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DJ Gosh Fire

Home: Cyprus, CY

US-born, but raised in Cyprus, DJ Gosh Fire is versatile, to say the least, working as a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and more. At 13, he graduated from the National Conservatoire Cyprus (Keyboard & Piano), and graduated at 17 with a Major in Arts Sciences. His hot music covers Rap, R&B, Reggae, Reggaeton, Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, Electronica, Trance, Dubstep, and Ambient. Following military service, he studied four years in the USA and the UK. Quite in demand as a DJ in these countries, DJ Gosh Fire’s music delights and surprises with its vitality and sweet beats.

In addition to an exciting career in the music business, DJ Gosh Fire is extremely into charity work, including acting as a leader of Help Children in Africa Group Organization Cyprus, and is a member of the Special Needs Organization and the Cyprus Blind Organization. He has been 17 years involved in Martial Arts, and is a five-time champion in the Cyprus TaeKwondo Tournaments, and a one-time Champion in an American Taekwondo Tournament.

In explaining his chosen Artist name of DJ Gosh Fire, he says that “Gosh” means “Oh my God!” -- like an expression of surprise and wonder, or pure delight. “Fire” means a liveliness of imagination or fancy, intellectual and moral enthusiasm, and the capacity for ardor and zeal. Through his music, he hopes to kindle the genius of his audience, to inflame passions for life and to fire the soul. In short, DJ Gosh Fire stays focused and in character, both tough and sweet -- the way every man should be to keep it real in 2011…

Genres for This Artist
Music Genres For DJ Gosh Fire
Dance | Electronic | Hip Hop | Pop | RnB | Rock |

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A CALIFORNIA MORNING   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2010
A West Coast banger. Piano hypnosis with some harpsichord and faint strings. The strings come in heavier on the hook. A good beat to cruise to after you wake up and getting ready to take on the world. Driving determined cool hip urban scenes, teens 20-something hanging out at the club bar lounge. Instrumental, Hip Hop, West Coast Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449763 3:44 Med Slow

ABOVE THE MESOSPHERE   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
A Hip Hop underground club style synth-heavy beat with a trippy atmosphere. Video clips, movie trailers, promotions, bikes, cars, or smoky bar scenes. Dark humor, guys chasing gals, lounge club, dating dancing, hooking up. Pimps, hookers swaggering, swishy, sassy, urban attitude. Gangstas, playas, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Dramatic Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449800 4:14 Med Slow

BANGING TIL I MAKE IT   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
A Hip Hop Club Banger that brings the best of you when you are attempting to strive until success for ever. Banging until I make it meaning persistent and never give up on anything that we do, persistent to be our boss of our life. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Pop-Rap
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449784 3:06 Med Slow

BLACK N GOLD   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
Inspiring shots, divided which consists of Bounce Drum, Pitch-up Drum, strings saga, Lethal Percussion Fx, Synth Phase Lead, Pdg Drum, Vinylz drum, Synth Tecknology, The 90's Drums, male saying "yes, yes, yes..." Innercity gang bangers, alley fights, edgy club scene, mysterious urban chillout, Instrumental, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Preview Track Full Track (Loopable) 449782 3:45 Med Slow

DUMMY MADNESS   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
Hip Hop Dirty south beat and hot bass synth melodies. Hearing this song reminds one of law and crime, police chase, toughness and aggressive, revenge. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Dirty South
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449853 4:49 Med Slow

EMOTIONAL EMPATHY   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2010
A Trance house beat with a smooth trance synth and house beat. Works well in movies that have to with romance, sexual fantasies, forest, adventure, making love, reminding of past memories and for spirituality purposes. Takes you to a level of what emotional empathy really is. Instrumental, Dance, Trance
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental ) 449608 4:24 Medium

FLYING DOLPHINS   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
Takes you on an epic journey through vast expansive soundscapes. The ethereal vibe of Chillout is evolved and infused with Dance overtones to create a truly inspirational and versatile side of life. Instrumental, Electronic, Ambient (pending)
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449780 3:35 Medium

GRAND HUSTLAZ   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
Dirty South Hip Hop Gangsta style beat, heavily inspired track. Contains all the essential ingredients needed to use for movies, Police Chase, Music, TV, Commercials, video games and other industry uses. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Dirty South
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449873 3:06 Slow

