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Graham Pagano

Home: St. Louis, Missouri US

Missouri artist Graham Pagano brings us lots of GUITAR! Loud Rock guitar, smooth cry-baby wah guitar, upbeat Ska guitar, eerie Blues slide, rural acoustic Folk -- you get the idea. He also writes wonderfully demented instrumentals and radio-ready modern Rock songs featuring a variety of vocalists, as well as tracks with slick Urban grooves and edgy Experimental Electronica. Credits include a TV commercial for the 2010 World Cup, radio ads, video games, and feature film placements. If you need some hot guitar in your next project, you'll find it right here!

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Graham Pagano
Blues | Country | Dangerous | Dramatic | Electronic | Horror | New Age | Pop | Reggae | RnB | Rock | Soundalikes |

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ONE GOOD REASON TO QUIT (INSTRUMENTAL)   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2006
Loud, scary, fast, adrenaline fueled guitars. Zeppelin type Eastern influenced melodies. Beautifully heavy. Action scene, Video game potential. Instrumental, Horror, Horror Metal
Preview Track Variation (Instrumental) 323292 2:52 Slow

FAILURE IN DEMONS   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2006
SNAPPY POP-ROCK DRAMA / Thumping, crisp Eminem style hip-hop beat with funky electric distorted bass riff, rock guitars in minor key, and urgent Jagger like vocals. About a poor soul heading down the wrong road. BMI Work# 9734673. Male Vocals, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Full Track 345686 3:48 Med Slow

SHOTGUN RIDE   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2009
FULL THROTTLE ROCKER! / Roll tonight to the guitar bite!... No frills, adrenaline rush, LOUD rock music at a dangerous driving tempo. Angst ridden vocals. Available as instrumental. Great music for extreme sports, action, car chase, etc, Male Vocals, Rock, Hard Rock
Preview Track Full Track 327999 3:30 Med Fast

SHOTGUN RIDE (INSTRUMENTAL)   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 1998
FULL THROTTLE / HIGH OCTANE / PURE ROCK / Fast driving, fiery guitars. Loud, slamming drums. This is no frills, pedal to the metal rock! Ideal for chase scene or extreme sports video! Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock
Preview Track Variation (Instrumental) 338507 3:23 Med Fast

THE LONG HAUL   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2008
PUNCHY BOOGIE ROCK / Feel good, hard hitting, fast lane rocker about enduring the test of time. Loud guitars, catchy chorus. Extreme sports, NASCAR, bikers & their babes movies, Hell's Angels, bar fights, Harley trips, truckers, durability tests for vehicles or for parents.;-), Male Vocals, Rock, Boogie Rock
Preview Track Full Track 339717 3:26 Medium

FOSSILS   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2009
AFRICAN / QUIET TRIBAL / Subtle primitive background music featuring drums, claves, shakers. Rhythmic, mysterious, and suspenseful yet friendly. Fantastic background for documentary, educational piece, or video game. Instrumental, New Age, Techno-Tribal
Preview Track Full Track 349725 3:54 Med Slow

BAD KARMA'S BACKLASH   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2008
((( LOUD!!! ))) High energy motivated metal featuring screaming vocals and powerful dissonant rock guitars. Instrumental version available. Male Vocals, Soundalikes, Pantera
Preview Track Full Track (With Vocals) 319860 2:49 Slow

THE ELEVENTH HOUR   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2009
DYNAMIC, MOODY ROCK - Exotic tuned guitar builds a dramatic rainfall mood and climaxes in an unforgettable slam-dunk, bizarre, rock chorus. A little A la Pink Floyd / Led Zeppelin / Nine Inch Nails. Male Vocals, Rock, Modern Rock
Preview Track Full Track 323843 6:00 Med Fast

LURKING PLACES   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2004
PRODUCTION / DRAMATIC / STRANGE / Unconventional spooky background music. Trippy, pulsing loop with eerie slide guitar and uneasy, Oriental string plucks. Skittish tribal percussion. Like something hideous about to wreak havoc, or passover... Instrumental, Dangerous, Psychedelic
Preview Track Full Track 339708 4:32 Medium

SUMMER ROAD TRIP   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2008
ROLLING ACOUSTIC GUITAR instrumental with zany talking wah-wah guitar. The bag's are packed, time for a summer road trip. This piece moves along happily with 2 acoustics, shakers, and a sparse touch of lyrical electric guitar phrases. Instrumental, New Age, New Age Acoustic
Preview Track Full Track 343714 2:33 Medium

THEY WILL BITE   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2010
Militant rock stomp featuring fat edgy guitars, aggressive drums, and unusual backwards guitar. A la Filter, Nine Inch Nails. Male Vocals, Horror, Horror Metal
Preview Track Full Track (With Vocals) 327413 4:16 Medium

THEY WILL BITE (INSTRUMENTAL)   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2009
GUNS BLAZING!!! / Get yer stomp on to this cool rocker featuring aggressive drums, loud raging guitars, and flip the tape over trippy sound effects. Similar to Nine Inch Nails, Filter. Ideal for extreme sports, chase, action, adventure... Instrumental, Horror, Horror Metal
Preview Track Variation (Instrumental) 338504 3:48 Medium

