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Federico Chieli

Home: Brooklyn, New York US

For over 20 years, New Yorker Federico Chieli has been composing adventurous and sophisticated music in genres like Dramatic, Rock, Jazz, Chillout, and Dance. With a degree from Berklee College of Music, he has been featured on a chic Versace commercial, and on “Every Day Italian” (Food Network, Giada De Laurentis). He concentrates on TV commercials, documentaries and websites, with clients like AOL and Estee Lauder. Federico also wrote scores for audio branding and product launches at Adobe, the launch of Howcast, the Logo network, and MTV Tempo network.

Versatility and originality are strong selling points for Composer Federico Chieli's numerous clients around the world. His orchestral scores include extensive acoustic instrumentation, which is highly prized, along with his deep knowledge of 'foreign' musical styles.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For Federico Chieli
Dance | Dramatic | Electronic | Folk | Japanese | Jazz | Pop | Rock | Soundalikes |

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NYC BLOCK PARTY   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Pumping party track infectious rhythm house music meets james brown alto saxophone riff a la Maceo Parker perfect for party scenes urban block parties new york uptown late night show dancing dance soul Motown meets house four on the floor beat funky groove grooving, Instrumental, Dance, House music
Preview Track Full Track 456014 3:18 Medium

FUSHIMI INARI   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Japanese influenced music with traditional instruments. Great for Japan temple scenes, news, reportages, documentaries, travel, only acoustic instruments, the mood is... moody! Meditation, zen, asia, asian, shinto, samurai, garden, geisha romance, drama, mystery background trailer or credits, Instrumental, Japanese, Japanese Dramatic
Preview Track Full Track 466465 3:12 Med Slow

YOU TOO   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Upbeat Rock song. U2 meet contemporary beats. Cathedral like delays on the guitars. Use for anything that needs lift, propulsion and transport. The song has a crescendo that suggests motion, but with an anthemic, triumphant quality. Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Full Track 456102 1:50 Medium

ANGRA   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Really cool and groovy track with a brazilian flare: good for travel shows, aerial shots, anything brazil, jungle, sleek harmonies, jazz harmonies in the bridge and nice melody supported by vocalisms in unison with electric piano lead. Infectious double bass riff. Instrumental, Electronic, Ethnic Electronica
Preview Track Full Track 455948 2:26 Very Fast

RICE FIELDS   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Chillout track Asian spiced tabla grove very clean perfect for travel channel hotel lounge 5 Star Spas. Very catchy simple melody works well well for food shots upscale restaurants organic green renewable energy. Elegant spacious and uplifting. Instrumental, Electronic, Chill-out
Preview Track Full Track 456084 2:46 Medium

DREAM ABOVE THE CITY   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Track in the style of Pat Metheny Group, good for dreamy scenes, soaring nature shots or cities fly trough. The mood is relaxed, but not completely light and easy, it could work for melancholic dramatic scenes, love stories. The piece is deceptively simple, the harmony is actually quite complex. Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music
Preview Track Full Track 455959 2:52 Fast

FRENCH COCKTAIL   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Great tongue in cheek track with a retro, cheesy, sexy French quirky quality. Good for comedies, anywhere irony is required. Lounge vibe, jazzy. Whimsical romance, new love, cooking show, flying kites in a Paris park. Lounge lizard, cocktails, entertainment, wine bar, 20-somethings hooking up, Male Vocals, Electronic, Neo-Lounge
Preview Track Full Track 455988 1:58 Med Slow

AMA   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Positive mood track good for travels: reminiscent of Pat Metheny Group. Coral sitar melody and light beats, hybrid acoustic and electronics. Marimbas ostinato drive the track. Dreamy ending and change of pace. Instrumental, Jazz, Nu Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 455947 2:51 Very Fast

HD TOYS   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Mashup track, 60's sitar lead meets playful sound effects, ping pong balls, pinballs, Atari video games, funk break, 8 bit blips. Instrumental, Electronic, Breakbeat
Preview Track Full Track 455991 2:00 Medium

