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Danny Rules

Home: Fresno, California US

Based in California, Danny Rules is a talented composer, songwriter, and sound designer for Film, TV, Advertising, Internet, and all other Media formats. He writes in the Rock, Alternative, Pop, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Melodic Rock, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal genres, as well as Dramatic scores with styles including Action, Suspense, Horror, Science Fiction, Comedy, and Adventure. Danny's classical training combined with 20 years of real-world experience makes him an invaluable asset to our clients.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Danny Rules
Action | Dance | Dangerous | Dramatic | Electronic | Hip Hop | Horror | Indie Rock | Middle East | Pop | Rock | UK Bass |

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TYRANNY   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Tyranny is a story about the overwhelming power of sexuality. It is a dark rock song with a lot of trip hop influence. Subtle and crisp vocals and very catchy lyrics. Very modern and professional. Male Vocals, Indie Rock, Industrial Rock
Preview Track Full Track 275888 4:03 Med Fast

MAFIA CIRCUS   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Perfect for that Italian feeling, quirky yet astute, this piece delivers an immediate sense of setting to your listener. Dark comedy, assassination plots, family loyalties, murder, mob hit, pay back. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival
Preview Track Full Track 275255 3:45 Medium

THOUGHTFUL REFLECTION   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Deeply thoughtful and pensive piano melody. Ambient backround sounds. Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 282685 2:10 Medium

APPLE   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
An epic acoustic composition, featuring beautiful chord progressions and an emotional climax make this live recording a immediate mood setter, Instrumental, Indie Rock, Experimental Rock
Preview Track Segue 275877 7:34 Med Fast

WEAST COAST   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
One of our best. If you like hip-hop you will like this. All in-house samples and live instruments. This is what a biggie vs. tupac beat would sound like. So much room for verse and vocals. Its got horns, gangsta leads funk guitar and sick break downs. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Instrumental
Preview Track Segue 275871 3:23 Med Slow

MYSTICAL WALTZ   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
A twisted hapsicord melody turns into a mystical waltz. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music
Preview Track Full Track 282701 1:30 Medium

HOLLOW (LONG VERSION)   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Written Entirely in Reason, this track features Sade like bass & drums with a razor sharp guitar melody to make this song one that elicits a setting a stage and a mood instantly... enjoy. Instrumental, Dramatic, Smooth Music
Preview Track Full Track 275242 5:42 Slow

THE VILLAINS PLOT   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2013
The Villains conspire to defeat Batman once and for all as the fast paced ominous low strings play a driving riff the spells doom for our hero. Danny Elfman Style Horns crescendo at odd times foreshadowing the final days of crime fighting for Batman. Then heroic Hans Zimmer like brass brings hope. Instrumental, Action, Impending Orchestral
Preview Track Full Track 629626 1:41 Med Fast

ALCHEMY   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
This is a hybrid of rock and electronic styles. Featuring congas synths guitar bass and drums. Instrumental, Dramatic, Electronic Music
Preview Track Full Track 282703 4:58 Med Fast

B   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
A single synth note playing in B is well suited to add a soundscape to any production. Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 282702 3:19 Mixed

VISION   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Chopped up hip hop beat. Samples played in a rhythm. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop (pending cat.)
Preview Track Stinger 283050 3:37 Mixed

BAD   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Bad is exactly what it says it is... Big big bass, amazing melody and the mood it puts you in is nothing short of being in complete control. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop (pending cat.)
Preview Track Loop 275869 2:29 Very Fast

MURDOCK   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Running bass, chase sceen or sequence. Action, spy-movie, cool, con-man, heist, burglar, ... these are all included in the track "Murdock" written for your film. Horns included free. Instrumental, UK Bass, DnB
Preview Track Loop 275883 4:45 Med Slow

SCORPIO 2.0   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Dr. dre like, includes bells slow beat west coast eminem slim shaddy style melody. Instrumental piece very proffessional, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop (pending cat.)
Preview Track Stinger 275885 2:50 Med Slow

RISING TOWARD HEAVEN   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Epic accent toward heaven featuring etheral synths, Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Loop 277175 1:36 Med Fast

