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Dan Morrissey

Home: London, UK

Dan Morrissey is a London-based composer, songwriter, and guitarist with over 21 years experience creating passionate music. From intensely edgy, to dreamy and serene, his diverse catalog covers a wide range of moods and styles, including Rock, Pop, Electronic, Dramatic, World, Jazz, Classical, Blues, World music, and more. Dan's collection spans 20 genres, with over 600 excellent songs and short cues that have proven invaluable for a variety of our Film, TV, Commercial, and Multimedia producers.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Dan Morrissey
Action | African | Blues | Chinese | Christmas | Corporate | Dangerous | Dramatic | Electronic | Hip Hop | Horror | Indian | Indie Rock | Japanese | Jazz | Middle East | Military | New Age | Pop | RnB | Rock | Science Fiction | Sports | Tropical | UK Bass | World Fusion |

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11 : 59   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
A very sad and quite tragic piece. A lonely piano pulse starts this tune off. soon beautiful strings join in and the piece swells with emotion. Would suit any romantic or dramatic project. Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music
Preview Track Full Track 324409 3:03 Slow

A CHRISTMAS MYSTERY   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2011
a dramatic cinematic track full of suspense, excitement, mystery, anticipation & wonder. contains string section and percussion. would suit mystery/christmas/spy/children's projects. Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Edgy
Preview Track Full Track 456104 1:51 Fast

A MILLION SUNS   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2011
moody, beautiful, trippy, hypnotic, spacey & sometimes dark & twisted melodic rock track with guitar playing slow, intense, emotive, indolent melodies in place of a lead vocal a la satriani. hints of muse. very powerful, thought-provoking and intense. suit psychological thriller/horror/cinematic pro, Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock
Preview Track Full Track 456036 4:36 Med Fast

A MOMENT IN TIME   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2011
beautiful, soft, simple, serene, innocent, playful & thoughtful track. gentle, slightly mozart-like piano lines combine with lush, emotive strings to make peaceful, calm, tranquil music with an air of nostalgia. suitable for romantic/period/dramatic projects. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music
Preview Track Full Track 490362 1:32 Med Fast

A THOUSAND GRAINS OF SAND   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2011
thoughtful, cinematic, emotive, dreamy, slightly melancholic & filmic piece with good forward momentum, containing exotic plucked santoor, string section & drum machine/drum loops. makes you sit back and think deep thoughts-about life, the universe & everything. how small we are in this vast galaxy, Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music
Preview Track Full Track 456105 3:21 Medium

A WORLD AWAY   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
soft peaceful & atmospherically cinematic track with a slightly ethnic flavour. slow flute lines float over simple oud arpeggios, sparse strings & a hypnotic beat to create a beautiful tune with tinges of melancholy & hope, Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 419897 3:44 Medium

ABOVE THE CLOUDS   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
Very peaceful, melodic and thoughtful guitar tune that builds slowly with gradually increasing intensity until it finally bursts into a song with the guitar playing the vocal melody. Contains guitars, bass, strings and drums. Instrumental, Rock, Soft Rock
Preview Track Full Track 324412 5:04 Medium

ABSOLUTE PRESSURE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2013
highly dramatic track that starts slow & spacious and quickly builds a head of steam exploding into life with a monster riff, crushing drum grooves & tense brass. heavy, climactic, driven, intense & powerful. would suit filmic/extreme sports/motorsports/action/thriller type projects, Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music
Preview Track Full Track 608479 2:16 Medium

ACID TONGUE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
medium paced, high-intensity, adrenaline-fuelled guitar rocker. dramatic, intense, emotive, atmospheric & passionate combination of monster riffs, synths, strings and hefty grooves. dark moody and heavy space-rocker with great melodic intensity, Instrumental, Action, Moderate Rock
Preview Track Full Track 420079 4:09 Med Slow

ACQUIESCE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2012
peaceful, soft, simple, beautiful, ethereal, atmospheric & tranquil guitar piece. clean chords are strummed as magical guitar and organ lead lines hover above it like an eagle on the wind. moody, spacious & dreamy. would suit romantic/dramatic/cinematic type projects. Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music
Preview Track Full Track 562453 2:40 Slow

ACQUIESCE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
Slow peaceful & melancholy guitar piece. Softly strummed flanged chords are overlaid with soft, thoughtful lead lines from both guitar and organ. A pulse bass drum brings movement to an already passionate mood. Moody and atmospheric. let yourself float away.... Instrumental, Rock, Progressive Rock
Preview Track Full Track 329053 2:40 Very Slow