HOT COFFEE   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Great late 70's early 80's synth pop track with memorable melody a la "Pop Corn". Short lead sound and a small melody that sticks to your brain! Instrumental, Pop, Synthpop
Preview Track Full Track 465565 2:04 Med Fast

JASMINE   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Asian infused dramatic track that tells a story a small portrait of travels across Asia it goes from mysterious to peaceful and contemplative. Breezy sounds light and serene. Walking trough rice fields in Bali around temples in India bicycling across Cambodia or elephant riding in Thailand, Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music
Preview Track Full Track 455998 3:15 Very Fast

NEO CLASSICS   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Cool Jazz track track harmon mute trumpet a la Miles luscious strings in the back and a repeating sample just to let you know the time is contemporary the mood is very quiet and nocturnal ballad brushes late night up town moody, Instrumental, Jazz, Nu Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 456012 1:37 Medium

MELLO RETRO   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Hipster track perfect for indie movies a la Little Miss Sunshine or Juno real band instrumentation with mellotron intro a la Beatles strawberry fields bittersweet mood art artsy cool piano ostinato figure, Instrumental, Pop, Alt Pop
Preview Track Full Track 456008 1:56 Med Slow

NO SUNSHINE   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Hipster track perfect for indie movies a la Little Miss Sunshine or Juno real band instrumentation with pizzicato strings bittersweet mood art artsy cool, Instrumental, Pop, Alt Pop
Preview Track Full Track 456013 3:26 Very Fast

CHEMICAL LOVE SONG   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Electronic downbeat track a la Ulrich Schnauss. Good for indy movies, quirky modern artsy movies. Very memorable melody, uplifting chord progression. Lo fi electronica feel. Night urban scenes, metropolises shots, great for a Tokyo night scene, drunk disoriented edgy playful, romantic comedy, teens, Instrumental, Electronic, Electropop
Preview Track Full Track 455954 2:09 Med Slow

BIZARRE MODULATION   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Strange mood electronic track: good for Science Fiction or techno branding commercials. Also good for space urban settings. Vocoder track gives it a retro quality. Instrumental, Electronic, Electropop
Preview Track Full Track 455950 1:35 Fast

D LOOP   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2013
Simple acoustic guitar fingerpicking. One nylon strings guitar and one steel strings guitar. Mid Slow tempo, mixolydian mode, acoustic ballad. Sparse arrangement. Loopable. Instrumental, Folk, Contemporary Folk
Preview Track Full Track 620565 2:12 Med Slow

FALL IS HERE   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2011
Peaceful shimmering track that celebrates the beauty of fall. Acoustic instrumentation 2 guitars and one cello the mood is relaxed and lovely harmonically rich natural beauty works for walks in the woods scenes agriculture bucolic pastoral wineries wine country Tuscany Napa Bordeaux, Instrumental, Folk, Folk Dramatic
Preview Track Full Track 469267 3:15 Fast

TRANCE MISSION   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2012
Trance House Anthem, great four on the floor bass drum, dynamic bass line and rapid arpeggios. The arpeggio figure reminiscent of Cold Play Clocks. A lot of motion juxtaposed to sparse voices and dreamy synths. Very catchy synth melodies and energetic, pumping beats! Great for parties, celebration, Instrumental, Dance, Trance
Preview Track Full Track 554060 3:04 Med Fast

YOUR WAY OUT   (by Federico Chieli )  Composed: 2012
Great acoustic ballad, similar feel to Can't Find My Way Home, by Eric Clapton with Steve Winwood and Blind Faith. Works well for south western scenes, positive feel without being overpowering. There's something remeiniscent of Bob Seger or Joe Cocker. Southern Rock or Led Zeppelin influenced. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Eric Clapton
Preview Track Full Track 553810 2:48 Med Slow
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Artist Keywords: Dramatic, Rock, Jazz, Electronica, Dance, Ambient, Chillout

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