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Lee FitzSimmons

Home: Victoria, Texas US

Award-winning composer and producer Lee FitzSimmons is a renowned musician whose talents are an asset for our clients. With over 500 tracks in 21 musical genres and an exciting Sound Effects library, Lee uses the latest in digital recording technology. His multi-instrumentalist talent shines through in “Elegance in Motion,” a hot Pop Jazz number with elegant sax and good beats. And check out the sublime orchestral “Summer Seaside” and his dynamic “Medieval Metropolis,” with its animated woodwinds, arpeggio strings and harpsichord. Let Lee's music add color to your project!

Lee FitzSimmons is a talented multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, keyboards, saxophone, flute, bass, and percussion. He has scored, recorded and produced music for countless projects worldwide. Lee has also performed live with a large number of national artists, honing his musical talents in genres as diverse as Reggae, Classical and Rock.

After being awarded a scholarship for saxophone performance at the age of 18, Lee attended Berklee College of Music in Boston and studied music performance, composition, production, and music theory. Following Berklee, Lee attended the University of North Texas to further enhance his musical abilities. He is a talented musician and extremely savvy about sequencer programming and digital recording technology -- assuring that his tracks are of the very highest quality.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Lee FitzSimmons
Action | Americana | Childrens | Classical | Corporate | Country | Dance | Dangerous | Dramatic | East European | Electronic | Folk | Hip Hop | Horror | Jazz | Latin | Middle East | New Age | Pop | Reggae | Reggaeton | RnB | Rock | Spiritual | Sports | Themes | Tropical |

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ELEGANCE IN MOTION   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
Complete with a live tenor sax and a Spanish lead guitar, this highly addictive pop groove track also features some very modern electronica textures as well. Great soundtrack for high fashion, rich life styles, chillin' in Majorca, Coco Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 236540 3:29 Medium

HOMETOWN HIGHWAY   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2007
This sincere acoustic country instrumental features a lively rhythm section consisting of brushes, kick, and bass, along with some interesting fingerpicked acoustic riffs... Instrumental, Country, CCM
Preview Track Segue 286662 3:39 Very Fast

ALONG THE SUMMER DAY   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This subtly textured ballad presents some very positive musical tonalities that perfect compliment any presentation or documentary... Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Pop Electronic
Preview Track Segue 236671 2:31 Medium

APRIL JADE   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2008
This contemporary acoustic pop jazzy instrumental contains some very slick lead acoustic guitar lines along with a hot rhythm section. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Acoustic Pop
Preview Track Segue 284967 3:27 Fast

AZURE FOREST   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2009
Invoking images of pastoral and sylvan beauty, this tune has a spritely melody played on flute and accompanied by kalimba and percussion... Instrumental, New Age, New Age Acoustic
Preview Track Full Track 340178 2:47 Medium

BASS GRIND   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2008
Complete with ominous ambient soundscapes, this groove track makes for a very interesting musical soundtrack... Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music
Preview Track Full Track 286238 1:30 Med Slow

BEAUTIFUL   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2009
This poignant Latin folk ballad features some very emotional lyrics... Male Vocals, Folk, Latin Folk
Preview Track Full Track 343647 5:10 Medium

BEAUTIFUL EASE   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2008
This beautifully layered guitar-based rock track features some rich electric and acoustic guitar textures, including two lead guitars performing a simple, yet powerful musical theme. The rhythm section includes a dynamic drum sound and a flawlessly executed bass line... Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Segue 287778 3:32 Med Fast

METROPOLITAN EMERALD   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This exquisitely fashioned piece features rich electronic textures with extra thick orchestral layerings that begin at the forty second mark... Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Pop Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 236573 4:09 Med Fast

BEAUTY FREE   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This lightly textured soft pop tune features a very subtle, yet aesthetically pleasant arrangement as well as a memorable melodic line... Instrumental, Pop, Soft Pop
Preview Track Segue 236672 1:47 Medium

BEAUTY RAW   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2008
This intense rock instrumental features some richly layered guitar textures and a haunting melodic theme... Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Full Track 286677 3:22 Very Fast

BEAUTY SWAN   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2007
Featuring twin lead acoustic guitars, this flowery composition consists of two brilliantly contrasting sections... Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Dance House
Preview Track Full Track 286624 3:15 Medium

BECAUSE IT'S JUST THAT DAMN COOL   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2009
This light and contemporary acoustic guitar instrumental features a very groovable vibe along with a rather catchy melody... Instrumental, Pop, Pop Groove
Preview Track Loop 340159 4:58 Med Fast

