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Wayne Dawkins

Home: Florida US

Florida Composer Wayne Dawkins is a self-taught musician with strengths in keyboards, guitars, and drums. He has been recording music for over 12 years, composing in a wide range of genres including Reggae, Hip Hop, RnB, Techno, and Pop. As a recording artist, Wayne's music is both comical and controversial, and it just takes one listen to see why this talented musician is a super addition for our clients' projects -- TV, gritty films, urban documentaries, or youthful romantic themes.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Wayne Dawkins
Action | Cartoon | Corporate | Dance | Electronic | Hip Hop | Pop | Reggae | RnB | Rock | Science Fiction | Tropical | World Fusion |

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A BAND OF LOVE   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2008
RnB Soul. Madly inlove and want to show it. Happy and emotional with a little flare and tension. Suitable for a huge range of productions. Subjects that includes (but not limiting to);Peace, comfort, new love, romance husband/wife, wind, passion, mystery, reverence etc. Instrumental, RnB, RnB Ballads
Preview Track Full Track 320216 3:58 Med Slow

A DREAD AND HIS PIANO   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2008
Reggae Pop/ Contemporary. Dark and warm pianos erupt with emotions over these reggae style drums and bass. Captivating and sensual. An emotional song i was going to sing but i don't have the voice to pull it off. Now its here for you. listen, love, don't worry be happy mon. Instrumental, Reggae, Reggae-Pop
Preview Track Variation (Instrumental) 319999 4:52 Slow

A HIPHOP2   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2007
Fresh hip hop instrumental for music production and for whatever projects you have in mind " G ". Bass, Piano, Drums, Brass. breathe some fresh air into your web based presentations. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Old School
Preview Track Full Track 322625 4:01 Med Slow

A HIPHOP3   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2009
Amazing hiphop pop. Soulful and relaxing. Groovy guitars, mellow organs, rhythmic drums, bold synths, orchestral hits and a riding bass line. Great for in the car scenes, driving in the sunset, afterdark, getting dress, office settings etc, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Soul
Preview Track Full Track 323973 4:10 Med Slow

A MILLION EXCUSES   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2014
Steppers style reggae. Upbeat and spunky. Smooth and vibrant tone. A perfect blend of guitars, keys, organs, drums and bass. Complimented with male vocals. Lyrics focus on life and liberty. Though provoking but jamming. Sweet irie vibe to keep you jumping and skanking. Roots rockers rub a dub ride. Male Vocals, Reggae, Smooth Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 635142 3:51 Med Fast

A MONEY MAGNET   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2011
Corporate RnB Pop Electronica instrumental. Piano lead backed by organs, strings, synths, percussion and ofcourse smooth bass and powerful drums. Works great as background music to any production that has a heart warming theme. Corporate product launches and commercials. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate RnB Music
Preview Track Full Track 464285 3:53 Med Slow

A REGGAE 1   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2011
Roots Rockers /Lovers reggae instrumental. Good for films with a world theme. A new age celebration. It's a party, a carnival. A bright and happy track for a tropical adventure. Clean and solid with alot of energy. Instrumental, Reggae, Roots Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 453493 3:43 Fast

A REGGAE 7   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
lovers Rock Reggae Instrumental: Smooth dub at moderate tempo. Bright and jazzy. Modern with a nostalgic vibe. Great for movie/radio productions. Sweet brass and woodwinds, with the ever hypnotic reggae piano. Teen, children you name it. This island flavor brings a new world feel. Instrumental, Reggae, Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 527132 3:49 Medium

A SUNSET DIVA   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2011
Smooth RnB instrumental: Laid back track suitable for any production. From action to romantic. Smooth bass guitar and catchy acoustic guitar. Serenading strings and warm piano. Great for promos and commercials, Instrumental, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track 477738 3:50 Medium

A VIEW TO A THRILL   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2011
Upbeat Pop instrumental: Hypnotic acoustic guitars, organs, strings, solid drums and smooth bass. Works great as background music for any type of production. A wide spectrum of themes covered. From espionage to thirty something drama. Country to city life. Teen intervention documentaries. Saviour, Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop
Preview Track Full Track 472482 4:11 Med Slow

ACTION HIPHOP   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2009
Funky fresh hiphop instrumental dude. Jazzy in some aspects but very hard hitting. Drums, Bass, Guitar, Percussion & Synths. When it starts you can feel prelude and anticipation. Slamming and jamming. Great for action, thrillers and comedies, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Action Thriller Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 325026 3:46 Med Slow

AFRO-FUNK   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
upbeat Hiphop/RnB Instrumental: Jazzy and smooth with a pop feel. loaded with guitars, synths and strings. A solid electric bass and drums. Urban and funky. Good for romantic productions, radio jingles and film. Instrumental, RnB, RnB Pop
Preview Track Full Track 529951 3:30 Med Slow