ACROSS THE SEA   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
spacey but powerful &intense medium-paced, electro-rock track combining synth lines, grooving, sometimes frantic drums with soaring, emotional electric guitar melodies and leads that speak of deeply felt emotions for absent friends. great dynamics and climactic moods & energy, Instrumental, Action, Moderate Rock
Preview Track Full Track 420334 3:53 Medium

ADRENALINE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
A pure modern rock track. Post Punky Foo Fighters style attitude mixed with strong and melodic Satriani-ish lead guitar lines. Just like the title says, it's all about adrenaline and energy. No nonsense, no frills. Just rawwwk! Contains guitars, bass drums. What else do you need? Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock
Preview Track Full Track 324407 3:13 Fast

AGAINST THE CLOCK   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2013
intense, driven, exciting, adrenalised, thrilling modern rock track with great urgency & forward momentum. dramatic, gritty, gutsy, tense, insistent, pounding & rebellious. would suit extreme sports/combat/military/action thriller type projects. strap yourself in and ride the rollercoaster! Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock
Preview Track Full Track 570383 4:23 Medium

AGENT OF RETRIBUTION   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
Dark, sinister & menacing electro-rock track. Twisted, pulsing synths combine with slow dramatic strings and jagged beats, slowly building to a very intense and heavy guitar-fuelled climax. Would suit horror/thriller/action/suspense /halloween projects, Instrumental, Action, Impending Rock & Metal
Preview Track Full Track 357656 4:10 Medium

AIR DANCE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
An uplifting and quite jolly little piece. Would suit any tv/film project a la desperate housewives where charm, intrigue, character and levity is displayed. contains light, fun pizzicato strings, glockenspiel, marimba and oboe. Instrumental, Dramatic, Magical Music
Preview Track Full Track 324413 2:30 Slow

ALCHEMY   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
groovy, atmospheric, ethereal & extremely melodic space-pop. slightly dark, pulsing & hypnotic verse section, very catchy and mellow piano-lead chorus. would suit dramatic/medical/soap/thriller/mystery type projects, Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Edgy
Preview Track Full Track 420201 3:53 Med Slow

ALIEN NIGHT MOVES   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
Hypnotic,groovey, trance-inducing electronic chill track that you might hear in a night club on pluto, if you're ever passing by that way.Just sit back, get your groove on & enjoy the spectacle of the interstellar superfreaks. Instrumental, Science Fiction, Space Music
Preview Track Full Track 356850 4:18 Med Slow

ALL OUR YESTERDAYS   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2013
Atmospheric, moody, gloriously epic, emotional, melodic, heartfelt piano-rock track with great passion and thrilling intensity that blooms & explodes into life during the chorus. Meaningful, thoughtful & nostalgic. Would suit documentary/dramatic/cinematic/romantic type projects,, Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock
Preview Track Full Track 613528 3:11 Medium

ALL THAT CAN BE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
Essentially a sinister, synthy dance track with a big twist.. an explosion of a chorus part. Dynamically volatile with smooth slick yet forboding synth pads and sequences. Imagine early Nine Inch Nails recording with a european techno outfit. Instrumental, Action, Impending Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 324422 4:15 Very Slow

AMBITION   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2014
spacious, ethereal, edgy, tense music with a nice slow build in intensity. atmospheric, grand, moody, dramatic, regal & engaging like a fanfare. would suit cinematic/documentary/dramatic/mystery/thriller type projects. reflective/intelligent and thought provoking. Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Edgy
Preview Track (Pending) 687697 2:52 Very Slow

AMOEBA   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2011
Beautiful, magical, spacey, calm, dreamy, surreal, hypnotic, trippy, ethereal & peaceful ambient pop instrumental using piano, synths, strings and drums. Great floaty momentum which transports you high, above the clouds. has an airy, summery feel to it. Would suit mystery/romantic/dramatic projects, Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music
Preview Track Full Track 490393 4:38 Med Slow

AMORPHOUS   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2014
cool, spacious, suspenseful, ethereal, trance-inducing & slightly eerie electronic track with spacey synth pads/sequences & determined drums. thoughtful, intriguing, mysterious, unnerving, edgy & sinister. would suit science/news/corporate/espionage type projects. Instrumental, Science Fiction, Time Travel
Preview Track Full Track 667751 1:52 Medium

