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Jean-Pierre Lantieri

Home: Kuala Lumpur, MY

Jean-Pierre Lantieri is a unique French artist with an Asian heart who fell in love with the mysterious wonders of South-East Asia. Finding his muse in this part of the world where sunshine and beautiful smiles greet you, he enjoys the enigmatic beliefs, ceremonies and religious happenings of local people from all of Asia. Gathering here and there new ideas while experiencing first-hand the music and culture, Jean-Pierre inspires the people around him with his refreshingly universal music.

A refreshing Ethnic Electronic fusion of Eastern tradition with Western groove.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Jean-Pierre Lantieri
Action | African | Asian | Brazilian | Chinese | Dance | Dangerous | Dramatic | Electronic | European | Indie Rock | Japanese | Latin | Middle East | New Age | Pop | Spiritual | UK Bass |

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7TH   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2007
Return to the past, or reinventing the 2nd movement of Beethoven's 7th symphony. Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music, Ludwig van Beethoven
Preview Track Full Track 259347 4:21 Med Fast

AFRICAN SAGA   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2008
The catchy rhythm of this world beat piece is humanized by African voices and shouts echoing each other. Vocal Samples, African, African Traditional
Preview Track Full Track 319073 3:27 Med Fast

AWAKENING   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2007
New Age piece a la Vangelis, with synths, bells and timpanis. Instrumental, New Age, New Age Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 260256 3:24 Medium

CAPOEIRA   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2008
An updated blend has been added to live street performances of some street shows of Capoeira, the famous Brazilian martial art. Vocal Samples, Brazilian, Capoeira
Preview Track Full Track 313747 4:32 Medium

CRESCENDO   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2006
An ambient trance track, gradually building up from lush pads to tripping trance, while keeping a light and easy atmosphere. Instrumental, Dance, Trance
Preview Track Full Track 255654 5:09 Med Fast

DESTINATION ENJOY   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2008
Popish happy Asian instrumental. Instrumental, Asian, Asian
Preview Track Full Track 313786 4:06 Medium

EARTH CONSCIENCE   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2007
Both soothing and a bit melancholic, the idea of this piece is to brings to our conscience the beauty of our planet together with a bit of nostalgia for what is sadly disappearing from it. Instrumental, New Age, New Age Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 258725 2:56 Med Slow

EAT RICE DRINK WINE   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2006
Resting under the palm trees looking at the rice fields in rural Laos. Instrumental, Asian, Asian
Preview Track Full Track 255980 3:28 Med Slow

FAIRY TALE   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2006
New age piece articulated around a soft flute in an Asian, almost primitive, environment. Instrumental, New Age, New Age Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 255653 2:33 Med Slow

FAR   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2002
A party with the celtic druids. A happy celtic violin driving a mid tempo pop ballad. Instrumental, European, Scotland
Preview Track Full Track 261916 2:46 Medium

FREE   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2007
Speedy rhythm inspired from free parties. Instrumental, UK Bass, DnB
Preview Track Full Track 259761 3:30 Very Fast

FROM SHADOW TO LIGHT   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2008
The emotion of this lounge piece with an asian feel is certainly coming from its female opera voice. Female Vocals, Dangerous, Mysterious Music
Preview Track Full Track 273603 4:00 Med Slow

GEISHA   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2006
This orchestrated piece describes the life of a geisha in the traditional Japan: childhood dreams, apprenticeship, fame and jealousy from others, accomplishment, and finally peaceful retirement. Instrumental, Japanese, Japan
Preview Track Full Track 242282 3:16 Mixed

HIMALAYA CLUB   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2008
Energetic world beat piece with asian flutes, mongolian morinhur violin, kalimba and nepalese chants on strong western beats. Instrumental, Asian, Asian
Preview Track Full Track 274673 4:03 Medium

HISPANIA   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2003
An instrumental pop song on the Spanish flamenco side with brass hooks and an evocative cello melody. Instrumental, Latin, Spanish Music
Preview Track Full Track 313528 3:31 Med Fast

I FEEL LOVE   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2007
An energetic house dance song, with a gospel flavor, with catchy vocals and Elgar violins hook. Female Vocals, Dance, House music
Preview Track Full Track 276435 3:24 Med Fast

I STILL LOVE YOU   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2006
Slow romantic instrumental song, sixties style. Instrumental, Pop, Easy Listening
Preview Track Full Track 270391 4:06 Very Slow

ISAN JOY   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2007
Isan, a province of North East Thailand, celebrates its identity through this happy song. Female Vocals, Asian, Thai Dramatic
Preview Track Full Track 255655 3:12 Med Fast

KEBYAR   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2001
The Balinese gamelans resonate in this trancey extract over drum beats, background pizzicatti strings and lush pads, and a haunting chinese flute. Instrumental, Asian, Asian
Preview Track Full Track 274771 5:30 Med Fast