AGONY AND GUILT   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2011
Vibrant Pop instrumental: Bitter sweet, emotional with suspenful piano, ghostly choir, sad strings and modern drum arrangement. Works great in any scene that involves heavy thought or tragedy. Scenes that depict struggle to triumph. Also suited for radio productions. Children/ family friendly. Instrumental, Pop, Pop Music
Preview Track Full Track 472483 3:53 Slow

ALLISON'S HIDEOUT   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2011
Celebratory in all aspects. Though there is a strong hiphop element there are strong jazz undertones. Its EastCoast, WestCoast its dance. Its a party with this one. Features horns, pianos, synths, drum and bass. Possibly background music for a chase or party scene. Erotic and hardcore love scenes. Instrumental, Dance, Dance-Pop
Preview Track Full Track 455899 3:57 Med Slow

ALWAYS HUMBLE   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2015
Laid back Reggae instrumental good for any production requiring background music. Groovy and bright suitable for productions about toddlers and children. Uptempo just enough for anything that is about passion or adult drama. Yet includes a little of the '70s funk for slow dance and nostalgia. Instrumental, Reggae, Contemporary Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 716570 4:28 Slow

ANNA'S DIARY   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
Pop instrumental: acoustic song with a jazzy/ rock appeal. Loaded with guitars and synths. Romantic and energetic. Smooth enough for productions requiring a serene mood, yet it has enough edge for scenes with alot of activities. Surfing, biking, driving you name it. Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Full Track 528977 3:44 Slow

BEACH PARTY   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2011
Smooth and bright Reggae instrumental: Combines elements of modern and traditional roots reggae. A fusion of lovers rock and contemporary reggae. Works great as background music for any production that needs to be energized. Instrumental, Reggae, Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 483150 3:54 Fast

CHILLAXING (GETTING OVER YOU)   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
Hip hop and R & B type funk. Super cool and phat. Great anthem for people feeling good. It's like poppin' your collar saying 'look at me!'. Guitar, synths, strings, Drums and Bass make it a tight rideout track. So i called 'shot gun' dawg. Take a listen yo. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Soul
Preview Track Full Track 320036 4:24 Slow

CHILLOUT   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
Uptempo, vibrant reggae. easy flowing and mellow mon. This is a hard thumping track intertwined with smooth melodies. Strawberries in chocolate, swing in the hammock to driving with the convertible top down. In every sense the focus is to get you to chillout brethrens. Sax, acoustic guitar and more, Instrumental, Reggae, Lovers Rock
Preview Track Full Track 535638 3:50 Slow

CLEOPATRA (INSTRUMENTAL)   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2009
Lovers rock reggae instrumental. Has a laid back feel to it. Complete with a one drop drum pattern. Guitars keys and bass. Cool for corporate listening and jamming enough for the clubs. Suitable for productions about love or satisfaction, Instrumental, Reggae, Lovers Rock
Preview Track Full Track 364041 3:06 Medium

CLEOPATRA SONG   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2009
Spunky love tale done in a 'Sing-Jay' Vocal style. Creative, appealing, contemporary and committed. Giving love and respect to a mom. Deep love and attraction. Timeless passion for a goddess. Good for times when you need to chillout. Male Vocals, Reggae, Lovers Rock
Preview Track Full Track 364046 3:06 Medium

COAST TO COAST   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2011
Hiphop Instrumental: East/West Coast style hiphop. The down south boom with the New York Flava. Backed up by the West Coast freshness. Great for any professional production. From film to TV instrumental. Sitcoms, teen drama and mobsters. Very rich urban appeal. Instrumental, Hip Hop, East Coast. This Track Licensable Exclusively At This Web Site!
Preview Track Full Track 480645 4:01 Med Slow

COUNTRY COMES TO TOWN   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2011
Modern lovers rock: busy but smooth. Filled with pianos, organs, guitars, percussion, flutes. We threw the whole band at this one. Yet it stays simple and is very easy to follow. Great for slow dancing scenes. The calm before the storm, Instrumental, Reggae, Lovers Rock
Preview Track Full Track 504785 4:06 Med Fast

CURIOUS BEN   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2011
Electronic/Hiphop instrumental: Laid back funky and jovial. Includes retro synths and modern elements. Great background music for cartoons and children programs. Clean wholesome fun. Instrumental, Cartoon, Cartoon Dance
Preview Track Full Track 480644 4:35 Fast

