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Philip Shorey

Home: Minnesota US

Philip Shorey presents a wide variety of catchy melodies and beautiful arrangements that emotionally transport the listener into an imaginative other world. His style is a mix of modern minimalistic rhythms with classical European Folk instrumentation. Philip travels across the globe performing accordion with marionettes, and he also composes and arranges for Theater, Film, and Off-Broadway musicals. He has worked on commercial projects with clients including The Bedlam Theater, Saving Tape Media Conversion, Texas Golf, and MEGA - Chilean Tourism.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Philip Shorey
Action | Classical | Comedy | Dangerous | Dramatic | East European | European | Folk | Horror |

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A TALE TO BE TOLD   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2004
Travel back in time to a creepy place where raw music was formed around a campfire with traveling wagons. The song marches with screeching vocals of an ancient banshee welling up in the soul of accordion, clarinet and cello. Then at the end, experience it's true roots with Indonesian bells. Instrumental, East European, Gypsy
Preview Track Full Track 512186 5:44 Medium

BERLIN TRAIN STATION   (by Philip Shorey )
Put yourself in Berlin at the train station, then hear the announcer speak over the loud speaker. Great for a travel background sound stage through Europe. Ambience,
Preview Track Full Track 512187 7:19

BRAIN SLUDGE   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2012
This fast String Trio will blast your mind with comical creepy melodies that will make you squirm around every corner. It slows down with a slight climb and then blasts into a hectic whirlwind of confusion. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music
Preview Track Full Track 512188 2:01 Fast

DESPERATE MOURNING   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2013
Anguish is on your face, crying out for the desire of your heart. Mourning for the sun to rise, to relieve the pain that is too much to bear. But in the path of a subtle still breeze, you feel the dawn of something new, a strangeness never before seen in the curtain covered forest. Minimalist piano, Instrumental, Dramatic, Sad Music
Preview Track Full Track 601202 1:42 Slow

DISORIENTING JUNGLE JAZZ FUSION   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2010
Complex Minimalism Jazz with a percussive hint of world jungle sounds push this multi part work of music in a genera difficult to nail down. The intimate jazz organ meets the jazz trumpet with twisting and disorientating rhythms and suspense, as if a jazz musician was lost in a jungle nightmare. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music
Preview Track Full Track 379810 2:14 Med Fast

ELEPHANT WAR   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2012
An epic song with visual stimulation of a pounding, dramatic Eastern battle. Elephants, spears, war paint, and finally at the end, a stampede of most certain death and destruction. Nobody stands a chance against this fatal work of music. Bold haunted ancestral voices, agonizing, driving & emotional, Instrumental, Action, Impending Orchestral
Preview Track Full Track 512189 2:24 Med Fast

GERMAN TRAIN STATION   (by Philip Shorey )
The year is 2012 and this is a German Train Station. You will hear an announcer and trains going by. Transportation,
Preview Track Full Track 512192 2:39

HERO FOR OUR SOULS   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2013
This Song describes the hopelessness of life but offers a solution, a hero who has brought joy and resturation to those who are struggling the most. Use this song for a commercial about foreign missions, poverty, loneliness, or a good work being done overseas or in the mist of tragedy. Female Vocals, Folk, Folk Pop
Preview Track Full Track (Inspirational Vocals) 601433 4:09 Medium

HOPE FOR THE LEPER   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2013
There is no hope, no one you can trust. All is lost. Then one day a hero arrives and brings new life to your village. This is a folk song that lifts the spirit and restores your soul. The harmonizing melodies create a partnership that provoke the realization that you are not alone, there is harmony. Instrumental, Folk, European Folk
Preview Track Full Track 601139 1:34 Med Slow

HOPE FOR THE PROSTITUTE   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2013
There is no hope, no one you can trust. All is lost. Then one day a hero arrives and brings new life to your heart. This is a folk song that lifts the spirit and restores your soul. The harmonizing melodies create a partnership that provoke the realization that you are not alone, there is harmony. Female Vocals, Folk, European Folk
Preview Track Full Track 601423 1:33 Med Slow

If you need a sound of a train station in Hungary or Europe, this is the one fore you. Located right on the platform, you will hear the unique train sounds, language, and intercom of the Hungarian Train Station. Gypsies begging, kids running around, people talking. Its all there in Europe! Transportation,
Preview Track Full Track 512195 1:42

I AM BLIND AND WOULD LIKE TO SEE   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2012
Stop, and imagine being swept away with the most romantic thought of love and a second change you wake up and there is pure love. This track is perfect for the spiritual and interpersonal journey of ones awakening. The accordion and strings dance together for a melodic fresh beginning. Instrumental, European, France
Preview Track Full Track 512196 3:35 Med Slow

LOST SPOUSE   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2012
Voyage to the sound of accordion accompanied with a light orchestra. You are looking searching wishing and wondering about your love, your dream, or maybe your future destination. Then swells the comic organ with non diatonic harmonies and rhythm that always seems to put a wrench in your plans. Instrumental, Comedy, Comedy Orchestral
Preview Track Full Track 512199 1:37 Med Slow

