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Home: Canberra, ACT AS

Australian artist Patrick Coen, aka Trickstar, has a passion for recreating vintage 60's and 70's Reggae, Jazz, and Funk music. He composed a track for the "Oceans 13" DVD extras, as well as a track for Swedish Reggae artist Hanouheh, which can be found on her album “Love And War.” Collecting equipment of the era, Patrick has been involved in music production and live performance for over 20 years. You'll fall in love with his authentic grooves!

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Trickstar
Comedy | Reggae |

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ENDLESS REGGAE SUMMER   (by Trickstar )  Composed: 2011
Authentic 1960s vintage reggae vibes for a summers day. This track has the conscious vibes of cult Jamaican movie Rockers, with a hint of the surf and beach cult classic Endless Summer. Sounds like music mastered to tape and pressed freshly on vinyl; sounds like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Lee Perry. Instrumental, Reggae Music, Reggae
Preview Track Full Track (Full version) 462715 1:56 Slow

REGGAE ON THE BEACH   (by Trickstar )  Composed: 2011
A beautiful spring day on Montego bay - fishing, surfing, swimming, sailing or simply lying on the golden sand. Reggae transports the listener; the sound of waves lapping, the rich exotic smells of the beach. Reminiscent of the Bob Marley track, Three Little Birds, this track is pure positive vibes. Instrumental, Reggae Music, Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 519004 2:16 Slow

STREETS OF KINGSTON   (by Trickstar )  Composed: 2003
Authentic soulful jazz reggae. This track is reminiscent of the jaunty 70s Jamaican jazz reggae of artists like Ernest Ranglin and Lyn Tait. Reggae is hip again and vintage is king. This track has been lovingly mastered to tape and pressed freshly on a dub plate record. Instrumental, Reggae Music, Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 519005 4:15 Slow

MOONLIGHTING ON EASY STREET   (by Trickstar )  Composed: 2011
This supremely light-hearted deep vibes reggae track oozes with vintage flavor. The positive-vibe and quirky hammond lead line is an homage to the master of Reggae keyboard players, Jackie Mitoo. This track has been lovingly mastered on to 2-inch tape and pressed to vinyl. Instrumental, Reggae Music, Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 519009 2:17 Slow

CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL DELIGHT   (by Trickstar )  Composed: 2012
Authentic positive reggae vibes. This track conjures up pictures of summer, beaches, cocktails, sunsets, a breeze in the palm trees. Think Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Lee Perry. Instrumental, Reggae Music, Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 529272 2:40 Slow

A CONSCIOUS VIBE   (by Trickstar )  Composed: 2011
This is the real deal – authentic funky reggae chops perfect to accompany anything that needs a cool underground street cred or anything that wants to conjure up images of fun, travel, holidays, beaches, palm trees. Major brands such as Sony and Coca Cola have used reggae as positive association. Instrumental, Reggae Music, Roots Reggae
Preview Track Full Track 519001 4:24 Slow

FUNNY OLD WORLD   (by Trickstar )  Composed: 2012
A light-hearted reggae track for animations, comedic moments, summer holidays and travel. The warm, analogue sound adds to the happy character and authenticity of this track which is reminiscent of early Bob Marley, UB40, and Peter Tosh. Instrumental, Comedy Music, Comedy Reggae and Ska
Preview Track Full Track 512848 2:23 Slow

JAMAICAN STREETWISE VINTAGE REGGAE   (by Trickstar )  Composed: 2011
This track is reggae with attitude; serious Rasta business. Triumphant horns, one drop drumming, phat bass, skank guitar, and genuine bubble hammond organ. This retro hip sound speaks of revolution, uprising, streetwise deals. Think Marley & Tosh from hits such as Buffalo Soldier & Steppin Razor. Instrumental, Reggae Music, Reggae
Preview Track Full Track (Album version) 462759 3:05 Slow
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