DANCING MACHINE   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2011
Upbeat yet smooth instrumental: Lies between the borders of hiphop and RnB. Medium tempo track capturing the sound of modern and earlier eras. Done in D Major its lively enough to be used in a variety of productions. From movies to video games. Good interjection for scenes that reflect, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Electro-Orchestral
Preview Track Full Track 461190 4:33 Med Slow

DAWN OF CONFRONTATION   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2013
A fusion of rock, pop and reggae. Dubwise and versatile. A smooth blend of electric guitars and vintage keys. The story is in the music. From dreamy to edgy. Hypnotic and triumphant. Punk rockers welcome. From mainstream to retro, steel dawn to morning fog and still waters. This is next level reggae, Instrumental, Reggae, Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 621548 4:10 Med Slow

DEEP HOP   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
A modern piece with retro qualities. a fusion of hard hitting hiphop drums and round bass. Filled with percussion, ethnic sounds and flutes. New York with a touch of the orient. Brass hits and turntables. A fun filled instrumental, suitable for productions that have a metro vibe. Works for family... Instrumental, Hip Hop, East Coast
Preview Track Full Track 536599 4:25 Med Slow

DUB IT DREADY   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
Solid instrumental in dub roots reggae. A slice of yesteryear with a touch of modern flavors. Round bass with the hypnotic strum, complimented by a sweet organ, filling guitars and bold brass section. Jammin' and groving suitable for productions that need to add some life and soul to its theme. Instrumental, Reggae, Roots Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 532771 4:35 Slow

ENCHANTED   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2013
Is it magical or mystical? One thing for certain, these warm tones and textures will entice the soul. A full mix of popular and ethnic sounds to entertain your spirits. This is the magic of reggae, the ability to "take the shape of the glass". Crossover as much as you like as long as you like. Instrumental, Reggae, Contemporary Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 622744 4:32 Slow

EVENING BREEZE   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2013
If the word organic ever fit a track this is the perfect time for it. Warm an easy cool and deadly is this earthy and warm track. call it contemporary, call it lovers rock, call it urban. In the end this is reggae. Relax and groove to this heart pounding mellow track, just to keep you irie. Instrumental, Reggae, Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 617939 4:21 Slow

EVERYONE'S HAPPY INSTRUMENTAL   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2009
Traditional Roots Reggae Instrumental. Slow to medium but jamming. The band was thrown at this one, comes loaded with instruments. Calm, flowing groove. Tropical, cool and irie. Instrumental, Reggae, Smooth Reggae
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 329580 4:00 Slow

FUN APPROACH   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2013
Time to jam with this slammin' reggae track. Festive, bold, modern and cultural. Who says you can't have it all. Be on the edge, be cool, be happy, be calm but most of all be happy. Feel some of the 70's roots of reggae and be irie mon. Instrumental, Reggae, Roots Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 601196 4:23 Medium

GOD IS REAL INSTRUMENTAL   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
Inspiration comes form the one and only true God. When making reggae music at times you fall into the basic chop-chuck which makes everything sound the same. Well with inspiration from God the chop-chuck is married perfectly with pianos and guitars and a organ. Quite a change from the regular, Instrumental, Reggae, Reggae Gospel
Preview Track Full Track 548041 3:16 Med Slow

GOD IS REAL SONG   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
Many people have never felt the power of the Holy Ghost. Some people have witnessed others passing out in a church service after being prayed for, some think it as all an act. my friends, it is real. Just research the life and work of Peter Gammon, Wigglesworth and others, You will be amazed. Male Vocals, Reggae, Reggae-Pop
Preview Track Full Track 550848 3:15 Med Slow

HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU ( INSTRUMENTAL)   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2009
Smooth roots reggae instrumental with medium tempo. Modern sound with the usual drums, brass, bass, piano, organ and mellow guitars. World track with West Indian influences;Upbeat, motivational and inspirational. Great for Corporate Video, Sports Events, Web Media Productions, tv and film, Instrumental, Reggae, Roots Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 363734 5:05 Very Slow

HE MADE THE LIGHT   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2011
Cool Reggae instrumental: Filled with traditional elements and modern lovers rock. A fusion of all respected reggae styles. Jam along with the traditional horn section, bass, electric guitars and percussion. Great for any production needing an instrumental. Especially a sunset party scene. Instrumental, Reggae, Roots Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 504784 4:18 Medium

HEART AND SOUL   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2008
R&B Instrumental with a mixture of modern and classic sounds. Has a bright yet mellow tone and as usual that phat bass and punchy drums. Beautiful, mellow and soulful. Ideal for commercials, youth programs, sitcoms etc. Warm electric pianos/rhodes just compliment the emotions persuaded by this beat. Instrumental, RnB, Smooth Soul
Preview Track Full Track 318952 5:15 Slow