HARMONIOUS   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
This track is designed to be equally effective as single elements to enhance a mix, or to work together both in terms of tempo and in terms of musical key, and feature progressive grooves, bass and synth parts which evolve throughout the mix as well as massive effects drops, breakdowns and builds. Instrumental, Dance, Trance
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449837 8:00 Medium

INSIDE A CREEK   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
An epic journey through vast expansive soundscapes. Ethereal vibe of Chillout is evolved and infused with Dance overtones. Truly an inspirational and versatile side of life. Playful and edgy, weaving in and out, mellow, euphoric and high energy. Urban club, 20-something, romantic drama or comedy. Instrumental, Electronic, Ambient (pending)
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449803 3:28 Med Slow

KATCHIS IN AGIO OROS   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2010
A R&B Soul track that is laid back and lets your mind explore itself into deep inspirations. Works well for romantic movies, Spirituality, anything that has to with inspiration, mountains, forest or somewhere you can view a city or village and lay back. Instrumental, RnB, Soul music
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449881 3:38 Very Slow

KEEP ON KEEPIN ON   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
A hype violin and cello with some stompin’ drums. This’ll make you jump. Guitar comes in on hook. Works well in smoky bar scenes, country fights or chases, Nascar races, rodeos, biker movie, crime alert. Dark dramatic mysterious and edgy. Swaggering, full of attitude, sass and angst. Teens tweens, Instrumental, Hip Hop, West Coast Hip Hop
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449767 4:05 Med Slow

MAMACITA   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2010
This beat is emotional. Just like all my beats, there were no samples used. The guitar melody is original. It has a spanish vibe with a slow reggaeton type drum structure. Violin and flute comes in on the hook. Works well in spanish movies, tropical scenes, flirting, romance and anticipation themes. Instrumental, RnB, RnB Pop
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449790 3:49 Med Slow

MISSING MICHALAKIS ZAMBAS 1974   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2010
This is about Stavros (DJ Gosh Fire) Uncle Michalakis Zambas who was born on May 7th 1954 and died July 22nd 1974 during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. In memorial of my Uncle Michalakis Zambas who was a Ping Pong Champion. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop (pending cat.)
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449771 2:45 Medium

NOTHIN LEFT   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
A laid back track with catchy synth and guitar melodies throughout. Works well for romance novels, movies, for people who have a house next to the beach to sit while glancing and viewing the ocean. For Fashion shows, fantasy, children, helpling the poor, charity organizations, Instrumental, RnB, RnB Pop
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449846 3:06 Med Slow

PROBLEMS   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
An uplifting Hip-Hop Epic joint with hard-hitting drums and catchy piano melodies. Track works well in smoky bar scenes, action and drama movies. Also useful for Biker and car movies and action sports such as rodeos. Instrumental, Hip Hop, East Coast
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449854 4:31 Med Slow

PUMP IT UP   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2010
A Club Pop Hip Hop beat with good vibe and an inspirational flow. Works well for commercials, fashion shows, parties and clubs, bars, lounges and video clips. Instrumental, Pop, Pop (pending)
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449834 3:26 Med Slow

RADIO GUITAR   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
A Rock Pop beat with bass drums, electric guitar and keyboards. Works well when going out to have fun at a bar with friends, TV commercials, Radio Production, Film instrumental and much more. Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449879 3:06 Med Slow

SUPA LIFE   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
A Dubstep Hardcore Techno beat with atmosphere. Suited for biker races, Action and drama movie trailers and films, dance radio and party clubbing. Instrumental, Dance, Hardcore Techno
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449864 3:39 Med Fast

YOU CAN MAKE IT (RADIO HIT)   (by DJ Gosh Fire )  Composed: 2011
A Pop R&B Radio Hit Beat. Inspires you to never quit at anything you do in your life. Persistent, insistent in a good manner where patience is appropriate as the key to become successful. Instrumental, RnB, RnB Pop
Preview Track Full Track (Instrumental) 449875 3:12 Medium
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Artist Keywords: Rap, R&B, Reggae, Reggaeton, Pop R&B, Hip Hop, Club, Dance, Electronica, Trance, Dubstep, Ambient

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