AMPED   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
Intense, dramatic, suspense-soaked, high energy, electro-rocker that mixes synth sequences with big guitars & monster, driven beats. exciting, passionate, dynamic & tension-filled. has a triumphant vibe of glorious victory and beating the odds. Would suit action/extreme sports/thriller type projects, Instrumental, Action, Impending Rock & Metal
Preview Track Full Track 429804 3:06 Fast

AN ECHO IN MY SOUL   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2013
soft, slow, serene, beautiful, mellow, meaningful & touching track combining simple, somber piano lines with strings & a gentle groove. dreamy, serious, reflective, thoughtful & sedate. would suit dramatic/romantic/documentary/cinematic type projects. Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 600708 2:46 Med Slow

ANATHEMA   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2012
dark, menacing, atmospheric, cold, calculated, brooding, moody & threatening track with an air of foreboding. slow, scary, controlled riffage combines with a steady drum groove as spacey lead guitar floats over the top. suit thriller/action/extreme sports/combat type projs. resistance is useless! Instrumental, Military, Battle Prep Rock
Preview Track Full Track 543147 3:15 Slow

ANATOMY OF A NIGHTMARE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
epic,atmospheric, sinister & sometimes menacing rock track with electronic elements & strings. stadium rock with a really glorious dark side. would suit thriller/action/horror/mystery/extreme sports type projects, Instrumental, Action, Moderate Rock
Preview Track Full Track 422505 3:35 Medium

ANDROMEDA   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on. Very soft, slow and peaceful. Slow picked classical guitar meets simple plucked string melodies, organ and celtic harp. Chorus brings swells of strings & soft, unexpected 'other worldly' piano lines. Would suit dramatic/romantic/science/history projs, Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music
Preview Track Full Track 328309 3:37 Medium

ANGELS OF HOPE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2013
epic, grand, glorious, positive, melodic, catchy, anthemic rock track combing big guitars with determined drums grooves, strings & simple synth lines. animated, driven, adventurous, thrilling & passionate with a sense of victory and overcoming the odds. would suit sports/action/thriller/combat projs, Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock
Preview Track Full Track 600710 3:10 Medium

ANOTHER DAY   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
slightly dark & sinister electronic rock track with great atmosphere, forward drive & spacey textures. a mixture of synths, drum machines, acoustic drums, strings and guitar, Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music
Preview Track Full Track 420202 2:47 Medium

ANOTHER LIFE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2012
slow, peaceful, soft, spacious, mellow, serene, relaxing acoustic guitar & piano piece with an air of thoughtful melancholy to it. would suit romantic/dramatic/documentary type projects. take the weight of the world off your shoulders and let yourself drift off on a white fluffy cloud of tranquility, Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music
Preview Track Full Track 538213 2:11 Medium

ANOTHER SOUL AWAKENS   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2013
beautiful, spacious, moody, atmospheric, innocent & wondrous piece featuring musicbox style xylophone sounds, piano & french horns. dreamy, soothing, mellow, sublime, relaxing, thoughtful & tranquil. would suit fantasy/magical/cinematic/children's type projects. Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 568782 2:09 Med Fast

ANTHEM   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
epic, positive, uplifting, grand stadium rock. huge melodic guitars, monster drums & glorious strings combine to make big music with a sense of victory & overcoming adversity for sports/thriller/action type projects. Instrumental, Rock, Arena Rock
Preview Track Full Track 422506 3:37 Medium

ANTI-MATTER   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
Unusual ambient-electronic. Starts with a very dramatic string section, full of suspense and the chorus brings a chill out dance beat, a synth bass line and distant choirs. Quite unique. Could be used in a tv car/documentary advert or something similar. Instrumental, Corporate, Electronic Progressive
Preview Track Full Track 328129 3:05 Med Fast

APOCALYPSE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
fast, powerful, intense, driven, adrenaline pumped, riff- based rock-fest. no frills, no tricks, just straight for the jugular! would suit extreme sports/action/thriller projects, Instrumental, Rock, Heavy Metal
Preview Track Full Track 425130 2:06 Fast

APOLLYON   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2013
moody, brooding, scary, driven, energised, brutally heavy, terrifyingly dark metal track with a sense of malice & foreboding. huge riffs mix with relentless drums & dramatic strings. powerful, dynamic, bold, thrilling, gutsy & climactic. would suit extreme sports/war/combat/cinematic type projects. Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music
Preview Track Full Track 600762 2:25 Very Fast

APPARITION   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2013
spacey, ethereal, moody, groovy, dreamy, haunting & other-worldly electronic track. a determined beat combines with ghostly synths & vocal fx to make motivated music suitable for corporate/science/news/documentary/dramatic/mystery type projects, Instrumental, Electronic, Experimental
Preview Track Full Track 604529 3:04 Medium

