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Chuck Henry

Home: Hollywood, CA US

Hollywood recording artist, producer and composer Chuck Henry's list of credits ranges from radio, network and cable television, national commercials, and independent and festival films. Chuck writes for many hit MTV reality shows and documentaries. Other TV shows include Walker Texas Ranger (CBS), the closing theme song for the new Let's Make a Deal (CBS), Amazing Race (CBS), All My Children (ABC), Access Hollywood (NBC), LA Forensics (Court TV), Unique Whips (FOX Speed Channel), Burn Notice (USA), and Property Ladder (TLC), to name a few.

Chuck Henry signed with Etherean Records as "World Radio" in 2005, and his debut album entitled "Evolution" won World Music Album of the Year and Best Overall Album of the Year at the 2006 Visionary Awards.

Other television shows featuring Chuck's music include Cities of the Underworld (History Channel), Jeremy Piven's Journey of a Lifetime (Discovery), The Kathy Griffin Show (Bravo), Behind the Music (VH1), Dr. 90210 (E!), and many others. He has also scored a host of award-winning independent films as well as national commercials. In addition, Chuck produces the music for Dita Von Teese, the world renowned international burlesque star.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Chuck Henry
Action | African | Dangerous | Dramatic | Electronic | Hip Hop | Jazz | RnB |

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ALL MY PEOPLE   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2008
An eclectic mix of fun, funky 60's Go-Go music with a modern rap. Male Rap, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track 425355 1:48 Med Fast

BALLISTIC   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2008
Slammin', in yo face, gangsta instrumental hip hop track -- dark and ominous. Urban TV and Film productions, street fights, drug deals, settling alley beefs, pimp strutting, gangsta low riders, mob hit, crime scene, CSI lab evidence, The First 48, pole dancing, strip joints, street smart, attitude. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Dramatic Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 315477 1:47 Med Slow

BOA   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2010
Ominous and gangsta like hip hop with dizzying FX. Big, booming vocal hits and a mean bridge that builds in intensity with a rising psycho orchestra. Determined Foreboding MTV Underscore Urban Boom Hits Intense Anxious Bold Dark Sinister Tense, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Instrumental
Preview Track Full Track 424751 1:38 Med Slow

C-PUNK   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2010
Hip Hop meshed with old school funk. This tracks combines a modern hip hop groove with retro funk drums, big Tower of Power horns put through weird f/x, screaming guitars, funk bass, and electronic dance elements. Extremely unique and versatile. Instrumental, Electronic, Big Beat
Preview Track Full Track 424619 2:54 Medium

DRONESPHERE 2   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2008
Tension, tension, and more tension -- this is what you would hear on a reality show in that intense moment of deliberation...or when someone's ass is on the line for elimination! YOU'RE FIRED!! Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music
Preview Track Full Track 317781 2:19 Slow

KICKS   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2006
G-Funk styled hip hop with "Kicks in the Bass" lyrics. Great feel and vibe and works great in MTV-styled and youth oriented reality programs. Male Rap & Vocals, Hip Hop, West Coast Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 317728 3:03 Medium

KNOCKOUT   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2010
Big Epic Blockbuster Movie Trailer Music. Driving electro orchestral cue for fast action, high intensity, and super charged dramatic scenes. Chases, dramatic dynamic thrilling pounding spirited soaring climactic. Hot wild heroic builds quickly and keeps going. Ye-haa, this is red-hot music! Instrumental, Action, Action Adventure Pending
Preview Track Full Track 424671 1:35 Med Fast

KRYPT   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2009
Foreboding hip hop underscore which mixes orchestral and urban elements together seamlessly. Sinister and creepy with ominous pads and effects and a cool percussive groove. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Dramatic Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 316465 1:49 Slow

MOMENT OF TRUTH   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2009
Suspenseful, dramatic, and electrifying. . . this is the quintessential cue for that moment of tension or deliberation as on shows such as "The Apprentice" or "Survivor". Dramatic, electric, and ethereal suspense with big percussion and lots of textures. Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music
Preview Track Full Track 424618 2:20 Fast

MOULIN ROUGE   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2008
Upbeat and spicy lounge/exotica track. Saucy, sexy, swinging and playful -- this song is in the "Exotica" style of the ultra hip cocktail lounge music of the 50's and 60's. Frenchy, Euro Party. Sassy, thrilling romantic. Making love, whispering sweet nothings, playing under the sheets. Instrumental, Jazz, Exotica
Preview Track Full Track 315957 3:26 Med Slow

PHUNKY WASABI   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2010
Cool, brassy, and bold -- acid jazz with big band funk…powerful brass section and super grooving rhythm section. Instrumental, Jazz, Acid Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 424686 4:44 Med Slow

PIMP JUICE   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2010
Big, Tower of Power horns belting out riffs over some slammin' drums, slap bass, and wah wah guitars make this a methodical funk track with a determined attitude and an edge. Funk Funky Retro 70's Cool Retro Jazz Pounding Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory MTV Reality Road Rules Real World The Challenge, Instrumental, RnB, Funk
Preview Track Full Track 424761 1:37 Med Slow

RUMBA DE L'AFRIQUE   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2010
Combining the music of vastly different cultures, this fuses Spanish Flamenco, Middle Eastern, African & Indian elements into one song along with Western pop, Electronica & Jazz. Lush vocals, hot brass, exotic sexy rich and alluring. Jazzy Travel, Tribal, Islands, Tropical, Documentary, Mixed Vocals, African, African Contemporary
Preview Track Full Track 425473 4:20 Med Slow

TANGLED WEB   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2010
Mysterious with a hint of mischief and frivolity, this is great for that moment of suspense when you need a touch of darkness and light-heartedness at the same time. Instrumental, Action, Impending Pending Music
Preview Track Full Track 424926 1:43 Slow

THE SHADOW   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2004
Suspenseful and whimsical horror cue! Reminiscent of "Tubular Bells" from "The Exorcist mixed with the theme from "Halloween" -- this track creates that eerie, foreshadowing, suspenseful yet whimsical mood for a modern day horror film. Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music
Preview Track Full Track 317921 4:09 Med Slow

VOLCANO   (by Chuck Henry )  Composed: 2010
Modern and dark instrumental hip hop track with synths, guitars, timpani, and FX. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Instrumental
Preview Track Full Track 425012 1:37 Med Slow
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