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Apollo Symphony Orchestra

Home: UK

The Apollo Symphony Orchestra is a real orchestra assembled to provide a huge resource of classical music for production soundtrack usage.  Comprised of the finest classical musicians and singers from the UK and Europe, Apollo has recorded works over a three-year period with a variety of ensemble sizes from Chopin solo piano tracks, a cappella choral works, chamber orchestra pieces, to full Beethoven Symphonies. Covering concerto, ballet, religious choral music and opera, as well as Baroque, Romantic and 20th Century periods, Apollo is tops in Classical!

Works from over 40 composers are represented such as Bach, Dvorak, Elgar, Handel, Holst, Liszt, Mozart, Puccini, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Vivaldi, Wagner, and many more -- even some Sousa marches have been recorded.

The first batch of material released in 2007 meant that around 60 hours of the finest classical pieces were made available. Frequent updates are planned to add further music to their vast catalogue.

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