THE HOSTAGES   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
All electronic, this piece creates suspense and resolves into a serious sense of purpose. Instrumental, Dramatic, Smooth Music
Preview Track Full Track 275256 2:11 Med Slow

ALIVE   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Rock drums drive a wicked bass line and meet paths with a synth to make a beautiful combination for a modern electronic rock song. Perfect for Commercial use! Instrumental, Pop, Alt Pop
Preview Track Loop 277171 1:37 Slow

HOLLOW (SHORT VERSION)   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Smooth Sade-like Bass and Drums, with a Deftones soubding Guitar melody, finally a symphonic string section sweeps through this dark and minor melody to complete this very serious hybrid-electronic piece I call "Another Hollow Night". Instrumental, Electronic, Ambient (pending)
Preview Track Segue 277564 2:00 Slow

FUNK EXPLORER   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Funk music played through a tiny speaker, but wait it has the most psykadelic guitar lead you've ever heard. Featuring drums guitar bass and organ riffin it out while the lead guitar takes some drugs and starts wailing. Instrumental, Rock, Funk Rock
Preview Track Segue 275881 3:57 Med Slow

CONTAIN THE MACHINE   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Long dark and industrial. Hard guitar lines and a crowd chanting. This song is angry and aggressive. Electronic and heavy. Instrumental, Electronic, Industrial (pending)
Preview Track Full Track 275887 7:27 Med Slow

LOW FLY   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Reminds me of a luxury car commercial. Its glamorous and sophisticated it features a house beat with a chill bass line that keeps your head bobbing as if you were listening to the track in your brand new BMW coupe. Instrumental, Dance, House music
Preview Track Segue 275880 4:15 Med Slow

PAYBACK'S A BITCH   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
This is a great beat with a bouncy bass line and west coast beat, bob your head and then be amazed by the melodic composition of gangsta leads flutes and hard syth leads. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop (pending cat.)
Preview Track Segue 275884 3:14 Medium

SOMETIME   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
R&B Pop song in the style of Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, etc, Instrumental, Pop, Pop Music
Preview Track Loop 283048 4:08 Med Slow

THE RABBIT HOLE   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Dark and twisted use of trip hop vs. a symphony, scary and treacherous this song is driving you to insanity while haunting chills run through your body it maintains its musical beauty. Over 5 minutes of awesome production. Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music
Preview Track Full Track 275266 5:19 Slow

DARK EPIC ELECTRONIC JAM   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Instrumental, Electronic, Progressive Electronic
Preview Track Segue 275878 3:32 Med Slow

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
The concept behind this track was to pit a full symphony against a drum and bass animal against a computer bit life form. Fast intense and unrellenting. A hybrid of old and new score techniques. Action is the passion behind this track. Instrumental, UK Bass, DnB
Preview Track Full Track 275873 3:36 Med Slow

THE HASH BAR   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Hip Hop, Hip Hop (pending cat.)
Preview Track Full Track 275875 3:08 Med Slow

REAL SHIT   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Hip hop beat in the style of nas or j-z. features horns strings and great sampling. Instrumental, Hip Hop, East Coast
Preview Track Stinger 283049 3:23 Med Slow

CLASSIC POP LOVE SONG "OLDIES"   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Very pretty pop ballad, nice string melody accompanied by a up-beat bass line sit on top of this happy beat. Great production. Instrumental, Pop, Pop Ballad
Preview Track Full Track 275879 2:29 Very Fast

THE MIDDLE EASTERN KOOL-AID ACID TEST   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Fast hindi bass line with harps strings and tablas. Instrumental, Middle East, Middle-East
Preview Track Segue 275882 3:26 Very Fast

WIZZ WURP   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Preview Track Segue 275874 3:54 Mixed

THE GENERIC HIP HOP BEAT (HERO BEAT)   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
A repetitive hip hop track. Features an orchestral hit along with a west coast beat. Ideal for Reality Tv, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Instrumental
Preview Track Segue 282686 1:30 Med Slow
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Artist Keywords: Composer, film, score, soundtrack, instruments, producer, hip-hop, industrial, ambient, dance, award, winning, multi-talented, singer, drummer

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