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Tim Byrd

Home: Virginia US

US Songwriter, Composer, and Producer Tim Byrd has worked with a wide range of major recording artists, and his music has been featured in TV shows on MTV, VH1, BET, and the show “Smallville.” In 1998, while working with Blackground Records/EMI (now home to Pop artist JoJo) as a songwriter/producer, Tim co-wrote and produced a song entitled “Ain’t Never” which featured the late RnB star Aaliyah. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, he and his writing partners bring us Dramatic music in the Hip-Hop, RnB, Dance, Electronic, and Ambient genres.

In 1997, Tim Byrd placed two songs called “If I Knew” and “It’s Been A While” with a Latin RnB/Pop group called “Voices Of Theory,” and in 2004, his collaboration with Timbaland on the song “Who R U” found its way into an episode of “Smallville”. In 2006, a song Tim wrote for RnB/Pop artist “AK” was played on BET’s "106th & Park," and in 2011, he and his songwriting partners had a placement in a straight-to-DVD Film called "Living Will."

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Tim Byrd
Action | Dance | Dramatic | Electronic | Hip Hop | Jazz | Pop | Reggaeton | RnB | Sports |

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THE TAKE OVER   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
Strong strings with a driven beat and running muted guitar. Works well with video games, urban programming, documentaries, advertisements and film. Great for sports videos, game highlights and exercise videos. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Action Thriller Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 535131 1:32 Med Slow

GAME FACE   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
Hard-edge track with a driving beat. Great for high-energy workouts, tv commercials, car chases, film, documentaries, fitness facilities, extreme sports video games and competitions. Instrumental, Sports, Extreme Sports Music
Preview Track Full Track 529315 1:57 Med Fast

UNUSUAL SUSPECT   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2011
A fearless Electronic track with a great Hip Hop drum pattern, suspenseful acid synths, harmonica stabs and a constant rolling bass drive. Works well as the opening for a dramatic series, crime show, action film, trailers, video games and an investigation scene. Instrumental, Electronic, Electro Hop
Preview Track Full Track 521991 3:15 Med Slow

PLT (PRETTY LIL' THANG)   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2011
Upbeat Dance-Pop song about a guy noticing a girl across the room at a club or bar. The track is great for party scenes in Film and Reality TV. Also works great in Documentaries, Video Games and Flash Animation. Male Vocals, Dance, Dance-Pop
Preview Track Full Track (Vocals) 521011 4:01 Medium

LE VOL (THE HEIST)   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2009
Intense Bourne Identity-style Hip-Hop track geared with rhythmic drum patterns, piano and car chase electric guitars. Great for Action Films, Documentaries and Investigative Reality TV shows. Instrumental, Action, Intense Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 518919 2:16 Med Slow

CRY OF THE MISSING   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2011
A haunting female voice crying out for someone to find her after being missing for days. The dark piano and strings set the pace for the search. Awesome build-up with a suspenseful rolling synth bass and heart-beating style drum patterns. Great for crime shows and investigative documentaries. Instrumental, Dramatic, Sad Music
Preview Track Full Track 518746 2:00 Slow

HIGH ON YOU   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2010
Upbeat Hip-Hop beat with an R&B soft Rhodes keyboard about reconnecting with your first love, after all these years, through a social network. Great for reality TV and Film. Male Vocals, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Soul
Preview Track Full Track 518905 3:48 Med Slow

GUILTY   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2011
Strong, Epic Hip Hop instrumental. Beautiful string section building over a hard-hitting hip hop drum pattern accented with a staccato string bass. A rhythmic Pizzicato laced with a soft synthesizer sound. Gread for reality TV, Film Instrumental, opening/credits, video games. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Dramatic Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 518904 1:40 Slow

THE ELITE   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
Dark Hip-Hop track with strong drum patterns laced with melodic guitar riffs. Car chases and elaborate martial arts during a fight scene. Great for Reality TV, Video Games, Documentaries and Flash Animation. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Dramatic Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 518920 1:36 Medium

PLT (PRETTY LIL' THANG)   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2011
Upbeat Dance-Pop track with a hard-driven beat. Boy meets girl. Boy wants girl. Boy wants to get with girl. Great for club scenes in Film and Reality TV. Also works great in Documentaries, Video Games and Flash Animation. Instrumental, Dance, Electroclash
Preview Track Variation (Instrumental) 518914 1:34 Medium