PRINCESS PONY BELLS   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This chilren's melody is delicately performed on bells, and makes the perfect musical backdrop for any type of presentation focused on toddlers and kids... Instrumental, Childrens, Lullabies
Preview Track Segue 237549 3:48 Mixed

BENEATH THE MOON   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This luxuriously crafted new age work features a fine crafted melody that is performed on harp and accompanied by a soft bed of orchestral strings and choir... Instrumental, New Age, Meditation
Preview Track Segue 237509 1:54 Med Fast

BIRD RAY   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This breathtakingly beautiful new age work features a sublime chordal progression and melody that is further enhanced by the natural sounds of birdsong and a flowing brook... Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr
Preview Track Segue 237654 1:51 Medium

CHAMELEON INDIGO   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2002
A jazz piano trio performs this interesting melodic work that features an extremely tasty piano solo halfway through the piece... Instrumental, Jazz, Bebop
Preview Track Segue 236606 2:57 Med Slow

BLUE GOODNESS   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2007
Invoking many subtle techno colorings, this cool instrumental features a smooth organ melody and a modulating tonal center... Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate
Preview Track Full Track 286623 3:22 Medium

BLUE TEJANO SKY   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2009
This easy going groove is delicately layered with several pleasant layers of ethnic sounds including a stunning Spanish guitar solo near the middle of the track... Instrumental, Latin, Tejano & Tex-Mex
Preview Track Full Track 340166 2:47 Med Slow

BOUND TO FLOW AWAY   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2007
This flowing new age piano instrumental features a somewhat darker melodic configuration in the A section with a little more optimistic B section... Instrumental, New Age, Solo Piano
Preview Track Full Track 237895 1:58 Medium

BROKEN CINDERELLA   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2003
This elegantly textured Latin acoustic ballad features a warm baritone vocal... Male Vocals, Folk, Latin Folk
Preview Track Full Track 342969 4:38 Medium

BUSY BEAN   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This interesting rhythmic track features some unique electronic sounds in its textural framework... Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate
Preview Track Segue 237510 2:35 Medium

CAJUN NITEDANCE   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This cajun-flavored accordion instrumental features a very unique harmonic texture in its A section... Instrumental, Americana, Cajun Zydeco
Preview Track Segue 237550 2:31 Fast

CAST A WAY   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This unique new age piece features strings, harp and a carefully fashioned bed of ethnic percussion... Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr
Preview Track Segue 237655 2:34 Medium

CERTAINLY SURVIVE   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This lively corporate instrumental features a smooth organ riff that is accompanied by a modern drum flavors... Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Pop Electronic
Preview Track Segue 236673 2:08 Med Slow

CHILDREN'S SONG   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This intensely beautiful melody is magnificently performed on bassoon and is accompanied by a fully acoustic rhythm section and orchestral instruments. The arrangement gets more complex as the piece progresses and ends with the lone bassoon playing the melodic theme... Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music
Preview Track Segue 236572 2:28 Med Slow

CHILDREN'S WALTZ   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This modern orchestral composition features a highly memorable melodic line performed by clarinet and piano is accompanied by strings and winds... Instrumental, Classical, 20th Century
Preview Track Full Track 236539 1:50 Medium

CITY SLICK   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This slick urban groove features a unique rhythm drum beat as well as some cool chords in the bridge... Instrumental, RnB, Groove
Preview Track Segue 237656 2:16 Fast

CLOUD BRITE   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2008
This soothing new age composition features a pleasantly linear melody that is performed on xylophone and accompanied by a rich bed of strings... Instrumental, New Age, Atmospheres
Preview Track Segue 237896 1:31 Medium

C'MON   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2007
This high-energy dance track features an intense groove fueled by some cool electronic sounds as well as some soulful female vocals... Female Vocals, Dance, Techno
Preview Track Full Track 237897 1:50 Med Fast

COMFORT THE DAY   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
A Fender Rhodes plays a highly poignant melodic theme in a minor key that is accompanied by bass and a unique-sounding drum beat. Makes a good musical backdrop for more serious and somber types of themes or presentations... Instrumental, Dramatic, Sad Music
Preview Track Full Track 237657 2:18 Medium

CONGO SALSA   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2007
This whimsical production track could be described as tribal new age rainforest music that features a happy bed of ethnic percussion that is complimented by the musical theme performed on a kalimba. Good for positive and happy presentations or themes... Instrumental, Dramatic, Whimsical Music
Preview Track Segue 237898 1:50 Med Slow