MOTOR START   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2012
Feel the Cello pulse, the constant rhythmic arpeggio as the theremin and saw and bow bring the hunting reflective melodies that will cause you to drive yourself to places beyond. This is great for the inventor, the builder, the goal driven scene with a quirky sci-fi yet modern minimalistic touch. Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music
Preview Track Full Track 512202 3:21 Med Slow

POLISH CITY PARK   (by Philip Shorey )
You are sitting in Poland in modern times. The birds are chirping, the trolly trains are going by and people are talking passing by. This is a typical day in Poland. Nature,
Preview Track Full Track 512205 3:17

POLISH CITY PARK   (by Philip Shorey )
A Polish city park. This sound effect has some mild traffic, city transportation, and Polish speaking in the back ground. Crowds, Sidewalk Crowds
Preview Track Full Track 512206 4:12

POLISH TRAIN   (by Philip Shorey )
You are sitting at a Polish Train Station waiting for your ride. The birds are chirping and then comes a train. It stops, the searching breaks pierce your ears. Then you hear the announcer announce your train. The whistle blows, the doors close and then it leaves. Transportation,
Preview Track Full Track 512210 2:44

POLISH TRAIN STATION   (by Philip Shorey )
You are sitting at the train station in Poland, waiting for a train. You hear birds chirping, and then a train comes and goes. Lots of waiting for the next train. Eventually you give up. Transportation,
Preview Track Full Track 512209 5:33

PRELUDE   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2012
A great opening song built on suspense with character and charm through the accordion, trumpet, cello, clarinet saw & bow, & finally someone drops dead of a heart attack. Recorded on tape for that raw authentic sound. Vintage Euro journey, silent film, parade of misfits, sad mysterious flashbacks, Instrumental, East European, Balkans
Preview Track Full Track 512211 1:45 Medium

In Sao Paulo Brazil, outside this is an after hours shopping sound effect. You will hear Portuguese being spoken as well as other distant local sounds. Crowds, Africa Crowds
Preview Track Full Track 512215 4:48

SAO PAULO STREET   (by Philip Shorey )
In Sao Paulo you are walking around in the city, shopping, working, eating, or looking for someone. Mostly what you hear are people selling things, cars, people walking, and talking. Crowds, Store Crowds
Preview Track Full Track 512216 1:49

SAO PAULO TRAIN STATION   (by Philip Shorey )
This is the Sao Paulo Subway Station on a moderate day. You are in the largest city of South America. The train station is clean and with some people passing by. You look around and you see about two or three different couple making-out under stairways and on benches. Transportation,
Preview Track Full Track 512217 6:16

THE BLACK SEA   (by Philip Shorey )
This is an authentic sound of the Black Sea off the coat of Constanta Romania. Nature, . This Track Licensable Exclusively At This Web Site!
Preview Track Full Track 510572 4:29

THE VERDICT   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2012
Picture a French village with a caravan of gypsies passing by in their wagon -- not a familiar sight in western Europe, but sure enough the laughter, obscurity, & circus-like charm turns a quiet village into a spectacle of awe. Romantic comedy, road trip, celebration, festival, wedding feast, party, Instrumental, European, European Vintage
Preview Track Full Track 512223 1:37 Medium

THE WAGON PROCESSION   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2012
Celebrate in an old world where community dancing vodka and music is an every day occurrence. Gypsies and campfires, snow and laughter are all around. There is just an eeriness to those from out of town, where foreign normalcy is not recognized and where culture sensitivity meets confusion. Mixed Vocals, East European, Russia
Preview Track Full Track 512224 3:59 Fast

TRAIN STATION (SPANISH)   (by Philip Shorey )
You are in Santiago Chile. The announcer speaks over the intercom in Spanish. A train passes by. This is great for an international film or commercial. You are traveling, touring, going to work, going to the Mall or shopping. This is what you will hear. It is from 2012 and it is very modern. Transportation,
Preview Track Full Track 512227 2:23

TRAIN STATION IN CHILE   (by Philip Shorey )
You are in Chile South America just outside Santiago. This is what you would hear. The Announcer, people speaking, walking by, and it's all in Spanish. Transportation,
Preview Track Full Track 512228 2:28

VOYAGE OF THE INDIAN OCEAN   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2012
An epic pirates song and gypsy voyage tune that will accompany any dazzling romantic life style in a state of tranquil movement and uncertain excitement. Go with the flow, march to your own beat, be free to chose and sway with the waves where ever they may lead. The road ahead has many paths. Instrumental, Action, Moderate Orchestral
Preview Track Full Track 512233 4:59 Medium

WISHFUL THINKING   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2012
Complex minimalism music. This is piano driven music with melancholic overtones, but soon the hope-filled beats come in and shine a lite on the mystery. Perfect for a film theme, a growing scene, a changed life, a deep thought, a revelation, a transformation, and light shinning out of darkness. Instrumental, Classical, 21st Century
Preview Track Full Track 512234 3:51 Medium
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