LET THE PEOPLE DANCE   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2004
The title is self explanatory, and contains the only lyrics (computer generated) of this trance song. And yes, it's made for dancing. Male Vocals, Dance, Trance
Preview Track Full Track 261714 5:49 Med Fast

LOST   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2006
A lounge piece enhanced by the emotion brought by the ErHu (performed by famous Malaysian ErHu player Chan K.L.), a chinese violin with two strings. Haunting and mysterious, great piece for Asian dark, dramatic romance, intrigue or murder mystery. Back alley, walled-in claustrophobia. Instrumental, Asian, Asian
Preview Track Full Track 259351 3:24 Med Slow

MASQUERADE   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2006
A masquerade at the Moulin Rouge. Instrumental, Action, Action Adventure Pending
Preview Track Full Track 260940 2:22 Med Slow

MASQUERADE FINALE   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2006
Energetic piece, mixing some classical orchestration with nu metal elements. Instrumental, Indie Rock, Goth
Preview Track Full Track 256269 2:14 Very Fast

MELANCHOLY 2   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2008
Romantic melancholic piece (piano on soft strings), Instrumental, Dramatic, Romantic Music
Preview Track Full Track 321142 1:32 Slow

MONGOLIAN BEDOUIN   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2008
A Mongolian singer surrounded by Arabic violins in an energetic housey piece. Vocal Samples, Asian, Mongolia
Preview Track Full Track 313755 3:30 Med Fast

NUPTIAL MARCH   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2006
Bells, cathedral organ, choir,... that's for a solemn wedding. Instrumental, Spiritual, Inspirational
Preview Track Full Track 258412 3:21 Very Slow

OBSESSION   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2008
Soft, a bit dramatic and slightly dark Asian ambient piece. Instrumental, Electronic, Neo-Lounge
Preview Track Full Track 312758 4:09 Med Slow

SAD   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2005
Sad has been created soon after the tsunami that has marked the Indian ocean. Instrumental, Dramatic, Sad Music
Preview Track Full Track 276741 2:56 Med Slow

SCAPEGOAT   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2009
She's hiding. He's knows that she is hiding. He finds her, she escapes and run away. Hides again. More pursuit… More scary... Instrumental, Dangerous, Dangerous Music
Preview Track Full Track 336375 2:37 Medium

SPA   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2005
This relaxing piece would help ease the tensions of the stressed modern person while having a flower bath in an exotic spa. Instrumental, New Age, New Age Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 256698 3:41 Slow

STANDING IN THE NIGHT   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2008
Simple and efficient house instrumental with trancey marcatto strings. Instrumental, Dance, Hard House
Preview Track Full Track 274672 3:53 Med Fast

SUNDA RIVER   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2006
Lounge piece influenced by the music of the Sunda area in West Java, Indonesia. Instrumental, Asian, Asian
Preview Track Full Track 242364 2:32 Med Slow

TANGO MARIA   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2007
The famous Ave Maria from Gounod, completely revisited in tango style with the melody played on the ErHu (chinese violin). Instrumental, Latin, Tango, Charles Gounod
Preview Track Full Track 248189 2:30 Mixed

THE EXECUTION   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2008
Dramatic dark soundtrack full of marcato strings, organ, choir and timpani which could evoke the condemned walking to the guillotine. Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music
Preview Track Full Track 319097 1:46 Slow

THE GAME HUNT   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2008
A chase scene: hunting, chase, capture. Particularly suitable for animal scenes. Instrumental, Dangerous, Dangerous Music
Preview Track Full Track 313753 1:43 Medium

THE KING OF ANGKOR   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2004
Angkor (Cambodia), became one of the largest centers of hindu then buddist faiths. The flute in this piece has been recorded among these ancient ruins. Vocal Samples, Asian, Asian
Preview Track Full Track 252477 2:57 Med Slow

THE LAST EMPEROR   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2007
An imperial palace, a thousand of soldiers, hundreds of dignitaries, the crowd of the people, banners, and, on top, the main building of the palace with its huge carved wooden door. The Emperor comes through the main door, and will soon step down…, Instrumental, Chinese, Chinese Ethereal
Preview Track Full Track 248188 3:46 Med Slow

THE LONG MARCH   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2008
Quite solemn and strong piece, suitable for films/videos, with classical orchestration (strings marcato, timpani) , modern beats, and snippets of asian flute. Instrumental, Dramatic, Regal Orchestral
Preview Track Full Track 273605 3:15 Medium

THE ROSES OF ISPAHAN   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2002
A perfect marriage between the sweet and spicy flavor of Persian melodies with the Trance craze of the nineties. Instrumental, Middle East, Iran
Preview Track Full Track 261034 3:41 Med Fast

TRANS PACIFIC   (by Jean-Pierre Lantieri )  Composed: 2005
This energetic trance piece is enhanced by a strong male voice brought from the Pacific Ocean. Male Vocals, Dance, Trance
Preview Track Full Track 259495 2:28 Med Fast
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Artist Keywords: Asia, western, fusion, lounge, electronic, ethnic, travel, scores, commercial, movie

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