is classical, romantic in style and sparsely composed to fit the tragic mood. Instrumental, Classical, 21st Century
Preview Track Full Track 335364 3:01 Slow

SNOWFLAKE   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
Floating ambient track with psychedelic guitars, off-kilter strings and otherworldly synthesizers. Imagine a snowflake whirling around in the air. Sounds like Massive Attack, Portishead. Instrumental, Pop, Synthpop
Preview Track Full Track 335363 2:48 Med Slow

SEVENTEEN OR MORE   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
AMBIENT/CONTEMPORARY CLASSICAL/MINIMALIST: Steve Reich - inspired percussive piece with swelling gongs, interlocking marimbas, two rushing pianos and violin ostinatos. Enveloping, absorbing texture, bright and not harsch, percussive but not beat-driven, more like a carpet of notes intricately moving, Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music
Preview Track Full Track 335362 2:55 Med Fast

SAXED UP   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
Unconventional energetic dance track with intertwining sampled saxophones, heavily treated guitars and a 13/8 beat with the 10 and the 12 stressed like in Greek traditional music. Plenty of changes keep the track lively and pumping. Instrumental, Dance, Experimental
Preview Track Full Track 335361 3:01 Med Fast

SATIN ROBES   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
Energetic contemporary Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Carribbean)-like film score piece in three parts: buildup, explosion and aftermath. Emotional harp and piano elements combine with dramatic brass and percussion parts into a full rollercoaster of moods. Ideal for romantic, action, melodrama prod. Instrumental, Action, Impending Pending Music
Preview Track Full Track 335360 1:34 Medium

MOOSE   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
Slow groovy '70s rock track similar to Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne or Led Zeppelin, with a dirty feel to it. Would suit any scene set in that period, or car-related content. Also good for commercial, advert, industrial, sports footage, video games, and more, Instrumental, Rock, 70s Rock
Preview Track Full Track 335354 2:02 Medium

LONG GONE   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
Slow, cold, atmospheric piece with trailing piano, woodwinds and acoustic guitar. Very emotional, fateful feel. Would suit serious drama, documentary, melodrama, indie film, romantic movie, tragic scene or short film, as well as TV feature dealing with loss or bereavement. Instrumental, Action, Impending Pending Music
Preview Track Full Track 335353 3:00 Very Slow

KEYS OF THE LAND   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
FILM SCORE/DRAMATIC: Thomas Newman (Revolutionary Road) inspired slow atmospheric piece with a lot of space and a cinematic feel to it. Piano, strings, ethnic percussion and haunting electronic effects. Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music
Preview Track Full Track 335352 1:57 Med Slow

HOOVES AND FALLS   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
Highly melodic and emotional clean guitar-driven track with a slow, steady rythm and a tremolo string phrase in the chorus. With a transition section and a verse reminiscent of 80s power ballads using muted guitars and delay. Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Full Track 335351 3:27 Fast

FERTILE   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
Energetic dance track, combines a 6/4 house beat with an uplifting Indian sitar phrase. Instrumental, Dance, House music
Preview Track Full Track 335349 3:44 Medium

CUT THE TELEPHONE   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
CLASSICAL/MODERN CLASSICAL/FILM SCORE: Hans Zimmer - like slow strings piece, sombre and elegant. Suits dramatic function, underlining melodramatic, even tragic scene. Widescreen feel, modern synth sounds mixed with orchestral samples to produce a contemporary, Hollywood-like textural sound. Instrumental, Dramatic, Sad Music
Preview Track Full Track 335348 1:38 Slow

ROMANTIC PIANO   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
Piano track similar to Chopin's Nocturnes. Minor key piece with dramatic development, would suit period piece or romantic drama or historical footage. Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 335344 1:52 Medium

A GARAGE REVOLT IN D MINOR   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
GARAGE ROCK/PUNK/BLUES ROCK: Crunchy, earthy garage rocker. Similar to White Stripes and other raw bluesy rock bands. Electric guitars, bass and a thumping drum beat, mixed in with contemporary synth sounds. Instrumental, Blues, Modern Electric Blues
Preview Track Full Track 335342 2:39 Med Fast

CLUSTER TRICK   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
An indefinite, grey field of atonal strings is suddenly interrupted by a blast out of nowhere and a ticking marimba over distorted guitar sounds. Instrumental, Dangerous, Dangerous Music
Preview Track Full Track 329804 1:50 Med Slow

AMERICAN ECLIPSE   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
Dreamy, gentle piece similar to Thomas Newman's "Revolutionary Road" score. Floating harmony, a repetitive electric guitar motif and a pleasant meandering piano melody, with cello and viola and kalimba accompaniment. Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 329803 1:52 Slow

SHORE, I SAY!   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
Moby-style laid back ambient track with strings, piano, percussion and a 75 BPM beat. Similar to Cafe del Mar and other chill out compilations. Features a build up section at the beginning with harp, piano and strings without beats and a percussion breakdown using the darabuka, a small North African, Instrumental, Electronic, Ethnic Electronica
Preview Track Full Track 329474 3:38 Medium

THE MEDECINE   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2008
Emotional guitar pop track, similar to The Cure. Powerful melodic guitar lines and atmospheric synth pads over mid-tempo drums and bass. Instrumental, Pop, Alt Pop
Preview Track Full Track (The Medecine) 315573 2:22 Med Fast
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