HEARTY PARTY   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
Its a party. A perfect fusion of electronica, hiphop, funk, dance and to some degree jazz. Warm horns and synths, take the lead; complimented by smooth bass and groovy drums. The result is a supersonic beat. Works in any production that has a jovial theme. Party on dudes! Instrumental, Hip Hop, Alternative Rap
Preview Track Full Track 537410 3:40 Med Slow

HIPHOP 8   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
Sweet hiphop instrumental. Eastcoast style with a touch of electronica. For those times when you feel proud. This is what I call ' rolling deep ' music. Phat synth and string sounds. Smooth bass line with a warm and easy kick. Oh yeah, this is party music. get your groove on partner, Instrumental, Hip Hop, East Coast
Preview Track Full Track 540510 4:05 Medium

HIPHOP FEVER   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
Oh yeah! Sweet hiphop. Streetwise meets sophistication. You want swagger? You've got it. Groovy enough for dancing, while smooth and fresh for commercials. Strings, guitar chops, drums, percussion and electric bass. Suitable for commercials that are teen centric. Instrumental, Hip Hop, East Coast
Preview Track Full Track 537722 4:25 Medium

HIPHOP SEVEN   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
'Phat' hiphop instrumental. Medium/ medium fast tempo with a laid back vibe. If you feel like dancing or chilling this beat is both crunk and smooth. Great for radio shows, ads, you name it. The air of sophistication make this a perfect match for corporate and advertisement that target teens. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Instrumental
Preview Track Full Track 538445 3:25 Med Slow

HIPTRACK   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2010
Great hiphop track that has a new school feel with old school elements. Plenty of synths, keys, scratches, brass hits, hard hitting drums and percussion. Very clean and open. making worthy of modern day professional commercials. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Party Rap & Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 432651 4:16 Med Slow

HUMPHREY'S LIFE   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2011
A laid back but busy hiphop instrumental. Packed with guitars, synths, horns and ofcourse the usual hard hitting drums and bass. Love scenes, family reunion and cook out. Great for Adult entertainment. VIP lounge. The mood set by this track make it suitable for any scene. From nostalgic to happy. Instrumental, Electronic, Electro Hop
Preview Track Full Track 458640 4:06 Med Slow

I CAN'T HAVE U   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
Dance Inst: Uptempo and urban. Jazzy, crunk and fresh. Featuring electric bass, drums, electric piano, synths and sax. Good for Action, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Adult and Teen drama / intervention, Video Games, New age films, Credits, TV Show Instrumental, Web/ flash animation and Music production, Instrumental, Science Fiction, Space Disco
Preview Track Full Track 530809 3:38 Med Slow

IF YOU WANT ME   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
Smooth grooving, fresh, funky and R&B joins hip-hop to produce a beckoning of love. This sensual instrumental is so invigorating it makes emotions erupt. Though comforting it makes you want to rock your body. Sweet tantalizing guitar hooks. It is just complete fun. Instrumental, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track 322958 4:00 Med Slow

I'LL TAKE YOU AWAY   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2010
Fun filled track with orchestral strings, synths and a variety of native percussion. Not to mention the hard hitting bass played on an electric guitarand drums that make this truly a jamming dance track.The vastness of this sound make it possible to pass as hiphop,pop or dancehall reggae. Instrumental, Reggae, Contemporary Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 414003 2:57 Med Slow

ISIAH 53   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
Roots reggae with just enough brass to keep things interesting. A big bright sound fusing the past with the modern punchy vibe. a bit bitter sweet but overall has a cheerful character. Great for motivational productions, house of worship and venues of praises. Instrumental, Reggae, Reggae Gospel
Preview Track Full Track 563765 4:16 Medium

ISLAND REGGAE   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
There are times when you want to cheer up, and be festive without having to throw a party. Times when you are tired and just want to relax. Problem is you are not ready to go to sleep, hence the music has to keep you awake plus relax you. Well this warm reggae track is just what the doctor ordered. Instrumental, Reggae, Roots Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 542164 3:46 Medium

ISLAND STYLE 5   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
It's time to jam with saxophones and trumpets, backed with a slamming reggae groove. Mellow guitars ever present to compliment. Can someone shout percussion! Amen. this bright roots reggae track will find itself at home in any upbeat, motivational production. From political to romance. One love frie, Instrumental, Reggae, Roots Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 542810 3:29 Medium

ISLAND STYLE 6   (by Wayne Dawkins )  Composed: 2012
Lively, lively. Bright and happy is the vibe as we dub it in reggae style. Uptempo with a big sound. A blend of the 80's and 90's era. smooth solid bass line and warm punchy drums. A mid-section loaded with clasic reggae sounds. Great for productions seeking that irie vibe. One love and peace. Instrumental, Reggae, Roots Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 543352 3:50 Med Fast
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