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Keras Rubka-Nimz

Home: Madison, Wisconsin US

Keras Rubka-Nimz is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who hails from Wisconsin. As co-founder of Johnny & The MoTones, Keras has quite a musical heritage, including recording four solo albums - "Tres Anos," "The Road To Avalon," "Willego Tilleggo," and "Unplugged, Not So Loud." Keras' original song "Terminal Blues" was featured on NBC’s Poker After Dark, and other songs have appeared on The Comedy Channel. He has written commercials for Skidoo Snowmobiles, US Cellular and television news programs. Keras records and composes in the Rock, Country, Blues, and Soul genres.

Keras Rubka-Nimz received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Central Wisconsin Rock & Roll Revival Committee in 2009. The award acknowledged his work as a producer, composer, singer and musician on many commercial accounts, both in Wisconsin and nationwide, as well as his body of work with Johnny & The MoTones, The John Altenburgh Ensemble, Mike Metheny, The Blues Group, Otis and the Alligators, and other artists. Many of Keras' songs have been heard on National Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Radio.

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Music Genres For Keras Rubka-Nimz
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NOTHIN' TO LOSE   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
Uptempo piano based blues featuring slide guitar and saxophone. Lyrics speak about a person who tries to focus on the positive aspects of life. "Ain't got nothin'...'cept nothin' to lose." Laidback, fun rocking music. Cool for comedy sitcom, bar lounge, buddy film. Boy meets Girl and the fun begins! Male Vocals, Blues, Modern Electric Blues
Preview Track Full Track 465557 3:49 Med Fast

ONE MORE STEP   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
Medium tempo R&B with rock flavoring. The lyrics tell the story of a persons life's journey as it descends through an ugly breakup and finds the bright side of life on the other side of misery. Male Vocals, RnB, Blue-Eyed Soul
Preview Track Full Track 465552 5:19 Very Fast

ROLL ME DOWN   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2005
Slow Blues Tune about a man who is generally content with life but still has a degree of wanderlust in his pursuit of ultimate happiness. Male Vocals, Blues, Modern Electric Blues
Preview Track Full Track 465579 6:44 Med Slow

HEARTBEAT   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
A smooth, jazzy stream of consciousness meandering through the events of a given day. "Windows cry, morning fades away..." The poetic abstractness leaves the listener to fill in the gaps with their own story. This concept is perfect to set moods for movie scenes as it does not dictate the viewers in, Male Vocals, Rock, Soft Rock
Preview Track Full Track 465604 4:09 Medium

TIME'S TUFF   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
Medium tempo blues song based on a down and out character who is willing to do what it take to keep on keeping on. Good guitar and sax work and a very "ballsy" vocal! Lonely dude regrets his past, his woman's lying and that just ain't right! Male Vocals, Blues, Chicago Blues
Preview Track Full Track 465580 4:33 Medium

CASTLES IN THE SAND   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
Slow, folksy love song. One man's expression of happiness at the realization that he's found his true love while at the same time acknowledging the frailty of the relationship. Poignant regrets, memories. Hopeful & tenderly upbeat, flashbacks. Hopeful wistful yearning. Alone and lonely. Touching emo, Male Vocals, Rock, Soft Rock
Preview Track Full Track 465610 3:51 Mixed

BABY BYE BYE   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
Nice medium tempo jazzy tune. Two lovers are parting ways and the faster the better for the main character who just wants his ex to hit the road ASAP. Just take what you need and go! Mixed Vocals, Jazz, Folk Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 466306 3:11 Med Fast

DON'T BOTHER CALLING   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
Medium tempo,straight forward rock tune. A sad story. You weren't here when I needed you so please go away now! Don't bother to call on me now because we have nothing to say to each other. Goodbye and good luck. Male Vocals, Rock, 90s Rock
Preview Track Full Track 466958 5:48 Medium

FIVE O'CLOCK   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
Straight forward rock tune. Stream of Conciseness, walking and talking in your sleep and dreaming weird dreams. Word images, sound images. Male Vocals, Rock, 80s Rock
Preview Track Full Track 466951 3:53 Medium

HEART BEAT (ALTERNATE VERSION)   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
A smooth medium tempo jazzy version of "Heartbeat" with swirling sax and cymbals. Great background jam music. Male Vocals, Jazz, Smooth Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 467565 3:58 Medium

HEARTBEAT REPRISE   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
Slow and spacey instrumental. Dreamy 1970's style. Good back ground track, Instrumental, Rock, Acoustic Rock
Preview Track Full Track 467032 4:00 Medium

I DON'T WANNA LOSE   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
Upbeat tune with a positive message....We've been through a lot and no matter how it turns out, we come out ahead! Good bad or indifferent, nobody loses, everybody wins. Male Vocals, Rock, 90s Rock
Preview Track Full Track 466964 2:48 Fast

LAMENT   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
Very slow haunting song. Good for dark rainy days and Mondays. Haunting early '70s sound. Mellotron, piano. Male Vocals, Rock, Art Rock
Preview Track Full Track 467034 5:02 Med Slow

ME AND JIMMY BEAM   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
Uptempo southern Honky-Tonk Blues tune. Male Vocals, Blues, Honky Tonk
Preview Track Full Track 467608 3:43 Medium

MORNING AND SUN   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
A slow dreamy Post-lovemaking ballad that takes the listener on a stream of conciseness ride through the mind of a woman as she watches her sleeping lover. Female Vocals, Pop, Easy Listening
Preview Track Full Track 466301 3:54 Medium

TERMINAL BLUES   (by Keras Rubka-Nimz )  Composed: 2011
Uptempo electric blues, piano,guitar and saxophone. Ballsy male vocal with an extended blues jam at the end...perfect as a soundtrack or credit roll. Male Vocals, Blues, Chicago Blues
Preview Track Full Track 467029 7:52 Medium
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Artist Keywords: Rock, Blues, R&B, Soul

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