AQUILA   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
Motivated, soft, corporate style electronic tune that combines glockenspiel with synth pads & drones & a driving beat. Would suit mainstream/documentary/corporate projects. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate World Beat
Preview Track Full Track 357524 3:10 Med Fast

ARE YOU RECEIVING ?   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
Haunting, dreamy & sinister soundscape. Very spacey, beautiful & ethereal, thoughtful and also peaceful & floaty. Contains synth pad, effected piano & strings. Reminiscent of more peaceful & ambient Nine Inch Nails, Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 324471 4:38 Med Slow

ARE YOU RECEIVING..?   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
Soft,haunting,dreamy and slightly sinister soundscape.Very ethereal,thoughtful and also peaceful.Contains synth pads,effected piano and strings.Reminiscent of more ambient Nine Inch Nails, Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Hypnotic
Preview Track Full Track 328136 4:38 Med Slow

ASSASSIN   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
Unique blend of regal strings and horns and hefty guitars.The verse is a slow grooving electro beat which builds slowly via a b section of clean swirling guitar and lamenting vocal loops into an explosion of guitars and drums. VERY filmic,dramatic,intense and quite unexpected. Instrumental, Action, Impending Rock & Metal
Preview Track Full Track 328625 4:15 Fast

ASTEROID   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2014
dramatic, spacious, tense, edgy, fiery, driven, epic, explosive, climactic rock track that begins with grand synth sequences then bursts into flame as huge drums & guitars crash in and take the tempo & intensity up a notches. suspenseful & crushing. would suit sports/combat/action/thriller projs, Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock
Preview Track Full Track 668782 1:44 Fast

ASTROPHOBE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
Cool,fun groovy track with a motivated jazzy shuffle feel.Soft syncopated synth lines play cross each other as a laid back rhythm section smoulders in the background.The track develops as it progresses and the colours and textures alter quite dramatically. Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music
Preview Track Full Track 329052 5:06 Fast

ATARAXIS-SERENITY   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2013
calm, dreamy, tranquil, peaceful & sublimely serene spacious ambient track. tuned percussion plays simple lines as fat bass notes wobble underneath. then sparse industrial style drums join in with choir. thoughtful, reflective & contemplative music to suit drama/mystery/crime/documentary type projs, Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music
Preview Track Full Track 617699 2:02 Med Slow

ATOM   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2012
soft, hypnotic, spacious, groovy, soothing, dreamy, trance-inducing electronic track with great atmosphere & ethereal vibe. repetitive, serene, slow & sublime. would suit documentary/corporate/science/cinematic/filmic type projects, Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 562479 2:36 Med Slow

ATOM SMASHER   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
powerful, eerie, medium-paced, high-intensity, adrenaline-fuelled guitar rocker. a unique, surprising, dramatic, atmospheric & passionate combination of monster riffs, synths, strings and hefty grooves. unique, Instrumental, Action, Impending Rock & Metal
Preview Track Full Track 420080 3:22 Medium

AVALANCHE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
High energy, adrenaline-fuelled rock music. Motivational wild fun, energetic, with big guitar and pounding drums, synths & strings. Perfect for action adventure, extreme sports, new car commercials, manly jeans or bikes, racing biking, bar fights, angsty teens or 20-somethings. White knuckle ride? Instrumental, Rock, Heavy Metal
Preview Track Full Track 420119 3:34 Med Slow

AVATAR   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
Motivating,Eastern flavoured groover. Ethereal mellotrons play arabian scales over a suspenseful rhythm backing that is constantly moving forward and never stops. Would suit thriller/action or dramatic/sports project a even belly dance troupe! Instrumental, Electronic, Progressive Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 324473 3:26 Fast

AWAKENING   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
high energy, adrenaline-fuelled rock music with great motivating forward momentum. big guitars mix with pounding drums, synths & strings to make music perfect for action/extreme sports or thriller type projects. white knuckle ride, anyone? Instrumental, Action, Intense Rock
Preview Track Full Track 420120 3:44 Medium

BACK IN TIME   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2012
peaceful, beautiful, mellow, atmospheric, reflective, dreamy, slow & spacious piano pop track with guitar, drums & live saxophone. wistful, thoughtful, meaningful, passionate, sublime, sedate, melancholic & slowly building. would suit dramatic/romantic/cinematic/filmic/documentary type projects, Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music
Preview Track Full Track 563388 5:02 Very Slow
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