GLASSY CELLO PAD   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2009
SLOW DRAMATIC CELLO over dreamy, glassy, ambient pad. Like something is stirring, and a change, an awakening, or a major revelation is taking place. Quiet moments for self-reflection or decision making. Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 349591 1:35 Med Slow

MOONBEAM   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2004
STRANGELY RELAXING eerie, sci-fi guitar instrumental. Features unique, echoey laptop slide guitar, clean arpeggiated guitar, and crisp, slow tempo bass & drums. Band sound is similar to the Police. Instrumental, Pop, Dream Pop
Preview Track Full Track 350046 1:59 Slow

CHEATER   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2006
Scary, powerful, creeping rock song about a swindling lover. Slow and eerie slide guitar, thick, crawling heavy metal band sound. Dark, twisted... Male Vocals, Horror, Horror Metal
Preview Track Full Track 324679 3:50 Slow

LOOSE LEAF   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2008
SOLITUDE / QUIET, DREAMY / Gigantic, reverb drenched, slow solitary guitar licks, like Hendrix warming up in a large empty hall. Chill music. Zoned out, loose, introspective psychedelic blues. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Jimi Hendrix
Preview Track Full Track 338628 3:36 Mixed

PSYCHEDELIC GUITAR WAIL   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2008
Screaming, hot, electric guitar wailing slow piercing melody over backwards distorted drum loop. A la Hendrix. Instrumental, Horror, Horror Metal
Preview Track Full Track 338625 1:33 Medium

KING KONG & THE GOLDEN GIRL   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2004
SUPER SMOOTH / SUPER COOL / A hip jungle story narrated over jazzy hip-hop groove. Features a quietly funky wah-wah guitar meowing over live bass and a laid back beat. Street smart but clean. Also available as instrumental. Male Vocals, Pop, Pop Groove
Preview Track Full Track (with vocals) 346925 3:18 Med Slow

NECK DEEP IN LOVE   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2004
SMOOTH R&B / Pour your heart out over these silky major 7th "love" chords with delicious wah-wah guitar, melodic bass and laid back drums. A la Stevie Wonder, Prince…, Instrumental, RnB, Smooth Soul
Preview Track Full Track 355696 3:40 Very Fast

KEEP YER PEACE   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2008
UNPLUGGED / Raw, acoustic, shouting blues number about resisting temptations. Old school, primitive - strictly guitar and vocals. 3 chords and the truth. Hot male vocals, attitude, swager, kick-ass good times. All about temptation desire sin peace God forgiveness and consequences. Male Vocals, Blues, Country Blues
Preview Track Full Track 327315 3:12 Medium

CLOCKWORK   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2008
THE CLOCK IS TICKING! / Like waiting for an answer on Jeopardy, or a zany scientist at work in a secret laboratory. . . A subtle, mechanical, electronic piece featuring steel drums, xylophone, and chime sounds. Instrumental, Electronic, Experimental
Preview Track Full Track 352596 3:26 Medium

BE NICE   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2004
MOVING & GROOVING! / Highly danceable pop rock song about changing one's way of thinking. Gotta live in the positive. Features upbeat reggae, ska guitar, funky wah-wah bass, crispy tight rock drums, and a delicious slide guitar solo. Funny campy Romantic Comedy, buddy movie, dark humor, sitcom. Male Vocals, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Full Track 321072 3:12 Medium

CORONA BREEZE   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2008
TRANQUIL surf side instrumental featuring clean, reflective, electric guitar chords, talking bongos mic'd through a phaser, shakers, and a smooth, melodic electric bass line. Instrumental, Rock, Soft Rock
Preview Track Full Track 352864 2:17 Med Slow

IT'S ALL ABOUT ME   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2004
LIVELY SKA / Sarcastic, punk/ska song about the selfish kind. Absolute high energy, with zany, fast moving, catchy rock chorus, and quirky slide guitar solo. Male Vocals, Reggae, Ska
Preview Track Full Track 352957 3:05 Med Slow

QUIT COMPLAINING   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2008
QUIT COMPLAINING!!! / A fun, fast, rocking, singalong song with a universal message. Performed as an upbeat, one man acoustic jam. Simple yet profound. Male Vocals, Country, Alt Country
Preview Track Full Track 352880 1:53 Medium

GRAND CANYON   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2004
RELAXING instrumental featuring deep canyon echo sounds, shimmering, sparkling clean guitar chords, and clean, crisp big beat drums and bass. Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 352582 3:42 Medium

RAINY DAYS   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2009
MELANCHOLY / BIG BEAT / HIP HOP groove. Similar to Eminem's "Stan". Features minor key, droning acoustic melody, subtle wah wah, and raindrop sounding lead guitar over slamming, thumping drum-n-bass. Instrumental, RnB, Groove
Preview Track Full Track 367583 3:21 Med Slow

SCORCHING LATIN   (by Graham Pagano )  Composed: 2009
FIERY!!! SIZZLING Latin instrumental featuring fast hand clapping beat, racing acoustic guitars, and searing hot electric guitar melody. Arousing, mouth-watering and extremely catchy! Instrumental, Rock, Latin Rock
Preview Track Full Track 367594 3:12 Med Fast
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