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David Tick

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David Tick’s grooves in the Key of Jazz, with a laidback vibe, are perfect for film theme songs, trailers, road trips, romance and other dramatizations.  David composed “Luna Tick” for use as an elegant but hot workout track. You could easily work up a sweat pumping iron or doing Pilates to this sweet track.  And "Song For Jackie" is a mellow Latin Jazz composition that would enhance your travel or voiceover projects.

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For David Tick
Blues | Corporate | Dance | Dramatic | Jazz | RnB | Spiritual |

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LUNA TICK   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2007
Great song for a workout class including spin classes. Challenges the class while keeping the interest level high with the strong melodies and powerful beat. Finally a workout song that's not boring! Instrumental, Dance Music, House music
Preview Track Loop 313031 2:57 Medium

THANK YOU HERBIE   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2009
The perfect Jazz Hip-Hop blend: great for film, video, television, and commercials... a tribute to Herbie Hancock, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Acid Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 313742 3:18 Med Fast

This is an inspirational "hit song" for radio, film, television, video, political campaigns, and personal growth video. Female Vocals, Spiritual Music, Inspirational
Preview Track Full Track (Hit Song) 362611 4:08 Medium

Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz Vocals
Preview Track Full Track (Female Vocals) 363395 2:58 Medium

LONELY CHILD   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2008
A perfect song to open the news or for a suspenseful movie/television scene that shows movement and action: or a scene involving lonliness/wandering, Jazz Music, Jazz Fusion
Preview Track Full Track (News/Movie) 313030 3:07 Med Slow

RICO'S RIDE   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2009
Contemporary Jazz Fusion, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
Preview Track Stinger 313989 2:49 Med Slow

SONG FOR JACKIE   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2009
This latin smooth-jazz has a special flavor that's both original and hip: perfect for television, video, radio, restaurant, lounge, supermarket, music on-hold, or any media application. Jazz Music, Latin Jazz
Preview Track Segue 313939 3:09 Med Slow

SEA OF FUTURE   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2008
Movie or film score, Dramatic Music, Contemplative Music
Preview Track Full Track 313991 2:55 Med Slow

NO RULES   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2009
Smooth jazz, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 313825 1:43 Medium

LOSE THE ATTITUDE   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2008
Contemporary Jazz Fusion: A really nice fit for a lounge, restaurant, film, television, corporate video, sports scene, radio, music on-hold, fitness, supermarket, or personal use. Jazz Music, Jazz Fusion
Preview Track Segue 313988 2:24 Medium

THE TRUTH   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2008
Contemporary Jazz Fusion with a little bit of Hip-Hop, perfect for a sultry atmosphere; a very different blend with an interesting feel... Laidback funk, flirting, sassy hook-up. Erotic and playful chillout. Urban Saturday night, club lounge bar. Champagne, satin sheets, candles, kisses -- Yes! Instrumental, Jazz Music, Hip Bop
Preview Track Full Track (slow feel; pain) 313993 2:54 Med Slow

MEMORIES OF CROSSROADS   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2008
Jazz Groove for film, television, and radio, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 313743 3:49 Med Fast

COULDN'T WAIT   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2008
A screaming guitar is featured on this fast paced Blues-Funk instrumental version of Couldn't Wait. RnB Music, Funk
Preview Track Variation (Instrumental) 313990 2:20 Medium

COULDN'T WAIT: SWING STYLE (MALE VOCALS)   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2009
This live studio version of Couldn't Wait has a bouncy swing-blues feel with some smooth vocals... nice guitar solo at the end. Hot Boogie Woogie, 1950s sock hop, partying down, teens tweens, 20-somethings cruising main street. Great for vintage TV specials, the Fonz, other memory lane productions. Male Vocals, Jazz Music, Swing Ensembles
Preview Track Full Track 362623 4:48 Very Fast

IF YOU TURN AWAY   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2008
Smooth Jazz w/ sax intro and ending: for a lounge, restaurant, cafe, supermarket, music on hold, film, and television, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
Preview Track Full Track (acoustic jazz guitar) 313824 3:41 Medium

NEW DAY RISIN'   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2009
Film, Television, Corporate Videos. Uplifting, easy listening, great background music for happy scenes, upbeat movie or TV show. Catchy song with sweet, elegant rhythms. Corporate Music, Corporate Music
Preview Track Full Track 313746 3:40 Medium

LATE ARRIVAL   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2009
Jazz Groove for voice over, lounge, easy listening, restaurant, supermarket, film, television, Music On-Hold, Corporate, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
Preview Track Variation (Instrumental) 313823 2:52 Medium

OUT OF TOUCH   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2008
Contemporary Jazz with a strong beat; bass solo at the end, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
Preview Track Segue 313942 3:16 Medium

DO IT YOUR OWN WAY   (by David Tick )  Composed: 1997
Live sounding original blues with a bouncy feel talking about how society's pressures make it difficult to function, so you might as well do things your own way to get by, Male Vocals, Blues Music, East Coast Blues
Preview Track Full Track 362618 4:04 Medium

I KEEP HOLDING BACK   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2009
Latin Feel with acoustic jazz guitar. Sweet romance, beach party, club lounge or wine bar. Laidback and mellow. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Latin Jazz
Preview Track Full Track 363396 2:33 Medium

LUNA TICK (NO DRUM SOLO)   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2009
Instrumental, Dance Music, Dance Music (pending cat.)
Preview Track Full Track 363374 2:37 Medium

IF YOU TURN AWAY (ACOUSTIC GUITAR)   (by David Tick )  Composed: 2009
Alternate version with acoustic jazz guitar, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
Preview Track Variation (Acoustic Guitar) 363397 3:30 Medium
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