PARTY LIKE IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2011
Hot down-south Hip Hop track with a heavy 808 kick bottom, bright 808 claps, explosive guitar riff topped off with keypad synths. Great for edgy reality tv, documentaries, website projects and film. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Dirty South
Preview Track Full Track 518913 1:35 Med Slow

MY LIFE   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2011
Hard hitting Hip-Hop track with a driving drum beat and haunting pianos. Great for Reality TV, Documentaries, TV Commercials and Film. This intense track will also work in a club scene and have everyone dancing. Instrumental, Hip Hop, West Coast Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 518909 1:31 Med Slow

LAST CALL   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2011
Dramatic opening that breaks into a hard hitting beat pattern with a rhythmic breath where the kick acts as the bass line. Great for reality TV, Documentaries, Cable Series and for Rappers to let loose. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Dramatic Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 518906 1:50 Med Slow

EVERYBODY   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
Uptempo Country/Hip Hop/Pop track with lots of pep. A mixture of a hard street beat, acoustic guitar and a haunting synth voice sound. Great for reality TV, Documentaries and Film. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Country-Rap
Preview Track Full Track 518902 1:35 Med Slow

DO YA THANG   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
High energy dance Hip-Hop track for the clubs. Hard-hitting drum pattern mixed rhythmic synth keypads to give the feeling of the days of Aaliyah and Missy Elliot. Great pick for an edgy reality TV show, background music for a club scene in a Film or TV program. Feel good track. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Instrumental
Preview Track Full Track 518901 1:40 Med Slow

CASH CASH   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2011
Energetic down south Hip-Hop track. With big snare rolls, heavy kick drum, stabbing strings, rolling organ and guitar chops, this track is a perfect candidate for reality TV, sports shows and documentaries. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Dirty South
Preview Track Full Track 518898 4:04 Slow

SOUTHERN BLUE   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
Smoking-hot slide guitar with a great drum beat, rolling organs, moving bass line and mellow strings. Works well in a bar scene, urban documentaries, reality TV shows, slow motion scenes or Film openings. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Country-Rap
Preview Track Full Track 535130 1:39 Med Slow

LOVE GROOVE   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
Smooth Rhodes keyboards with a slight tremor string section, driving bass and rhythmic drums and percussion pattern. Works well in transitional scene in Urban Films or Urban reality TV Programing. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Soul
Preview Track Full Track 535129 2:06 Medium

NIGHT OUT   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
Upbeat night life music. Hard-hitting beat with synths. Imagine a person walking into a club expecting to have a good time. Great for club scenes, music in the car, TV, Documentaries and Films. Instrumental, Dance, Eurodance
Preview Track Full Track 542478 1:32 Medium

OUT ON THE TOWN   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
Feel good Jazzy instrumental with piano and percussion. Great background music for TV, Film, Documentaries, Websites and Animation. Instrumental, Jazz, Cool Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 557229 1:39 Medium

PICTURE PERFECT   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
Reflective Choir-style string arrangements, walking bass and an old school Rap drum beat. Works well behind a love scene and change of life scene in TV and Film. Great for break-ups and uncertainty about a relationship. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Electro-Orchestral
Preview Track Full Track 542259 3:03 Med Slow

PLATONIK   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
Hard hitting drum beat, bright club synthesizer sounds with a catchy synth lead line. Great for quirky comedy, film intro, documentaries, reality TV, end credits, car chase scene, sitcom, romantic comedy, sports, Instrumental, Dance, Euro-hop
Preview Track Full Track 542479 3:43 Medium

WAY U R   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
Smooth track laced with soft piano, alluring 808 drum beat. The 808 kick acts as the bass-line to enhance the beautiful string arrangements and sample of my voice to add a sampled record feel. Works well in reality TV, documentaries, transition scenes and other media programming. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Soul
Preview Track Full Track 542483 3:43 Medium

WORK IT   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
Smoking-hot drum and conga rhythm with bright flutes, synth bass and dance claps. Great for reality tv, transitional scenes, urban documentaries. Works well in sensual dance sequence. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Latin Rap and Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track 542484 3:23 Med Fast

YOU'RE THE ONE   (by Tim Byrd )  Composed: 2012
Exciting Pop/Dance/Hip Hop instrumental with a simple piano, tremor string accent, reverse reverb guitar and a carousel-like synth lead. Great for TV, Film or Documentaries about teenage love where boy has girl but boy wants new girl and realizes he made a mistake. Instrumental, Pop, Ambient Pop
Preview Track Full Track 542480 2:51 Medium
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Artist Keywords: Hip Hop, Urban Pop, R&B, Dramatic, Dance, Ambient, Electronic

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