COOL GOODNESS   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2009
This neat little electronic instrumental features an intense rhythm section along with a lively theme that is performed on organ... Instrumental, Electronic, Industrial (pending)
Preview Track Full Track 340737 1:36 Med Slow

COOL, BLUE, AND SMOOTH   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
Smooth jazz coolness courtesy of a hot jazz ensemble that features a live tenor saxophone that takes a smokin' ride about halfway through. This jazz number also features a lush B section that is rich with percussion and textural ambience... Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz
Preview Track Segue 236554 4:12 Med Fast

COPPER STAR   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This high-energy track features an intense up-tempo drum beat that is complimented by energetic musical themes. Great for exercise and sports presentations... Instrumental, Action, Thriller Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 236674 3:02 Med Fast

CREATIVE DESIGN   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2007
This positive and inspirational composition is filled with motivational sounds and currents. Makes an excellent musical soundtrack for many different types of corporate presentations... Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Pop Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 237511 2:13 Med Slow

CRITICAL FURY   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2008
This edgy little dramatic production track features a cool acoustic bass riff along with some sweet drum sounds. An interesting melodic line snakes its way through the track on top of this unique-sounding rhythm section... Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music
Preview Track Segue 285128 1:40 Medium

DEEP BLUE GROOVE   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This dark and ominous groove track features a driving rhythm section and a brooding bass line upon which some eerie ambient textures are nocturnally present. This track is good for more sinister types of themes... Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music
Preview Track Full Track 236675 2:03 Slow

DEMON DOGS   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2008
This hard-driving rock track features some awesome rhythm guitar textures, some hard-driving drum sounds, a gritty bass line, and some very deep lead vocals... Instrumental, Rock, Heavy Metal
Preview Track Full Track 284969 3:11 Medium

DESERT CARAVAN   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2008
Complete with a tastefully layered bed of ethnic percussion, this Middle Eastern-flavored composition features a very passionate harmonic and melodic structure... Middle East, Middle-East
Preview Track Full Track 286291 1:36 Medium

DETERMINATION DAWN   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2008
Filled with some cool techno sounds and an intense drum beat, this track makes the perfect musical soundtrack for any type of action/adventure scene... Action, Thriller Electronic
Preview Track Full Track 286402 1:40 Medium

DIAMOND SKY   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2008
This passionately intense rock song contains a highly poignant lyrical hook performed by some very high lead tenor vocals. The track also features some very cool grunge-like rhythm guitar sounds as well... Male Vocals, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Full Track 286661 2:27 Med Slow

YOU KNOW I   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2009
This hard-driving rock tune features an intense vocal performance as well as a very powerful drum sound...... Male Vocals, Rock, Hard Rock
Preview Track Full Track 342679 2:33 Med Slow

DREAMS   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2009
Featuring a lively melody performed on flute, this richly textured Latin acoustic track also features a pleasant vocal performace... Male Vocals, Folk, Latin Folk
Preview Track Full Track 343593 3:01 Med Fast

DUSTY TWILIGHT   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2006
This new age track features some highly aesthetic cosmic ambience and contains a harmonically interesting B section that completes the overall thematic of the composition... Instrumental, New Age, Atmospheres
Preview Track Full Track 236676 2:18 Medium

EASTERN SERPENT DANCE   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2007
Featuring a serpentine melodic line, this slickly produced track has a very catchy groove and some well placed sonic tonalities, including some very unique drum sounds and percussion tones... Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate
Preview Track Full Track 286622 3:25 Medium

EASY SLAM   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2009
This exquisitely crafted production track has a laid back groove along with some very interesting chordal and tonal patterns... Dramatic, Electronic Music
Preview Track Full Track 324714 1:33 Very Fast

ELECTRONIC CANTATA   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2008
The precisely placed electronica textures in this work perfectly compliment the featured solo acoustic guitar. Makes a great soundtrack for any type of positive-themed presentation... Instrumental, Corporate, Electronic Progressive
Preview Track Full Track 286668 3:09 Med Fast

ELECTRONIC ELEVEN   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2009
This fashion show electronica piece is perfect for the runway or any other type of fashion-themed presentation... Instrumental, Pop, Pop Groove
Preview Track Full Track 341686 2:17 Medium

ELECTRONIC MAGUS   (by Lee FitzSimmons )  Composed: 2008
This vivid composition features a prominent organ melody accompanied by some intensely textured electronica along with a very slick bass line. Perfect for technologically-themed presentations... Corporate, Corporate Dance House
Preview Track Full Track 286669 3:12 Slow
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